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Oil Free Screw Blower Manufacturer & Supplier

We hope to let you know our advantages and win-win cooperation in the least time.

  • Oil-free screw blower main engine, stable air supply and high efficiency
  • Permanent magnet motor, protection class IP55
  • Only frequency conversion control system, good reliability and long life
  • It is the display, all aspects of detection and protection
  • The original imported filter element can filter out 99.9% of particles below 1um

sollant oil free screw blower

Oil-free screw blowers can be widely used in the sewage treatment industry, cement industry, chemical industry, electric power industry, steel industry, textile industry, pneumatic conveying, and other industries

  • Low energy consumption, within the performance range, the energy saving rate can reach more than 15-25%.
  • The aerodynamic noise of the helical rotor is small. Due to the internal compression of the work of the helical rotor, the pressure impact noise of the blower outlet pressure and the pipeline pressure is eliminated.
  • The whole machine is composed of the main engine, motor, electric control, lubrication system, muffler device, frame, instrument, valve, etc. All functional components are integrated on a whole base, which can be installed and moved as a whole
  • Automatic control, providing all-round blower maintenance information, and realizing maintenance prompts
  • The standard configuration of the screw blower is a permanent magnet variable frequency motor. The start and stop of the unit have no impact on the power grid. The unit can adjust the flow with step-less constant pressure in the range of 40-100%.