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Air Compressor Inline Filter

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Air Compressor Air Line Filter

Super clean precision filter provides users with high-quality compressed air filtration, dedicated to laser cutting, bottle blowing, advanced spraying, food, electronics, petrochemical and other industries. By installing SOLLANT precision filters, compressor air pollutants (such as: oil, water, dust, etc.) are effectively removed.

Serial Combinations

In order to meet more application requirements, we have designed a series of shortcut combinations, which are suitable for various laboratories or laser cutting, advanced spraying, bottle blowing and other industries. Can be used directly in series without additional threads

1. Equipped with leak detection equipment: Air leakage of the filter is a loss of energy, and many slight air leakage phenomena are not easy to be found. The product has no slight air leakage
2. The company has a special laboratory and introduces advanced German testing equipment, and product testing is in line with ISO8573-1:2010 (E) international standards
3. The uniquely designed ball valve is equipped with a sealing ring, which is simple and convenient to install without the need for raw material belts.