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Customized Air Compressor for Laser Cutting Machine

Air Compressor

for Laser Cutting Machine

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Company Profile

Sollant screw compressor manufacturers are focused on providing energy-saving and efficient industrial screw air compressors to the world. Sollant industrial air compressors include fixed speed and VSD screw air compressors, air compressors for laser cutting, 2-stage screw air compressors, high-pressure and low-pressure air compressors, etc. More than 20 years of industry experience, using technology to save costs, saving more than 20% of costs for global enterprises and factories.

Sollant always adheres to the goal of a win-win situation and continues to develop new energy-saving products to meet the growing needs of users. Focus on industry application characteristics, solve industry application technical difficulties, and better serve segmented industries.

Screw Air Compressor

sollant air compressor for fiber laser cutting machine

♦ Motor
Adopt high-efficiency and energy-saving IE4 motor

♦ Air End
New 20CrMrTi (alloy steel) two-stage rotor material, 5:6 tooth rotor profile, higher strength, and better energy efficiency. The new bearing structure, using copper bearings greatly improves the service life of
the machine body

♦ Oil And Gas Tanks
The oil and gas separation tank is designed with an external oil separation core for easy maintenance

♦ Oil Separator
The oil separation core adopts the MAN brand, and the oil and gas separation effect is better

Refrigerated Air Dryers

High-quality compressed air for your equipment and processes
The aluminum plate-fin series of refrigerated dryers ensures dry compressed air, prolongs the service life of your equipment, and ensures excellent production quality. Efficient water removal prevents corrosion in the compressed air network and in the air tools. All in all, it reduces your maintenance costs and improves your overall level of production with complete peace of mind.

♦ Excellent performance

Excellent performance
High-efficiency plate-fin heat exchanger
Low relative humidity of outlet air
Professional water removal function
Dew point 2-10°C

♦ Energy saving and carbon reduction

Energy saving and carbon reduction
50% reduction in energy consumption
compared to shell and tube dryers
Optimized refrigeration system

sollant air dryer for screw air compressor

Precision Filter

high-voltage laser cutting special precision filter

This precision filter has obtained the national patent, is qualified through pressure and precision and various indicators, and strictly implements the compressed air quality standard: ISO8573

This series of products has a unique appearance, realizes the exquisite design of every detail in and clever and convenient parallel way, and under the premise of meeting the laser industry 3.0Mpa pressure requirements, with gain years in compressed air processing and compressed air quality requirements and continuous innovation and technical precipitation, thus has the absolute ability to provide solutions for the vast number of users in the compressor air system industry, to ensure the long-term stable operation of laser cutting, laboratory, medicine, food, electronics, chemical, and other precision filtration

Compliant with ISO 8573 Standard

Test compressed air quality according to lSO 8573

♦ Residual oil measurement – OlL-Check 400
Continuously and accurately measure the residual oil content in the form of steam from 0.001 mg/m³ to 2.5 mg/m³. Class 1 compressed air quality can be through a low detection limit of 0.001mg/m³ (ISO 8573)

♦ Particle counter PC 400
The high-precision optical particle counter PC 400 can measure particles as low as 0. 1 um in size, so it is suitable for monitoring the quality of compressed air at level 1 (ISO 8573).

♦ Residual humidity – dew point sensor FA 510
FA 510 can measure the pressure dew point up to – 80℃td. At this time, continuous measurement can also ensure that the alarm will be triggered immediately whether the compressed air dryer fails

Technical Parameters

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Air Compressor for Laser Cutting

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Overview of Air Compressor Laser Cutters

Many people are beginning to accept the use of laser cutting technology for both domestic and industrial applications.

Laser cutting has proven to be the most effective method of cutting materials, even in the most sensitive industries, such as chemical processing factories.

How these laser machines work tends to vary. One thing that we can be sure of is there has been a growing popularity of is air-assisted laser cutting machines.

In other words, we are simply talking about an air compressor for the laser cutting machine.

For years, laser cutting machines have been expensive to use and maintain. This forced manufacturers to come up with different innovations for these tools.

As they were focusing on reducing the cost of the laser machines, they also wanted to improve on the efficiency of laser cutters.

Among the many inventions that were introduced, one of them was the use of air or compressed air to control the performance of the cutter.

Do you want to reduce the cost of using your laser cutting tool? Maybe it is tome to introduce an air compressor.

In this article, we are going to uncover everything that you should know about air compressor for laser cutter.

Understanding the Principles of a Laser Cutter
To know the importance of an air compressor in a laser cutting machine, it will be prudent to start off by learning the basics of a laser cutter.

Just as the name suggests, laser cutting is all about cutting or slicing a material by using laser technology.

A powerful laser beam is focused on the target area where it causes the material to vaporize or burn.

You can obtain different designs and dimensions just by using the laser beams. This is because it allows users to focus on specific areas. The beam will not touch the unmarked parts of the material.

Laser cutting is a non-contact thermal fabrication technique that can be used on a wide range of materials.

You can use it on metals and even plastic materials.

How Does Laser Cutting Work?

The procedure works by having a focused laser beam go through the material that you are hoping to cut, conveying a precise and smooth completion.

At first, the beam penetrates the material with an opening at the edge, and afterward, the beam is proceeded with from that point.

The laser basically liquefies or melts the material away that it is run over, so it is more similar to dissolving than cutting. This implies it can undoubtedly cut light materials, for example, fabric up to harder metals and gemstones, for example, precious stones.

When using a laser cutter, you can choose either a pulsed beam or a consistent wave beam, with the previous being conveyed in short blasts while the last works persistently.

You can control the beam power, length heat output, and the material you are working with. You can also use a mirror or unique focal point to additionally centre the laser beam.

Laser cutting is a profoundly precise procedure because of this significant level of control that you are offered.

Because of this, cuts with a width as little as 0.1mm can be accomplished when utilizing the procedure.

And that is how a laser cutter works. So, where does the air compressor come in? W

During the laser cutting process, the main function of the compressed air is to expel the molten material.

Since laser beams generate heat, this means that the affected section of the material will melt. The residue will accumulate around the burnt section.

The pressured gas will form a strong jet that will expel the material from the surface.

What Types of Gases are Used in the Air-Assisted Laser cutting Machines?

sollant air compressor for laser cutting
Are there specific gases that are used in the air compressor for the laser cutters?

Due to the nature and the operation of the laser cutting machines, There are only a few types of gases that are used for the process.

These gases are oxygen, nitrogen, and CO2.

There are two critical roles that oxygen gs plays in an air compressor for laser cutter.

The first role is it blows away the molten material from the cut surface. The second role is to enhance the melting of the metal by acting as an oxidation agent.

With these two critical roles, the cutting power of the laser cutter will be improved by a big margin.

However, the presence of oxygen on a laser cutter also means that the surface will be oxidized.

Oxygen can also improve the hardness and rigidity of the processed material.

-Nitrogen gas
Since nitrogen takes 78% of the total gas, we should definitely expect it to be heavily used in the laser cutting process.

One of the key roles of nitrogen gas is to form a protective layer around the molten metal.

In doing so, it prevents the oxidation of the cut material hence preserving the quality of the surface.

However, since nitrogen works against the effect of oxidation, it does not have any impact on the heat transfer process.

Also, it does not improve the heating capability of the laser cutter. This explains why people tend to assume that it increases the cost of the cutting process.

Under natural circumstances, oxygen takes 21% and nitrogen 78%. The remaining percentage is occupied by other gases.

These other specific gases make up for the remaining small percentage.

However, the sensitivity of the laser cutting means that only a few select gases can be utilized in the air compressor.

For instance, the gas should not inhibit the oxidation property of the laser cutting process.

The gases should not cause an increase in the power consumption of the compressed air.

Also, they should be dense enough so as to cause the expulsion of the molten material that has been extruded through the laser cutting process.

Air Compressor for Fiber Laser

Apart from just the metallic materials, air compressors are also used for the fiber laser cutting.

This type of cutting is special because it uses fiber to complete the cutting process.

A beam is made utilizing a ‘seed laser,’ which is then enhanced using glass strands and siphon diodes. They have a similar frequency as above, 1.064 micrometers.

This implies the beam for a fiber laser is about multiple times more noteworthy than that of a C02 proportional with regards to power. It likewise implies that they can work with both metal and non-metal materials.

A fiber laser is the most helpful of the three sorts. Close by the advantages recorded above, they frequently support free, require a lot less expensive new parts, and have an any longer life span of around 25,000 usage hours.

What are the Applications of Laser Cutting Air Compressor

An articulately cut metal sheet. A wooden load up that mirrors a decent idea or aviation save the part that makes an ideal plane.

Exactness, precision, and master building go into the creation of helpful parts, devices, and other creative products you see around yourself.

What’s more, what goes behind the thinking about these items?

All things considered, with regards to making flawless creations, “Laser Cutting” has consistently been an extreme strategy.

Laser engraving machines can cut the most multifaceted shapes quicker than some other instruments. Furthermore, a large portion of the great quality laser cutting machines has been perfectly curated for different applications.

In the event that you are into laser cutting business, you should think about various laser cutting applications and their degree. Tell us about every last one of these applications in detail.

Here is a brief overview of the most common applications of air compressor for laser cutting machine:

1. Metal Sheet Cutting
Metal sheet cutting the greatest and the most broadly perceived applications of laser cutting.

Through laser cutting, it is conceivable to cut metals like steel, aluminum, metal, tungsten, and nickel. Anyway, what occurs during metal sheet cutting?

A laser beam is centered around the outside of the metal.

The metal at that point absorbs the beam, melts, and takes the ideal shape.

On the off chance that you need clean cuts and smooth finishes, you can still go ahead and do so with the post-laser processes.

2. Signage cutting
As per different promoting reports, signage will make the most noteworthy print application in recent years. many people are expected to embrace signage.

Signage manufacturing companies need laser cutting to make 3D signage boards out of wood and plastic. Furthermore, laser machines have all the adaptability one needs to engrave various signage designs.

For making an ideal laser cut signage, experts must guarantee that the measurements are pre-characterized and right.

Air-assisted laser cutting with signage laser parts is known to give an ideal, proficient, and modified cut. The last size obviously, relies upon the client.

The compressed air can also ensure that the signage has a smooth finishing.

3. Glass cutting and engraving
That glass looks extremely beautiful! Have you ever found yourself making this statement?

If the answer is yes? Then you probably are delighted by the work of compressed air for laser cutting machines.

Most glasses that are used in different application areas are cut and engraved through laser cutting.

Glass mugs, wine glass, and other artifacts that are made of glass material must have undergone an intricate laser engraving process.

This applies to other glasses that are used in large scale applications such as construction.

4. Plastic cutting
Although cutting plastics may seem to be a simple process, there are times when you need to be more careful, especially when dealing with high-density plastic materials.

Compressed air for laser cutting is also deployed when you want to improve the accuracy of the plastic cutting. It is usually not easy to achieve precise cutting when using different techniques.

Laser cutting is also safe for cutting the plastic materials as it limits the burning effect. There will also be minimum pollution on the environment.

The cutting can also be used for engraving and adding labels onto the plastic materials.

Advantages of Air-Assisted Laser Cutting

air compressor for fiber laser cutting machine supplier
There are many factors that have contributed to the massive popularity of air compressor laser cutting machines. The benefits of buying the best air compressor for laser cutting cannot be underestimated. Some of these benefits include;

-The ability to cut complex designs: The laser beams can access any location; hence can easily work on the complex designs.

-Cut different materials. As we have seen, a great air compressor for laser cutter can cut and engrave different types o materials.

-Saves time: Air compressor for laser cutting can save you a great deal of time. It cuts through the materials faster than the other laser cutters. Also, the blowing mechanism of these laser cutters speeds up the whole process.

-Reduces wastage: Air compressor for laser cutting helps to reduce wastage of the material. This is because laser beams are able to focus only on the target area of the material. The surrounding patches won’t be affected by the cutting process.

-Deeper and precise cuts: The laser beam has the power to penetrate deep into the material and obtain quality cuts.

In an increasingly competitive environment, there is always a need to improve the productivity of all the manufacturing processes.

One way of doing so is by cutting down the cost of running any activity. This is something that the air compressor for the laser machine has strived to achieve.

By using a combination of different types of gases, the performance of the laser cutting machines has been greatly improved.

Air compressors have also widened the application areas of the laser cutting machines both for commercial and personal use.

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