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Two Stage Air Compressor

Two Stage

Air Compressor

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From the perspective of energy saving and improving efficiency, the use of a two-stage compression air compressor can effectively reduce energy consumption and bring higher power and gas value. For this reason, in screw air compressors, energy-saving two-stage compression air compressors have been introduced.

What is a two stage compression air compressor? The compression process is that natural air enters the first stage compression through an air filter, and is mixed with a small amount of lubricating oil in the compression chamber, and the mixed gas is compressed to the interstage pressure. The compressed gas enters the cooling channel and comes into contact with a large amount of oil mist, which greatly reduces the temperature. The cooled compressed gas enters the second-stage rotor, undergoes two-stage compression, and is compressed to the final exhaust pressure. Finally, the compressor is discharged through the exhaust flange to complete the entire compression process.

Model Working pressure Capacity Power Weight Dimensions
bar psig m3/min cfm kw hp kg mm
SLT-37VT 8 116 2.3-7.7 81-272 37 50 1800 1860*1180*1430
10 145 1.9-6.9 67-244 37 50 1800 1860*1180*1430
13 189 / / 37 50 1800 1860*1180*1430
SLT-45VT 8 116 3.2-10.5 113-371 45 60 2000 1860*1180*1430
10 145 2.2-7.8 78-275 45 60 2000 1860*1180*1430
13 189 2.5-6.1 88-215 45 60 2000 1860*1180*1430
SLT-55VT 8 116 3.9-13.2 138-466 55 75 2450 2160*1350*1750
10 145 3.1-10.7 109-378 55 75 2450 2160*1350*1750
13 189 2.6-8.8 92-311 55 75 2450 2160*1350*1750
SLT-75VT 8 116 5.0-16.8 177-593 75 100 2550 2160*1350*1750
10 145 4.1-13.8 145-487 75 100 2550 2160*1350*1750
13 189 3.6-12.3 127-434 75 100 2550 2160*1350*1750
SLT-90VT 8 116 6.0-20.1 212-710 90 120 3250 2420*1530*1720
10 145 5.2-17.3 184-611 90 120 3250 2420*1530*1720
13 189 4.8-15.9 170-562 90 120 3250 2420*1530*1720
SLT-110VT 8 116 7.1-23.5 215-830 110 150 3600 2650*1600*1850
10 145 5.9-19.8 210-699 110 150 3600 2650*1600*1850
13 189 5.3-17.8 187-629 110 150 3600 2650*1600*1850
SLT-132VT 8 116 8.0-28.1 283-992 132 175 3700 2650*1600*1850
10 145 7.3-24.3 257-858 132 175 3700 2650*1600*1850
13 189 6.1-20.2 214-713 132 175 3700 2650*1600*1850
SLT-160VT 8 116 10.1-33.6 356-1187 160 215 4250 3350*1900*1950
10 145 9.2-30.5 323-1077 160 215 4250 3350*1900*1950
13 189 8.4-28.0 297-989 160 215 4250 3350*1900*1950
SLT-185VT 8 116 12.4-38.7 438-1367 185 250 4650 3350*1900*1950
10 145 10.4-34.8 369-1229 185 250 4650 3350*1900*1950
13 189 9.7-32.3 342-1141 185 250 4650 3350*1900*1950
SLT-200VT 8 116 12.8-42.6 451-1504 200 270 5550 3350*1900*1950
10 145 12.2-40.5 431-1430 200 270 5550 3350*1900*1950
13 189 10.6-35.1 374-1240 200 270 5550 3350*1900*1950
SLT-220VT 8 116 14.2-47.3 501-1670 220 300 5650 3700*2060*2150
10 145 12.8-42.5 450-1501 220 300 5650 3700*2060*2150
13 189 12.0-37.4 424-1321 220 300 5650 3700*2060*2150
SLT-250VT 8 116 18.5-52.8 653-1865 250 350 6450 3700*2060*2150
10 145 15.1-48.3 533-1706 250 350 6450 3700*2060*2150
13 189 13.3-43.0 470-1518 250 350 6450 3700*2060*2150

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Long Term Return on One Investment
with Two Stage Air Compressor

A two stage air compressor produces higher airpower, making them a better choice for large scale operations and continuous applications. But, they also cost more, making them a better option for factories and workshops than for private use.

Regardless of the size of your project or scope of your operation, air-powered tools are essential to your productivity. As an independent woodworker or the owner of a crafts line, a two stage Sollant air compressor could drastically improve workflow and efficiency.

Why Choose Sollant
Two Stage Air

Sollant has its own unique design concept and better quality assurance.

  • It works more efficiently than a single-stage compressor.
  • Long term return on one investment with 2 stage air compressor.
  • They are easier to maintain and repair.
  • 2 stage air compressor saves time and energy.
  • No idling time lost, no blow-off losses in normal operations.

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Two-Stage Air Compressor
Buying Guide

55kw two stage air compressor

Type of Air Compressors

• Stationary
A stationary compressor is not moveable and remains in one location all the time. It is suitable for plants where the movement of equipment is not necessary.
• Portable
A portable 2 stage air compressor is movable and has a wheel that allows easy mobility. You can work them indoors or our doors.
• Pancake
The pancake compressor comes with a round and flat storage tank that is attached close to the motor.
• Hot Dog
The hot dog dual-stage compressor stands vertically and is perfect for small spaces.
• Twin-stack
The twin stack compressor comes with two tanks, which are stacked on each other horizontally. It allows you to have ample storage for compressed gas without taking a lot of space.
• Wheelbarrow
A wheelbarrow compressor has two small storage tanks that come on a wheeling cart for easy mobility.

How to Choose the Best 2 Stage Air Compressor for Sale

• The Power
Before you decide which compressor to buy, consider its power. The power of your equipment gives it the ability to perform well. In a two-stage air compressor, the HP or horsepower and CFM or Cubic Feet per Minute are the main factors that determine power. The horsepower shows you the powerful ability of the motor. The CFM shows air compressor’s air volume capacity. If you are looking for a compressor to power several systems, select one with higher CFM and HP.
• Storage Capacity
The air compressor’s storage capacity is essential, and you must consider your business’s needs before deciding what to buy. The tanks are clearly labeled; for example, you can buy a 60 gallon 2 stage air compressor, and they range up to 200 gallons. In all compressors, storage capacity is measured in gallons. Buy a compressor with a big tank for a sufficient supply of air when using multiple tools. Besides, look for a modern Air compressor two-stage that can self-regulate pressure
Most modern air compressors come attached with a self-regulator that can regulate the strength of the air according to the tools utilized.
• Power Supply
Two-stage air compressors can either use gasoline or electricity as their power source. Most people prefer electrical-powered air compressors because they are easy to maintain and operate quietly. Besides, they can be used in various environments as long as you have power access. While the voltage required for these compressors varies, it starts at around 1200 volts.
On the other hand, a gasoline 2 stage air compressor is most excellent for outdoor areas and or anywhere electrical power is not reliable. It also comes with some advantages that include portability and production of higher CFM and HP than electrical-powered compressors.
• Style
The best two-stage air compressor has to have the style and design that meets your needs. However, you do not have a wide variety to select from, as they are only vertical and horizontal styles. The design of an air compressor is determined by tank placement, which means it may be vertical or horizontal.
You choose what to buy, depending on your work needs. For example, a vertical 80 gallon 2 stage air compressor is perfect, where storage space is an issue. But, if you have ample space, you buy the horizontal one. The best thing is that the style doesn’t affect the performance of an air compressor. According to two stage air compressor reviews, no one mentions better or poor performance due to the style and design of their equipment. So, go for a style you like or one that suits the space available.

How Does Two-Stage Air Compressor Work?

A two-stage compressor compresses the air twice between the inlet valve and tool nozzle, which gives double pressure. It is more suitable for the factory and production industries. It is more robust than the single-stage compressor and reliable, where increased air pressure and capacity is needed.

Single Stage Vs. Two Air Stage Compressor

If you want to buy a high or medium pressure air compressor, you have to decide from the beginning what to buy. You choose between a single-stage and a 2 stage air compressor. Each air compressor model has unique strengths, so you have to know which one fits your needs perfectly.
A single-stage compressor compresses the air once and then stores it. The two-stage compresses the air twice, which means the stored air is more powerful than what is a single-stage has to offer.
• The Pressure Output
When choosing between a single-stage and a two-stage compressor, you have to consider the power needed. The single-stage compressor is less powerful and can only be used to run hand tools. However, the two stage air compressor gives air power by compressing twice. While you can use it with hand tools too, it is more suitable for busy factories where large amounts of compressed air are needed.
• Heat
A single-stage compressor only compresses air once and, therefore, stores uncooled air. But, the two-stage air compressor takes the air through two-stages where it runs via a cooling unit to make it contract, so this means by the time it reaches the storage tank, the pressurized air is cold. If you are shopping for a reliable two stage air compressor for salethat produces less heat, the two-stage compressor should be your first choice.
• Portability
The single-stage compressor is designed to provide less pressure; this makes it lighter and smaller in size than a two stage air compressor. It comes in handy for home workshops, and it’s the best for you to buy for light tasks ad DIY projects. However, if you plan to have an air compressor for an industrial plant, you need a bulkier and bigger model, which should not be less than a two-stage compressor.
• The Price
The price of a 2 stage air compressor is higher compared to a single-stage one. You must set aside a high budget if you are looking for a powerful machine. However, if it’s for occasional use and doesn’t require much power, you can buy a single-stage compressor. Factory and industrial applications require high pressure, and so as a buyer, you should have a goods budget.

Differences between a Two-Stage and Single-Stage Air Compressor

• Number of cylinders
Some people cannot differentiate a single and a dual stage air compressor because both come with two cylinders. In both compressors, the cylinders look as if they are the same size. However, a closer look reveals that in a two stage air compressor, the second cylinder is smaller than the first. Besides, a cooling tube links them to reduce heat before more compression takes place in the second tank.
• CFM Requirements
The single-stage piston needs little energy to work compared with the two-stage compressor. These two-stage models have high CFM and are mostly ideal where high power is required.

Advantages of Dual-Stage Air Compressor

A dual-stage model is engineered to provide cool and high pressurized air for hours. It makes various repairs and jobs easy. Here are the advantages of buying a 2 stage air compressor for sale.
• Function
A dual-stage compressor provides pressure twice higher than a single-stage one. This increases efficiency in industries and factories with significant production needs.
• Cool Air
The compressed air goes through a cooling valve as it transfers pressurized air from the high-pressure tank to the lower-pressure cylinder. It offers high-pressure air without generating too much heat.
• Output
A twoair compressor for salemodel is capable of producing more cubic feet of pressurized higher. This powerful blast comes in handy for tools and jobs that require a high volume of air.
• Wear

A dual-stage compressor doesn’t produce much heat, and this reduces its rate of wearing out. It also translates to fewer repairs and needs to schedule maintenance services.
• Features
Two stage air compressor parts are more controllable because it comes with features that make it possible. This makes the equipment easy to use and efficient. Some of the significant parts of 2 stage compressors are digital gauges, wheels, and compatibility with other air tools.

Benefits of a Two-Stage Air Compressor

One of the outstanding benefits of 2 stage air compressor is that it produces compressed air in large amounts faster than the single stage. However, it offers more than high speed, and the benefits include:
• Total control of heavy application tools
Two-stage compressors deliver sufficient pressurized air when needed and therefore enable full control over your power tools.
• Operate various tasks
A close look at two stage vs single stage air compressor shows that the former produces higher CFM than the later. This means you can finish work fast and within a short time. The machines can run for hours without overheating and offer more reliable services for long.
• Easy to maintain
Maintenance of a dual-stage compressor is easy and affordable than that of a single-stage model. The dual-stage air compressors’design is different. The crankcase body and the motor are separate but made using high-quality material. They can last for years as long as you provide them with recommended basic care.
• Greater Value
Any two stage air compressor lowes has a lot to offer. But most of all, you are assured it can handle large scale applications. The ability to tackle various air tool tasks makes it of great value. Apart from handling the big jobs, you can attach tools needed for small tasks you may have in your business. This means you do not need to buy a less powerful compressor to perform some of the work.
• Reliability

With advanced and powerful motors and engines, the compressors use improved technology to offer enhanced performance. They are reliable and most ideal for a business looking for consistent performance.

What Should You Buy? Single Stage Vs. Two Air Compressor

If you need a small compressor for some light tasks, it would be a bad idea to buy a 2 stage air compressor. However, if you are looking for a compressor to work throughout the day and guarantee you high pressure, the dual-stage models are the best. Here more factors that determine what you should buy:
A single-stage compressor cannot run for hours because it heats up. Sometimes, you have to buy the dual-stage air compressor and use the right attachments to complete your light tasks without risking damage of a compressor due to high temperatures. It is essential if the functions have to be done consistently and for many hours.
The bottom line is that you have to buy a big and powerful air compressor according to your needs. For any task that requires high PSI, a two stage air compressor is the best buy. Most one-step compressors cannot work in tasks requiring over 100 PSI.
Two-stage compressors are engineered to work every day, and so leaving them idle is not for them. These compressors offer the best value and efficiency where the continuous application is needed. This includes businesses such as auto manufacturing and repairs.