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The advantages of Sollant's 55kw screw drive air compressor

We hope to let you know our screw drive air compressor's advantages and win-win cooperation in the least time.

  • Safe and Convenient
  • Functions at extreme weather conditions
  • They are designed to run tools that generate more power than
    typical equipment
  • They are easier to maintain
  • Screw drive air compressor is good energy conserver
  • They consume less oil than other oil-flooded air compressors

55kw screw drive air compressor

Sollant 55kw screw drive air compressor’s pressure is adjustable, We can set the pressure according to your requirements(7-12bar), It’s motor safety grade reached IP23/55 and. It weighs 1130 kg with 1900mm length * 1250mm width * 1600mm height. If you use it in the factory, we can also add an air compressor frequency converter for your air compressor. We can help you save 30-40% of your electricity costs.


If you want to be more competitive in your air compressor market, it is a very good opportunity with 55kw screw drive air compressor.

Our oil filter adopts high-density filter material, the surface is treated with nano-electroplating. The filter element has a uniform pore size, small filter resistance, large flux, strong interception ability, and long service life.

The motor uses high-performance motors of well-known brands. Permanent magnet synchronous motors (PM motors) use high-performance NdFeB permanent magnets which will not lose magnetism under 200 ° and its service life reaches as long as 15 years.

The air-end adopts the international top-level third-generation asymmetric wire twin-screw air end, adheres to the exquisite manufacturing process adopts the peak high efficiency low-pressure, high-efficiency tooth shape, and the axial air inlet design.

The fan uses a large fan design to effectively enhance the fan’s heat dissipation effect. The motor adopts a special internal design to adapt to harsh working conditions.

The heat exchanger uses high-quality raw materials and a unique internal channel design, which increases the heat exchange area and can effectively dissipate heat for the air compressor.

Adopting the world-famous brand air intake valve, it can automatically adjust its volume by 0-100% according to the requirement of the system air quantity. It promises small pressure loss, stable action, and long life consequently reduced operating costs.

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Sollant in Action

In February 2017, India's regular customers come to visit Sollant screw air compressor company, we provide him with a complete agency plan.

Sollant in Action

In September 2018, we got the screw air compressor project of a local government in Turkey. We sent 4 Sollant engineers to help the Turkish government install the air compressor unit.

Sollant in Action

In September 2019, a large air compressor distributor from India came to Sollant screw air company and signed a 2-year supply and marketing contract.

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Screw Drive Air Compressor

55kw Screw Drive Air Compressor

The modern industry requires high-grade machinery, and one of them is a screw drive air compressor. You buy one for your business, depending on the tasks you want to accomplish. Rotary screw air compressors are different from other types. They come with parts that make them most suitable for industrial applications.

The screw drive air compressor for sale relies on two spiral rotors to create compressed air.  The rotors are spiral, which enables them to take in fluid and air, which moves and pressurizes the elements leading to compressed air as the end-product.

Basics of screw drive air compressor

In a screw compressor, tear and wear are minimal since it doesn’t have internal metallic parts that come into contact with one another. Here are some of the basics of the belt drive screw air compressor that you should know when shopping for one.

  • Simple Installation

Compressed air is an expensive utility in every industry and should not be wasted. It must also be clean and dry to fit the needs of the end product. The best machine delivers quality compressed air at a low cost and less noise. Installation of the compressor determines how efficient it becomes for your industry.

Ensure it is well-protected and include noise reducers if you need to. According to most screw drive air compressor reviews, an installation by professionals, also ensures that no leakage occurs, and in the long run, saves you money.

  • Drives
55kw Screw Drive Air Compressor

A belt drive screw air compressor is common, but other types can be used in industrial settings. Your choice of what to buy depends on various factors, which include speed requirement or the manufacturer’s preference. Here are some of the drives that you will find in compressors.

  1. V-Belt- The V-belt drives are easy to maintain. They have a small footprint, and alignment is not essential.
  2. Direct- Direct drives come with built-in alignment. It eliminates the need to ensure proper maintenance of gear and belt. This machine runs more quietly but comes with a larger footprint.
  3. Gear-driven- A screw drive air compressor that is gear-driven does not have alignment problems, but only comes in handy where high horsepower is required.
  4. Variable Speed Drives- These drives are also known as VSDs, and they change the motor’s incoming power. This is perfect for an air end with various efficiency range and flat efficiency curve but in varied speed range.

• Capacity control

The controls are used to regulate the output of air when a screw drive air compressor is operating below the full capacity load. To choose the right unit, you to understand the air requirements of your plant and especially during shift change. It ensures your compressor produces only the required air, which lowers power consumption and increases efficiency.

Before the VSDs hit the market, the main capacity control systems were rotor length adjustment and inlet throttling. Both regulate the system’s demand automatically with no under and over-pressuring.

In in-let throttling, the air compressor produces air at full capacity or fails to deliver it entirely. This means there is under and over-pressuring because it restricts the unit’s opening to only letting in the air required by the air compressor. When at less capacity, the valve is partially closed but creates a vacuum that lowers the inlet pressure.

It takes a lot of work to raise the pressure and enable pressure discharge. Such a unit comes in handy for only based load applications because the system doesn’t go below 70%.

Rotor length adjustment changes the seal-off point of the rotor unit and controls air output when the air demand declines. All the air not needed goes back into the inlet just before its compressed. The application is suitable for a part-load application that has over 40% load cycle.

Types of Rotary Air Compressors

Rotary air compressors are high powered machines and found n most factories. When buying an air compressor screwdriver, you will find two types that are available in the market.

  • Oil-Injected Model

This is a rotary air compressor that needs lubrication for the parts to function smoothly without rigidity. Oiling the bearings and other moving parts is essential for ideal maintenance. It has to be done frequently and according to the unit’s manual.

The number of hours the machine runs in a day must also be considered. You have to lubricate the compressor to keep it working and prevent mechanical breakdown.

  • Oil-free models

These are rotary compressors that do not require a lubricant to run. The parts of these compressors are well coated to protect them from wearing off due to machine operation. The oil-free model is costly but easy to maintain.

However, it does also use some oil only that air doesn’t require to be changed and doesn’t affect the quality of compressed air provided by the machine.

Rotary Air Compressors Maintenance

high volume air compressor

The rotary air compressors should be checked from time to time for mechanical servicing. You can create a schedule to make it easy and part of the job. The screw drive air compressor has to be inspected daily or when the need arises so that the machine does not breakdown in the middle of an application.

Here are some guiding tips that can help you sustain the rotary air compressors in good shape.

  • The Filter

You have to schedule air filter inspection as the first task, every day, or at least once weekly before you start operating the machine. The machine’s workload will guide the frequency. The filter needs cleaning from time to and has to be replaced occasionally.

Air filters wear out fast depending on your surrounding environment, and you have to buy a new one when your air compressor servicing company recommends so.

  • Changing the oil

When using oil-injected models, always check the oil filter and separator before you switch on the machine. This is a daily task to ensure that the compressor is well oiled.

  • Check the monitor
Screw Drive Air Compressor

Compressors are operated through monitors. You can only work efficiently with a screw belt driven air compressor if the monitor displays data that guides on what to do and show the tank capacity, pace, or even the temperature. The reader should always give you the correct information. You have to test it and confirm this from time to time.

  • Take care of the rotors

The compressor cannot operate when the rotor malfunctions. If the productivity is slowing down, then the rotors could be faulty. A new compressor comes with a guide book on how to inspect the rotors. The indicators show the state of the compressor, for instance, when one of the bolts is loose or too firm.

  • Keep the unit clean

The compressor must be cleaned regularly. Mechanical checkup for the whole machine is essential, especially for industrial compressors.

Why Choose a Rotary Screw Air Compressor?

  • Gets Your Work Done Faster

Unlike other compressors, with an air compressor screw driver you will not have to wait for it to cool down t to resume work. Rotary compressors work around the clock and for as many hours as you want. They do not overheat and therefore save you time and give zero to minimum disappointments in the long run.

  • Use for a Long Time Without Repairing

The oil-sealed internal parts last for a long time, some even going for years and still maintaining the same performance rate throughout. These parts are mainly the rotors and bearings. The oil ensures zero friction, less maintenance attention, along with higher returns for all your investment.

  • Noise Reduction

A noisy working environment is not healthy for yourself, employees, or even your clients. They are considered unhealthy and uncomfortable. Most buyers want to know how loud is a screw drive air compressor when at work. But, an enclosed rotary screw compressor is relatively quiet and does not require any additional hearing protection.

Benefits of Using a Screw Drive Compressor

  • Saves you on Cost and Savings

 The upfront cost of a screw belt driven air compressor is usually higher compared to other compressors, but it is worth the investment as it has a longer working life. It has its unique capabilities and stands out as a superior compressor.

Over time, a rotary screw compressor repays the initial cost by saving you a lot of money on repairs and downtime.  It works effectively and efficiently and leaves you with nothing to worry about regarding operating hours and the amount of air supplied.

  • Choose The Speed That Suits your Needs

The screw drive air compressor has a unique way of changing the voltage and frequency feeding the motor. This increases its efficiency and automatically calculates the air compression required. It regulates and only emits the amount of energy required for a particular task at a given time. This ensures that the machine is not overworked, thus saving power in return.

Screw Drive Air Compressor Considerations

Here are a few factors to take into consideration when buying a big or small screw drive air compressor.

  • Compressed Air Systems

For an industrial operating compressor, you should first be well informed of all the options out there in the market. Different compressors offer different services and capabilities and therefore understanding each of their many functions is essential for you to find the equipment that suits your needs.

  • Tool Demands

First off, find a screw drive air compressor for sale whose tools are available in the market and can be easily found. Each air compressor has pounds per square inch demand abbreviated as PSI that is used when buying a spare part for your machine.

They vary in size, and each has its unique size. If you fail to choose an air compressor that accommodates a certain PSI, powering your tool with the compressor will be impossible. A powerful air compressor requires a higher PSI.

  • Portability Needs

If you have a permanent office, you might opt to go for a stationary air compressor. These are usually installed once and remain in the same position permanently. It is, in most cases, connected to a tank that cannot be moved.

Alternatively, you can go for a portable screw drive air compressor if you are planning on moving from one site to another. A portable air compressor is suitable for construction sites and any other that requires you to be on the move.

Power Source

screw drive air compressor

There are mainly two sources of power for air compressors. Some are electric-powered while some use gas as a source of power. Gas-powered air compressors are usually heavy-duty and are mainly used for industrial purposes. They are portable and can be used where electricity is unavailable.

  • Cubic Feet per Minute

This is the amount of air that flows into the air compressor. It is determined by the SFI of the air compressor. The two go hand in hand and have to be of the same value for the air compressor screwdriver to function without any mishaps.

  • Tank Size

Depending on the size of the air compressor, you will be required to choose the tank size that perfectly suits the equipment being installed. The tools to be connected and the work to be done play a major role when choosing the tank size as well.

If the compressor is only used for a short amount of time, a small tank can be used, while for jobs that last for many hours of operation, a bigger tank will come in handy.

  • Available Features

You have quite a several options to choose from before buying a screw drive air compressor. You have to decide on what you really want, ranging from belt drive screw air compressor to gear-driven compressors.

Other features in oil-injected and no-n oil units. Oil-free compressors are easy and affordable to maintain and produce more pure compressed air than the oil-injected units. The air cooling systems and adjustable exhaust will also require you to do a little research to determine the features that meet your needs.

A screw drive air compressor is a reliable unit. If you can find the right one for your application, you will definitely see your business grow to another level.