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Gas generator sets make full use of various natural gas, biogas, gas, biomass gas, coal gas and landfill gas as fuel, turning waste into treasure, safe and convenient operation, high cost-effectiveness, and low emission pollution. It is suitable for the world’s environmental protection requirements and A new type of generating set developed for the new market environment.

The gas generator set has the function of “cogeneration of heat and power”, which uses gas to generate heat and electricity, fully meets the needs of regional life such as electricity and water for heating, helps to improve the basic living conditions of remote areas and field work sites, and can also be connected to the local power grid. Profitable sale of surplus electricity

Gas generator sets use natural gas, biogas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas gas, straw gas, and biomass gas as fuel instead of gasoline and diesel as engine power. It is a new type of efficient new energy developed to meet the world’s environmental protection requirements and the new market environment. generator set.

Gas generator set has the following advantages:

1. Good startup performance. It only takes 30 seconds for the gas generator set to run from cold state to full load operation, which is much faster than the 3-minute load time after the diesel generator is successfully started according to the international regulations.

2. The startup success rate is high. Gas generator sets can be started in any ambient temperature and climate.

3. Low noise and small vibration. The gas turbine of the gas generator set is in a state of high-speed rotation, the vibration is small, and the low-frequency noise is better than that of the diesel generator set.

4. High precision of output voltage and frequency. The gas generator set only rotates when it is working, the ESC responds quickly, and the work is particularly stable. The output voltage and frequency of the generator have high precision and small fluctuations. When the load is suddenly increased by 50% or 75%, the gas generator is very stable. .