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SOLLANT silent generating set is equipped with domestic and foreign well-known brands of diesel engines such as Cummins, Perkins, Weichai, and Yuchai. The units are all made of 3mm cold plate with a silent cover that has passed the national patent technology; the interior is treated with high-density flame-retardant and high-quality sound-absorbing cotton with a thickness of 5 cm; Below 75 decibels.


Ultra-quiet diesel generator sets are widely used in post and telecommunications, hotel buildings, entertainment venues, hospitals, shopping malls, industrial and mining enterprises and other places with strict environmental noise requirements, as a common or backup power supply.

1. Remarkable low noise performance, the noise limit of the unit is 68 decibels at a distance of 7 meters from the unit.

2. The mute box is an environment-friendly baking varnish type, which is treated by pickling and phosphating, which can play a role in fire prevention and corrosion prevention. At the same time, it has a unique rainproof groove and seal design, and the mute box has a higher level of rainproof and weather resistance.

3. The overall design is compact, small in size, novel and beautiful in shape.

4. High-efficiency and noise-reducing multi-channel air intake and exhaust air intake and exhaust channel design can effectively prevent the inhalation of sundries and dust, increase the air intake and exhaust area, and ensure that the unit has sufficient power performance guarantee.

5. Large impedance compound muffler to achieve good noise reduction effect.

6.8 hours large capacity base daily fuel tank.

7. The special quick-open cover plate is more convenient for maintenance.