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The SOLLANT container diesel generator set has a compact and beautiful appearance through careful design. The box body adopts a detachable structure and is made of steel plates. The surface is sprayed with high-performance anti-corrosion and anti-rust paint. Good ventilation system and heat radiation prevention measures ensure that The unit always works at a suitable ambient temperature.

SOLLANT containerized diesel generator components are divided into standard type and silent type, using a standard container structure box, built-in diesel generator set, and supporting special complete sets of equipment and accessories, carefully designed according to international standards, beautiful in appearance, compact in structure, It has large internal space, complete facilities, complete supporting facilities, convenient operation, convenient and reliable transportation, and is widely used in various occasions such as oil fields, offshore operating platforms, and mining production lines.

The advantages and characteristics are as follows:

1. The size is flexible and changeable, and the environment adaptability is strong. It can be customized according to different needs: container-type diesel generator sets for oil fields can be equipped with explosion-proof lights, explosion-proof switches, explosion-proof cabinets, workbenches, rope hooks and other facilities, and can be equipped with special sleds or sledges to meet The special operation requirements of the container power station in the oil field; the container diesel generator set for the offshore platform, the box adopts a sealable structure, can be equipped with electric louvers, and is equipped with complete windproof hooks, anti-wave reinforcement facilities and other measures, fully adapting to high salinity in the sea Harsh environments such as fog, high humidity and condensation.

2. Convenient transportation and cost saving. The outer shape of the container-type diesel generator set is the standard size of the container, and there is no need to order a special container space during sea transportation, which greatly saves transportation costs.

3. The cabinet is equipped with a large noise reduction space, which can achieve better noise reduction effect under the condition of cooperating with noise reduction accessories. For example, high-performance anti-aging and flame-retardant sound insulation materials and sound-absorbing materials are installed inside the silent cabinet, which has excellent noise reduction performance.

4. The cabinet adopts a humanized design, with doors on both sides and built-in inspection lights for easy operation and maintenance.

5. It has excellent frequent lifting capacity and rainproof performance, complete supporting facilities, large space and convenient maintenance.