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We offer the most economical, efficient, and safe solution for customized OIL-FREE OXYGEN PISTON COMPRESSOR systems.

  • Volume flow: 3NM3/hour~150NM3/hour (customized)
  • Voltage: 380V/50Hz (customized)
  • Maximum outlet pressure: 100MPa (customized)
  • Motor power: 2.2KW~30KW (customized)
  • Noise: <80dB
  • Crankshaft speed: 350~420 rpm/min

The oil-free oxygen compressor features a fully oil-free design, incorporating specially crafted friction seals like piston rings and guide rings made from self-lubricating materials. Employing a four-stage compression process, water-cooled cooling method, and a stainless steel water cooler ensures optimal cooling, effectively prolonging the service life of crucial wearing components. The intake port is equipped with a low intake pressure, and the exhaust end features an exhaust device. Each level is equipped with high-pressure protection, high exhaust temperature protection, a safety valve, and a temperature display. In case of excessive temperature or overpressure, the system triggers an alarm and stops to guarantee safe operation.

Our product holds a CE certificate, and we offer customized oxygen compressors tailored to customer requirements.

  • The entire compression system operates without thin oil lubrication, eliminating the risk of oil coming into contact with high-pressure and high-purity oxygen, ensuring machine safety.
  • The absence of a lubrication and oil distribution system simplifies the machine structure, facilitates control, and streamlines operation.
  • With an entirely oil-free system, the compressed oxygen remains uncontaminated, maintaining consistent oxygen purity at both the inlet and outlet of the compressor.
  • Offering a low purchase cost, minimal maintenance expenses, and straightforward operation.
  • Capable of running continuously for 24 hours without shutdown (depending on the specific model).

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Oxygen compressor: the vitality engine that drives medical and industrial applications

Oxygen gas compressors are a critical technology that play an integral role in medical, industrial and other fields. The development and application of this technology promotes the efficient extraction, storage and application of oxygen in modern society. This article will take an in-depth look at how oxygen compressors work, their areas of application, and their importance in medical and industrial settings.

Working principle and technical characteristics
Oxygen compressors use mechanical compression to increase the oxygen in the air to the required pressure level. Its working principle is based on a precision-designed compression system, including efficient cylinders, seals and reliable control systems. The gas in the compressor gradually increases in pressure in a continuous compression process, eventually forming high-pressure oxygen that can be used in a variety of applications.

In terms of technical features, modern oxygen compressors use advanced materials and intelligent control systems to ensure efficient and safe operation. The oil-free design and automatic monitoring system ensure the purity of oxygen while reducing the impact on the environment.

Application areas
Oxygen compressors play an important role in multiple areas:

1. Medical field: In hospitals and clinics, oxygen compressors are a core component of life support equipment. It provides high-purity oxygen to ventilators and oxygen therapy to support patients’ respiratory functions.

2. Industrial manufacturing: In various industrial production processes, oxygen is a necessity for many reactions and manufacturing processes. Oxygen compressors ensure a stable, high-quality supply of oxygen on production lines for metal cutting, welding, chemical reactions, etc.

3. Environmental protection applications: Oxygen compressors also play a key role in environmental protection technology and are used for wastewater treatment, exhaust gas combustion and other environmental protection measures to promote sustainable development in the industrial field.

The vitality engine of medicine and industry
Oxygen compressors can be said to be the vitality engine of medical and industrial applications. In the medical field, it supports the lives of critically ill patients and provides a reliable source of oxygen in operating rooms and emergency vehicles. In industry, it is the key to the efficient operation of the manufacturing industry and promotes the efficient and sustainable development of production lines.

Taken together, oxygen compressors are a key technology driving medical and industrial progress. It plays an irreplaceable role in providing high-quality oxygen, ensuring production and promoting environmental protection, providing solid support for the development and health of modern society.