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Configuration of mobile trailer generator set: movable hook, 180° turntable, flexible steering to ensure safety during driving; air brake interface and hand brake system to ensure safety during driving; mechanical or hydraulic support device to ensure mobile The stability of the power station during operation; ventilation windows and doors are available for operators to operate and maintain. It is suitable for construction sites, highways, railway constructions and temporary places where electricity is used.

SOLLANT mobile trailer generator sets include push type, three-wheel, four-wheel, automobile power station, trailer power station, mobile low-noise power station, mobile container power station, electric engineering vehicle, etc.

SOLLANT mobile trailer-type diesel generator set is also called mobile power station. It installs the diesel generator set on the chassis of the car. It can be equipped with a silent box. It has low center of gravity, safe braking, unique design, strong mobility and adaptability, and is commonly used. Power supply for emergency emergency or construction and operation in remote areas.

The advantages and characteristics are as follows:

1. Stable structure and reliable braking. The SOLLANT mobile trailer generator set uses a leaf spring suspension structure, equipped with a mechanical parking brake (hand brake) and an air brake connected to the tractor. It has a reliable air brake interface and a hand brake system to ensure safe operation during driving. safety.

2. Flexible operation and strong maneuverability. The trailer adopts a height-adjustable bolt-type traction frame, a movable hook, a 360° turntable, and flexible steering. It is suitable for tractors of various heights, with a large turning angle and high mobility.

3. It is easy to maintain, high in safety, and has little noise impact. There are mechanical support devices at the four corners of the frame, operation and maintenance platforms on three sides of the trailer, pedals at the rear, and ceiling-mounted explosion-proof lights, fire extinguishers, and sound-absorbing panels in the box.

4. Customized carriage with large interior space. The size of the carriage is determined according to the size of the specifications, and the operator can walk around, which is convenient for operation and maintenance. the

5. Unique design and beautiful appearance. The paint is made of high-molecular polyurethane paint, and the color is optional. The exhaust pipe adopts the lower exhaust to ensure the appearance.