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Diaphragm compressor is a special structure positive displacement compressor. The cylinder does not need to be lubricated, the sealing performance is good, the compression medium does not contact any lubricant, there is no pollution, and the compression purity can reach 99.999%. It is especially suitable for the compression, transportation, and bottling of high-value rare gases and highly corrosive, toxic, explosive, and radioactive gases. For example, H2、He、Ar、C2H4、F、HS、CL、SiH4、NF

Diaphragm compressor cylinder has good heat dissipation, simple and efficient structure, high pressure can be achieved by two-stage compression, and at the same time, it can be close to isothermal compression. Therefore, it is used in industrial gas, food and medicine, petrochemical industry, aviation nuclear power, military equipment, scientific research, and testing, etc. The field is widely used.


Good sealing performance:
Diaphragm compressor is a special structure positive displacement compressor. The gas does not need lubrication and has good sealing performance. The compressed medium does not come into contact with any lubricant and does not produce any pollution during the compression process. It is especially suitable for high purity (99.9999 % or more), compression, transportation, and filling of precious and rare, extremely corrosive, toxic and harmful, flammable and explosive, and radioactive gases.

The cylinder has good heat dissipation performance:
The working cylinder of the diaphragm compressor has good heat dissipation performance and is close to isothermal compression. It can use a higher compression ratio and is suitable for compressing high-pressure gas.

Technical advantages

  1. The diaphragm compressor has low rotation speed and extends the service life of wearing parts. The new membrane cavity curve improves the volumetric efficiency of the compressor and optimizes the valve adjustment. The diaphragm adopts a special heat treatment method, which greatly improves the service life.
  2. The use of a high-efficiency cooler ensures low temperature and high efficiency of the entire machine, which can appropriately extend the life of lubricating oil, O-rings, and valve springs. Under the condition that the process parameters are met, the structure is more advanced, reasonable and energy-saving.
  3. The membrane head is sealed with inlaid double O-rings, and its sealing effect is far better than that of the open membrane head.
  4. The diaphragm rupture alarm structure is advanced, reasonable and reliable. The diaphragm has no direction when installed and is easy to replace.
sollant V type diaphragm compressor

V Type Diaphragm Air Compressor

Structure type: V type
Piston travel: 70-130mm
Max.piston force: 10KN-30KN
Max.discharge pressure: 50Mpa
Flow-rate range:  2-100Nm3/h
Motor power: 2.2KW-30KW

Applicable compression medium: high-purity gas, inert gas, flammable and explosive gas, toxic gas, special gas, inlet pressure and exhaust pressure are gauge pressure

sollant D type diaphragm compressor

D Type Diaphragm Air Compressor

Structure type: D type
Piston travel: 130-210mm
Max.piston force: 40KN-160KN
Max.discharge pressure: 100Mpa
Flow-rate range:  30-2000Nm3/h
Motor power: 22KW-200KW

Applicable compression medium: high-purity gas, inert gas, flammable and explosive gas, toxic gas, special gas, inlet pressure and exhaust pressure are gauge pressure

sollant L type diaphragm compressor

L Type Diaphragm Air Compressor

Structure type: L type
Piston travel: 110-180mm
Max.piston force: 20KN-90KN
Max.discharge pressure: 100Mpa
Flow-rate range:  10-1000Nm3/h
Motor power: 7.5KW-90KW

Applicable compression medium: high-purity gas, inert gas, flammable and explosive gas, toxic gas, special gas, inlet pressure and exhaust pressure are gauge pressure

Sollant Z type diaphragm compressor

Z Type Diaphragm Air Compressor

Structure type: Z type
Piston travel: 70-180mm
Max.piston force: 10KN-90KN
Max.discharge pressure: 70Mpa
Flow-rate range:  0.5-500Nm3/h
Motor power: 2.2KW-45KW

Applicable compression medium: high-purity gas, inert gas, flammable and explosive gas, toxic gas, special gas, inlet pressure and exhaust pressure are gauge pressure

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Sollant Diaphragm Air Compressor

Diaphragm compressor

It is not difficult to find the perfect diaphragm compressor for your needs. However, it might be hard to find a complete guide that will help you make your decision.

By having all the details about a diaphragm compressor, you will be in a perfect position to make the right purchasing decision. Even when choosing diaphragm air compressor manufacturers and suppliers.

What is a Diaphragm Compressor?

A diaphragm air compressor is a special type of reciprocating air compressor that uses a diaphragm to compress the air. Diaphragms are thin sheets of material that are used in the forming process of other products, and they are also used as an element in mechanical linkage.

Classification of diaphragm air compressors

Diaphragm compressors are classified into different types based on different parameters. Let’s look at those classifications:

  • Classification according to the structure form

This classification is based on the design, shape, and structural form of the diaphragm compressors.

Under this class, there are different types of diaphragm compressors that you will find in the market.

These are; Z, hexagonal, V, D, L, and W diaphragm air compressors.

Under this class, your choice will solely depend on the convenience of the design.

Which design stands a chance of giving you the maximum comfort when using?

  • Classification based on the diaphragm materials

Diaphragm air compressors are also classified depending on the material of make.

We have two broad categories under this category:

Metal diaphragm:

This is the most common type of diaphragm air compressor.

They are made of metal and are used for heavy-duty applications.

They can withstand high pressures, which makes them ideal for industrial use.

However, they are not very efficient in terms of pressure and speed.

Non-metal diaphragm:

This type of diaphragm air compressor does not use metal in its construction but is made up of plastic materials instead.

These types of compressors are best suited for household uses due to their low weight.

The only drawback with this type is that they have a tendency to have issues with long-term durability as well as efficiency.

It also depends on the brand that you choose, if they will provide you with a life span or not.

  • Classification based on the compression medium

What kind of medium does the compressor deal with? The compressor can either be designed for explosive gasses, high purity bodies, corrosive gases among other types of medium.

  • Classification based on the movement mechanism

Under this, there are two types of compressors, namely, the reciprocating and rotary.

The reciprocating type is very similar to a piston engine. The reciprocating type is made up of the reciprocating piston that moves up and down in order to compress the air.

Others include a crankshaft connecting rod and crank sliders. This is vital since the two execute different moving mechanisms.

  • Classification according to the cooling method

Diaphragm air compressors have different cooling methods. The most common is the water cooling method. The other is the oil cooling method.

  • Classification according to output pressure

There are two types of compressors as well. The first is the low pressure compressor and the other one is the high-pressure compressor. The low pressure compressor has a lower output pressure than that of high-pressure compressors due to which it can be used in small machines such as household appliances, power tools, etc.

The high-pressure compressors are more powerful and have more output power than that low-pressure compressors. It can be used in large machines such as pumps, air conditioners, etc., due to which it can be used in industries like mining and transportation sectors among others.

  • Classification according to lubrication method

Diaphragm compressors can be classified based on the mode of lubrication used.

Under this, we have splash lubrication and external forced panning methods. Each of these methods has its pros and cons.

Diaphragm compressor classification

Application range

Diaphragm air compressors are also grouped depending on their applications. This helps in identifying the type of compressor that is suitable for a specific application.

Diaphragm air compressors can be used in different applications. They can be used in small household appliances, industrial and mining applications, military, scientific research, petrochemical, etc. 

Before you buy a diaphragm air compressor, inquire about its application range to find out whether it will be suitable for you. For instance, oil and gas compressor manufacturers will provide a wide range of industry-specific air compressors.

The application range may also define the type of air that the air compressor can transport. Some are designed for leak-free gases, oxygen, helium, hydrogen, chloride among others.

Advantages of Sollant diaphragm air compressor

Sollant is one of the world’s manufacturers of diaphragm air compressors. The company is based in China and supplies air compressors worldwide.

So why should I buy Sollant diaphragm air compressor? Here are the benefits:

-Energy efficiency: Are you looking for an air compressor that will save on your energy cost? Sollant diaphragm air compressors will be your ideal choice. With the help of this air compressor, you can save up to 30% on your electricity bill.

-High air pressure: As one of the most reliable compressor manufacturers, we are known for producing high-pressure air compressors that can handle high air pressures. The pressure is up to 1.5 bar and it is ideal for industrial applications.

-Wide application range: Sollant has a wide application range of diaphragm air compressors from small household appliances to industrial applications. You can use it anywhere from noisy environments to low noise environments.

-Sturdy construction: A good quality product should be sturdy and durable. It should have a long life span, which is the case with Sollant diaphragm air compressors as well. The product will last longer since it has been tested and approved by various laboratories around the world for its durability and quality assurance.

-Easy to maintain: Sollant is very easy to maintain. The product is easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble. It also has a self-diagnostic feature that can identify the problem and fix it on its own.

-Great customer service: Sollant diaphragm air compressor has a great customer service team that provides excellent technical support for its customers. They will help you in repairing or replacing the product if it is broken or damaged. They will also provide you with helpful advice on how to use the product properly without any problems in the future.


I hope that you can now choose the best diaphragm air compressor easily. We have also highlighted the perks that you will enjoy if you buy a Sollant diaphragm air compressor.