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Oil Free Scroll Compressor Manufacturer & Supplier in China

We hope to let you know our advantages and win-win cooperation in the least time.

  • Oil free, to avoid oil leakage and oil in compressed gas.
  • Continuous scroll compression, no useless work, high efficiency, low energy consumption
  • There are few parts, which greatly reduces the possibility of parts replacement, and has high durability
  • When working, the moving and static scrolls do not touch, the vibration is small, and the noise is low
  • Avoid regular cleaning of oil discharge and environmental protection treatment of waste oil, and achieve zero emissions.
High Efficiency IE3 Motor

Air-cooled IP55 H-class motor, in line with IE3 ultra-high-efficiency motor energy efficiency standards

Scroll rotor

Air-cooled vortex rotor for durability, reliability and energy efficiency

Refrigeration dryer

Compact, optimised built-in refrigerated dryer ensures dry compressed air


To further improve performance, the cooler has been optimized. Oversized cooler improves performance


Aluminum and stainless steel piping enhances compressor life cycle reliability


HMI controller with VFT algorithm to precisely match compressed air requirements

Advantages of Scroll Air Compressor

1. Clean oil-free compressed air
Since there is no metal-to-metal contact between the compression scrolls, no oil lubrication is required in the compression chambers. The working principle of the scroll compressor, therefore, guarantees high-quality oil-free compressed air. The head of the scroll compressor is oil-free, so SLTOF series compressors are always oil-free air compressors.

2. High energy utilization
Oil-free scroll compressors are very efficient. Due to the simple start/stop control, the loss of unloading power is eliminated. Using variable flow control technology, the compressor displacement can be matched to the air demand.

3. Low noise
The low speed of the scroll components makes the SLTOF air compressor very quiet. Oil-free scroll air compressors are field-type compressed air systems that can be installed in any job location.

4. Durable
Oil-free scroll compressors stand for simplicity and reliability. Scroll air compressors are designed with minimal moving parts and can run for extended periods of time.

Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor Parameters