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Oil Free Screw Blower Manufacturer & Supplier

We hope to let you know our advantages and win-win cooperation in the least time.

  • Based on the principle of adiabatic compression, the total efficiency exceeds 75%, which saves energy by more than 20-40% compared to the Roots blower, with more stable exhaust and larger exhaust volume.
  • The optimized profile design makes the rotor clearance smaller, improves the volumetric efficiency, and effectively protects the rotor
  • Unique lubrication and oil discharge channels ensure better lubrication and cooling of bearings and gears and improve the efficiency of the main engine
  • Touch screen controller, more intuitive operation parameters, more intelligent operation, automatic constant pressure variable frequency adjustment, stable pressure
  • The whole machine adopts a low-noise design to eliminate the noise of the main engine and exhaust noise

The optimized profile design of the oil-free twin-screw main engine specially designed for the blower enables it to have higher efficiency. The advanced coating technology makes the rotor gap smaller and improves the volumetric efficiency. At the same time, the pressure and effective protection of the rotor, Longer life, and world-renowned brand bearings are used to ensure its reliability.

Adopt national standard 5-grade precision synchronous gear and drive gear to ensure reliability and prolong service life. Unique lubrication and oil discharge channels ensure that bearings and gears are well lubricated and cooled, while improving the efficiency of the main engine. The combination of labyrinth seal + carbon ring seal To realize the oil and gas isolation between the compression chamber and the lubricating chamber, to ensure that the air is 100% oil-free. Since the compressed gas is oil-free, the whole system does not need oil and gas separation, and the structure is simpler.