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Process Features:

The pressure swing adsorption process (PSA) is a new gas separation technology. . The purity of oxygen can meet 93%±2.

Process Principle:

There are two adsorption towers filled with molecular sieves in the PSA molecular sieve oxygen generator. The clean and dry compressed air enters the pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator and flows through the A and B adsorption towers filled with molecular sieves. The compressed air flows through the adsorption tower from bottom to top, and the molecular sieve has different adsorption forces for oxygen and nitrogen under different pressures. The product gas flows out from the upper end of the adsorption tower and enters the buffer tank. After a period of time, the oxygen adsorbed by the molecular sieve in the adsorption tower is saturated and needs to be regenerated.

Regeneration is achieved by stopping the adsorption step and reducing the pressure in the adsorption tower. After the adsorption tower has completed the short-term pressure equalization, the pressure is reduced, and the adsorbed nitrogen, water, carbon dioxide, and other components are removed to complete the regeneration process. The two adsorption towers alternately perform adsorption and regeneration to produce high-quality oxygen with stable flow and purity.


Note: Scope of supply mainly comprises the following: air compressor, air dryer, air tank, oxygen generators, oxygen booster, oxygen cylinder, and interconnecting pipelines.  You can choose to purchase the entire system or one of the products individually.


The medical oxygen generation and cylinder filling system uses a PSA oxygen generator to directly produce medical oxygen from compressed air on-site. After pressurization, the pressure for cylinder filling can reach 150 or 200bar, which can realize continuous production and cylinder filling of medical oxygen on site.

The medical oxygen generation and cylinder filling system is a fully integrated skid-mounted design, which covers a small area and is easy to operate.

Oxygen Generator Plant Manufacturer

  • Unique desorption process the adsorber uses a vertical double bed structure with activated alumina as the substratum to reduce the impact of moisture on the performance of the molecular sieve. At the same time, the alumina sieve is generated by desorbed nitrogen and cleaning gas in the vacuum regeneration stage of the molecular sieve, in order to improve the lives of the molecular sieve bed;
  • Patented reflow process: the adsorber uses a special airflow distribution structure to ensure uniform distribution of airflow to improve the use efficiency of the molecular sieve bed;
  • Stepped soft start pressure equalization;
  • The unique technology of filler filling, and pressing out;
  • Long service life.

PSA Oxygen Plant Application Industry

1. Medical: The generator can be set up to fill hospital pipes directly and use fill ramps as a backup system. Oxygen cylinders can be filled simultaneously or within a few hours with low consumption.
2. Metallurgy: used for annealing protection, anti-caking, nitriding, furnace cleaning, purging, etc. Used in metal heat treatment, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials, copper processing, wire mesh, galvanized wire, semiconductor, and other fields.
3. Chemical and new material industry: used for chemical raw material gas, pipeline purging, gas replacement, gas protection, product transportation, etc. Used in chemical, polyurethane elastic fiber, rubber, plastic, tire, polyurethane, biotechnology, intermediate and other fields.
4. Electronics industry: used for packaging, sintering, annealing, deoxidation, and storage of electronic products. Used in peak soldering, reflow soldering, crystal, piezoelectric, electronic porcelain, electronic copper tape, battery, electronic alloy materials, and other fields.