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As a professional generator manufacturer, SOLLANT pays more attention to R&D, innovation, and services, and maintains long-term strategic friendly cooperation with the international and domestic famous manufacturers of Cummins, Perkins, Doosan, SDEC, Wuxi Wandi, Leroy Somer, Stamford, Marathon, etc. We have a wide product range from 5kva to 5000kva diesel generators, from 25kva to1500kva gas generator, silent generator, container type generator, movable, vehicle type generator sets.

We deliver innovative power solutions for a variety of residential, commercial, industrial, and APU applications. With diverse generator options, high-tech portable products as well as cutting-edge transfer switches and accessories complementing a distinguished product catalog, we make sure power is always available to our consumers and their businesses, whether the setup is indoor or on a remote construction site.

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As the demand for electricity increases, so does the risk that your home’s supply could be cut off. A natural disaster, a widespread power outage, or a sudden spike in energy demand are all reasons why your utility company could turn off your power.

If this happens, you’ll have to find another way to power your home until the situation is resolved. The good news is that you likely have at least one alternative power source at your disposal – your generator.

If you’re like most people, you may be thinking about buying a diesel generator for the first time. After all, a generator can play a crucial role in keeping electricity flowing during an emergency or when the power goes out.

In this guide, you are going to learn the sure tips for choosing diesel generators, including choosing the best diesel generator manufacturers in China.

Which type of diesel generator will you choose?

As you know, diesel generators are not all the same. They come in different sizes, shapes, and power ratings.You’ll need to choose the right generator for your needs.

For the type, you will be torn between two main types of diesel power generators. These are single-phase power generators or ho for a three-phase power generators.

What is the difference between the two?

Single-phase power generator

What is a single-phase power generator? This is a generator that has only one phase of power. The single-phase power generators are used for a single-phase load like a pump, refrigerator, or well pump.

In the case of a three-phase power generator, you can use it to power three separate loads at once. This means you can run a refrigerator, freezer, and air conditioner with the same single-phase power generator.

The advantages of single-phase power generators are that they are cheaper and smaller than their three-phase counterparts. They also have less noise pollution because they have only one phase of power instead of three separate phases for each load.

The disadvantages of single-phase power generators are that they do not work well for large appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators. Most single-phase generators will require more maintenance than their more powerful counterparts.

They also tend to be much noisier than their more powerful counterparts because there is only one phase for each load instead of two or three. But silent diesel generator manufacturers can help you acquire ones that make less noise.

Three-phase generators

These are power generators that are used to power three separate loads at the same time. This means you can run a refrigerator, freezer, and air conditioner with the same single-phase power generator.

The advantage of using a three-phase generator is that it can power larger appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators. They are also more efficient than single-phase generators because they have three phases for each load instead of one phase for each load.

The disadvantage of using a three-phase generator is that they are more expensive, larger, and noisier than their single-phase counterparts. They also require more maintenance than their more powerful counterparts because there are three phases instead of just one.

Quite a number of Chinese generator manufacturers design and manufacture 3-phase diesel generators for sale.


How much power output do I need?

Another factor that you should consider when it comes to buying a diesel generator set is the power output. How much power output will you be able to tap from the generator?

You should be aware that the power output of diesel generators for sale is measured in kilowatts (kW). The power output of the generator will determine how much load it can supply and for how long. The power output of the generator is determined by how efficient the engine is.

Generators that are rated to have more power output are ideal for high-end applications This is because they can supply enough power to run heavy machinery.

To determine the power output, decide whether the generator is for home or commercial applications. In most cases, you won’t need an extremely powerful generator for home use.

On the other hand, you will need to contact industrial generator suppliers for more powerful generators.

Most industrial generator manufacturers specialize in supplying such powerful genset for sale.

Space for the diesel generator

Where will you store your diesel generator? The space requirement is important even before you decide to contact a diesel generator set manufacturer or just a generator diesel supplier.

So you think you can store your diesel generator anywhere? It’s not that simple.

Here are some tips for you to consider:

If you want to buy a portable diesel generator, then it’s easy to find where to store it. However, if you want an industrial generator, then you will need a bigger space.

You also need to consider the orientation of the generator and its effect on the weather conditions. In most cases, an industrial generator is usually placed outside your home or business premises.

There are times when the generator set manufacturers might recommend that you place the diesel generator in a specific direction.

For example, they might recommend placing it in a north-south orientation if they are using a liquid cooling system or vice versa.

So how big should be your space for your diesel generator? That depends on what type of application will be powered by your diesel generator.

If it is for home use only and not as large as a commercial application, then any place can store it just fine.

You should also follow the instructions of the power generator suppliers when it comes to the issue of space required for your diesel generator.

For any reason, you should not contact a diesel generator set supplier if it won’t be able to meet your power needs.

Mobile  power generator set

The mobility of a diesel generator is another key factor to consider when it comes to buying power generators for sale.

How easy will it be to move the generator around?

Is it a portable generator or a heavy-duty model?

If you have to move it around, will it be easy to do so?

Can you use it for commercial purposes?

The mobility of the generator is an important consideration in terms of how easy it is to store and carry around.

Mobile generators are usually lighter and more mobile than their stationary counterparts.

If you need to move your diesel generator often, then go for the mobile version.

This will save you a lot of trouble and make your life easier when transporting the generator from one place to another.

In terms of mobility, you can choose between a towable diesel generator or go for a truck-mounted diesel generator.

Truck-mounted generators are the most mobile generators of all.

They can be easily mounted on a truck and transported to your desired location.

However, these generators are quite heavy, which makes them difficult to move around.

If you need a mobile generator but you don’t want to carry it around, then consider going for the towable type.

Although these types of diesel generators are not as mobile as the truck-mounted ones, they are still quite easy to carry around and can be pulled by a car or truck.

So if you need a portable generator for commercial use, then go for the towable one.

It is important to contact a diesel generator factory direct to inquire about all issues related to the mobility of your diesel power generator. The generator set supplier will instruct you on the ease of moving your diesel generator suppliers.

Noise factor

You have to consider noise when it comes to buying a diesel generator set.

Some of the generators produce very little noise while some produce a lot of noise.

It is important to note that the less noise your generator produces, the less it disturbs other people in your neighborhood.

However, you should also note that as long as your generator produces noise within the acceptable limit, then there is nothing wrong with it.

The acceptable level of noise for a diesel generator is about 75dB for residential areas and 85dB for commercial buildings.

If you want to buy a quiet generator, then you should consider going for an inverter type or a micro-turbine type of generator.

These generators are not only quiet but also energy efficient.

Inverter generators are more economical than micro-turbine ones but they are more expensive as well.

So if you want to purchase an affordable yet quiet generator, then go for the Sollant diesel generator for sale.

The company is rated among the best silent diesel genset manufacturers in China.


Advantages of Sollant Diesel Generators

Should I buy a Sollant diesel generator? Yes, This is one of the most reputable industrial diesel generator manufacturers in China. Here are the top reasons why you should buy your generator from Sollant:

High-quality power generator:

Sollant diesel generators are deemed to be of premium quality. They are very durable and reliable. The power gensets are of high quality in terms of performance, ease of use, and affordability.

Affordable prices

The company offers different models of diesel generators with different capacities. You can choose the one that meets your power requirements. The price ranges within affordable ranges for both residential and industrial diesel generators.

High customer satisfaction

The Sollant diesel generator is a very easy to operate the system with a long life span. It is also very powerful and reliable for both residential and commercial use.

Most of our customers leave positive reviews about both our generators and the services that we provide. This just shows the extent that which we go to deliver quality products.

Sollant provides one year warranty

Sollant offers one year warranty on all its products so you can be assured of receiving good service even after making the purchase.

You can get in touch with customer care executives through phone or email if you have any queries or doubts about the products or services provided by it.

High energy-efficiency

The Sollant diesel generator is very energy-efficient. It uses less fuel and produces less pollution than conventional ones. This is because the Sollant diesel generator uses only natural gas or propane as a fuel.

So, if you are always concerned about the cost of diesel and whether the generator will be expensive to run, don’t worry about Sollant. It consumes less energy yet you will still get more power output.

High mobility

The Sollant diesel generator is very easy to transport. It can be easily moved from one place to another because it weighs only a few hundred pounds.

We also provide different mobility options for this power generator. You can choose a towable generator or truck-mounted generator for sale.

High safety

The Sollant diesel generator has been certified by many national and international agencies like UL, TUV, and BSI (UK), CE (Europe), CSA (Canada), C-Tick (Australia), FCC, UL & TUV (USA), and ANSI (USA). So you will be getting a high level of assurance while using this product as well as peace of mind when you are investing in this.

Aftercare services:

We are so sure of the quality of our product that we offer aftercare services for the Sollant diesel generator. We will be happy to help you if you have any issues with your unit. As one of the reputable power generator manufacturers in China, we have what it takes to ensure that you are happy even after buying the generator.


I hope you have learned valuable tips for buying diesel power generators. You can now choose the best diesel generator for your application with the help of this article.

Remember to take into consideration all of these features when buying a diesel generator.

And in case you want more information, don’t hesitate to seek help from generator experts. Alternatively, the industrial genset manufacturers will give you adequate information about different variants of power generators that you can buy in China.

They have more than enough information about diesel generators. You can find them on the internet or you can contact them directly. They are there for you when you need them.

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