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Natural Gas Compressor

We offer the most economical, efficient, and safe solution for customized CNG compressor systems.

  • High-quality material, Stable and reliable operation
  • Low Maintenance cost and low noise
  • Easy to install on-site and connect with the user’s pipeline system to operate
  • Alarm automatic shutdown to protect machine function
  • Type includes: V-type, W-type, D-type, Z-type
  • The cooling method includes water cooling and air cooling

As an important modern energy source, natural gas is widely used in various fields. For different gas sources, the application methods adopted are also different.

Casing gas recovery compressor

Casing gas means that when oil wells are producing oil, there will be natural gas in the casing. If the pressure is high, it will affect the oil production. In the past, it was vented directly. First, it polluted the environment, and second, it was a waste of energy. Therefore, Nowadays, the use of compressor pressure recovery is not only beneficial to oil production and environmental protection but also a good measure to maximize economic benefits. The main components of the gas are methane, ethane, carbon three, carbon four, and other gases. Hydrogen sulfide and water are also mixed in it, and the ingredients are relatively complex. Before entering the compressor, it generally needs to be purified to remove acetic and liquid-free water. Then it can be increased to different pressure levels according to the different needs of users.

  1. For direct recovery through the oil pipeline, the pressure needs to be increased to about 15~20 kg, depending on the pressure of the oil pipeline.
  2. Press to about 45 kg and transport by medium-pressure tanker.
  3. Press to 250 kg and transport by high-pressure tanker.

The latter two methods are suitable for use in gathering and transportation stations. Most single wells have small gas volumes and are relatively scattered, which is not conducive to rapid loading and transportation of tank trucks.
Casing gas recovery compressors are also suitable for oilfield-associated gas, wellhead gas, and other similar working conditions.


Pipeline natural gas boosting

During the use of pipeline natural gas, due to factors such as pipeline distance, pipe diameter, elbows, etc., certain pipe losses will occur, which can easily lead to insufficient pressure when using gas. At this time, it is necessary to use boosting equipment to increase the pressure of natural gas to meet the usage requirements.

CNG compressor

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Green Energy Revolution: The Sustainable Future of Natural Gas Compression

In today’s era of pursuing sustainable development, we are witnessing a revolution in green energy, and natural gas compression technology is a shining pearl in this revolution. Let’s take a closer look at how natural gas compression can lead to a green energy future and shape a vision for sustainable development.

As the global community continues to pay increasing attention to climate change and environmental pollution, renewable energy has gradually come to the fore. However, natural gas plays a crucial role in this energy transition, becoming an ideal partner for renewable energy.

The key role of natural gas compression

In today’s wave of green energy, the key role of natural gas compression technology cannot be ignored. This technology not only plays an important role in the energy transition, but is also a key engine promoting the rise of clean, efficient, and sustainable energy.

1. Convenience of storage and transportation

Natural gas compression technology greatly reduces its volume and improves the convenience of storage and transportation by compressing natural gas to a high-pressure state. Compressed natural gas is easier to transport over long distances and can be flexibly used in different regions and industries through pipelines, shipping or containers.

2. Increase energy density

Compressed natural gas can significantly increase its energy density, making it more suitable for use in vehicle fuels and energy storage systems. This increased energy density makes natural gas an ideal partner for renewable energy sources, effectively compensating for their lack of volatility.

3. Clean energy transition media

As a relatively clean fossil fuel, natural gas plays a key role in the transition to cleaner energy sources. Natural gas compression technology provides an effective means of storage and transportation, making it an important clean energy alternative to traditional coal and oil.

4. Dealing with the instability of renewable energy

The instability of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind is a challenge that natural gas compression technology effectively solves. Convert excess renewable energy into compressed natural gas and store it for emergencies, achieving a smooth supply of energy.

5. Reduce carbon emissions

Compared with traditional coal and oil, the combustion of natural gas produces more inefficient carbon emissions. Through natural gas compression technology, clean energy can be introduced into various fields more efficiently, reducing overall carbon emission levels and helping to address the challenges of climate change.

6. Promote sustainable development

The widespread application of natural gas compression technology promotes the development of sustainable energy. As a transitional clean energy, it provides society with more flexible and controllable energy options and promotes the gradual upgrading of the energy structure.

To sum up, the key role of natural gas compression technology is not only reflected in improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, but also plays an irreplaceable role in promoting sustainable development and clean energy transition. The continuous innovation and application of this technology will pave the way for us to embrace a cleaner and more efficient energy future.

Clean energy engine

Natural gas compression technology not only plays a key role in providing the storage and distribution of clean energy, but also becomes the engine of green energy in solving the challenges of intermittency and volatility of renewable energy.

Although renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy are widely renewable, their intermittency and volatility make their energy output not always stable. This instability has become a major obstacle to the large-scale application of clean energy.

Natural gas compression technology provides an efficient energy storage system for renewable energy by converting clean energy into compressed natural gas. When solar or wind energy generates excess energy, compression technology is used to compress the excess clean energy into liquid or high-pressure gas for storage.

Through the natural gas compression energy storage system, the problem of fluctuation and intermittency of renewable energy production capacity has been successfully solved. When energy demand peaks, stored compressed natural gas is released to smooth energy supply and ensure grid stability.

The application of natural gas compression technology not only solves the volatility of renewable energy, but also improves the utilization efficiency of clean energy. By cleverly integrating clean energy and energy storage systems, efficient conversion and utilization of energy is achieved.

The energy storage system of natural gas compression technology provides a stable source of energy for clean energy, making it a more reliable alternative to traditional fossil fuels in various industries and fields. This will help realize the large-scale application of clean energy and push society towards a more sustainable energy future.

Generally speaking, natural gas compression technology plays a key role in the storage and distribution of clean energy, and its energy storage system is a powerful tool to solve the problem of renewable energy volatility, providing a solid foundation for the introduction of clean energy. The continuous innovation of this technology will provide us with more possibilities to build a more sustainable and stable energy system.

Technological innovation promotes sustainable development

Continuous innovation in natural gas compression technology is the engine that promotes the sustainable development of clean energy. Through advanced compressor design, high-efficiency system control and intelligent operation and maintenance management, natural gas compression technology has ushered in a technological change, setting a model for environmental protection and economical realization.

Advanced compressor design is the core of technological innovation. By improving the efficiency and performance of compressors, natural gas compression technology can more effectively compress gas to the required state, reduce energy waste, and improve energy utilization efficiency.

High-efficiency system control is an important part of achieving sustainable development. The intelligent control system enables the compression technology to be flexibly adjusted according to actual needs to ensure efficient operation under different working conditions, thereby reducing energy consumption and emissions.

Intelligent operation and maintenance management further enhances the sustainability of natural gas compression technology. Through real-time monitoring of equipment status, predictive maintenance and remote monitoring, operation and maintenance personnel can discover potential problems in a more timely manner and improve equipment reliability and lifespan.

Technological innovation not only makes natural gas compression technology more environmentally friendly, but also improves economic benefits. More efficient design and operation reduce energy costs, reduce operation and maintenance expenses, and bring considerable energy savings and cost reductions to enterprises and users.

Through technological innovation, the application of natural gas compression technology can be expanded to more areas, including transportation, industry and households. This promotes the wider application of clean energy and provides sustainable, environmentally friendly energy solutions for various industries.

Technological innovation makes natural gas compression technology play a more important role in the field of clean energy. It not only contributes to reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency, but also takes solid steps towards achieving sustainable development goals.