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Towable Air Compressor

Towable Air Compressor

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Towable air compressor provides the power needed to run a variety of tools and equipment. These compressors are used in construction, street repair, refineries, and demolition. The 2022 new technological diesel portable air compressor designed by Sollant’s R & D department.

The main engine and the diesel engine are directly connected through a high elastic coupling with the large diameter rotor design of the third generation 5:6, and there is no increasing gear in the middle. The speed of the main engine is the same as that of the diesel engine and the transmission effects achieved a higher rate, better reliability, longer-life for the new technology pull behind air compressor.

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Sollant chooses domestic and foreign famous brand diesel engines such as cummins and yuchai to meet the international emission requirements, with strong power and low fuel consumption. Perfect service.

Sollant's towable air compressor air volume control system is simple and reliable, according to the size of the air consumption, the air intake of 0~100% automatic adjustment, at the same time, automatic adjustment of the diesel engine throttle, maximum diesel saving.

Sollant Mobile Air Compressor Production System

1. 12,000㎡ factory with 3 workshop,including a large production workshop, a comprehensive first-class exhibition hall and a testing laboratory
2. Piece-by-piece testing before shipment,ensure the high quality of products
3. Sollant has excellent mechanical engineering designers,110 skilled employees; independent R&D department
4. Passed ISO 9001:2015, CE, SGS and BV standards
5. Providing OEM/ODM and customization services,meet your multiple needs
Monthly capacity of 1200 sets

Why Choose Sollant
Towable Air

Sollant has its own unique design concept and better quality assurance.

  • Higher rate, better reliability, longer life.
  • Strong power and low fuel consumption.
  • Easy to move, in bad terrain conditions can still move flexibly.
  • Each tow air compressor is equipped with a lifting ring for safe and convenient lifting.
  • Microcomputer intelligent monitoring air compressor exhaust pressure.
  • Multi-stage air filter, suitable for dust environment.

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Everything You Need to Know About Towable Air Compressors

185 cfm diesel air compressor

Overview of Everything You Need to Know About Air Compressor Air Dryer

Air compressors are an economical and versatile way of powering various air tools. No matter which industry you are in, a towable air compressor will offer you the efficiency, portability, and relative quietness that you deserve to get your jobs done in the best possible manner.

As it is with any business equipment, you need to think about the needs of your projects to match the specifications of the tow-behind air compressor that you need for the job.

If you get an air compressor that is too small, you may end up seeing your tools not operational, and you may also waste time recharging your air tank.

On the other hand, if you go for an air compressor that is too large, you get extra weight and space that may be a bit expensive for no reason.

The best thing about a towable air compressor is that it offers portability that will allow you to move between sites with ease.

Towable rotary-screw air compressors come in various air volume production and pressure ratings that match the air needs of different air tools you may have in your workshop or job sites.

As far as air volume is concerned, towable air compressor manufacturers agree that the most applicable model is the 185-cfm towable air compressor for contractors.

These potent units can power two tools at the same time and are best for applications, such as pavement breaking, underground hole boring, and testing and cleaning pipelines.

But since the high profile, large capacity tasks, such as deep drilling, sandblasting, bridge painting, among others that require 800 cfm and above are always for few contractors; you will find that these high cfm towable air compressors are usually rented.

Things to look out for when buying a towable air compressor.

If you are anticipating buying a new tow-behind air compressor, the following tips will help you make a well-thought purchase and use the machine effectively in completing your tasks.

Usually, you would want to make sure that your tow-behind air compressor is working optimally, and these are what you need to do to make it happen.

  • Keep the air compressor in a well-ventilated place.

Air compressors should be allowed to “breathe.” In other words, these machines are designed to allow air to travel through them in one way or the other.

Therefore, you need to make sure that air passes through the cooler, the heat exchanger, and out of the machine in the best possible way if you want it to operate optimally.

  • Inspect the hoses thoroughly.

Take time to look at the hoses to determine whether there are holes or possible rupture points. In addition to that, you should make sure that the hose connection is made in the right way. Also, check if the safety chain is attached to high-pressure air compressors.

If there is any connection failure, the safety chain helps to keep the hose attached to the towable air compressor.

The hose should be straight without any twists or turns, and its length should be as short as possible. As much as the hose length does not impact the cfm, you may lose some pressure as a result of friction.

  • Keep the tools lubricated at all times.

Remember to oil your tools through ports or in-line oilers, which are pitchers-like parts that fir on the hose between the air tool and the hose or between your air compressor and the hose.

Most air compressor manufacturers sell in-line oilers as after-market components.

  • Set the system psi to meet the requirements of your air tools.

If you care about the longevity of your tool, you need to get this right. One rule of thumb has it that every 20 psi above the recommendations of your manufacturer decreases the life span of the tool by half.

  • Make sure the air compressor provides the right cfm

Cfm is a factor that will help you determine the number of air tools you can operate using a diesel-powered towable air compressor and the power it can provide. Each air tool is given specific cfm requirements for optimal functionality.

There is no explicit formula that can be used to calculate the cfm demand, but you will always find the recommended ratings on your air tools.

You only need to ensure that the towable air compressor can support the most demanding tools, such as c sanders, cut-offs, grinders, and other air tools that should be used continuously without waiting for pressure to build up.

  • Check the psi rating of your towable air compressor.

All portable diesel air compressors have a psi rating that should be considered when determining the right size for various applications.

Many air tools require about 90 psi, which means that getting a higher rated air compressor will give you more air storage.

Every time air is compressed in high pressure; it will take less space in the air compressor tank. Therefore, you should consider buying a towable air compressor with a psi rating of 175 psi instead of 135 psi.

  • Go for a reputable retailer or manufacturer.

Whether you want to buy a brand-new towable air compressor or rent a tow-behind air compressor, ensure that you get it from a reputable, established, and trustworthy dealer who can also guide you in choosing the right one for your needs.


Towable Air compressors can come in various sizes and designs. Sometimes, larger sizes may be difficult to move around between sites, and that calls for other options. The best alternative, in this case, will be truck-mounted air compressors.

Truck-mounted air compressors can be placed under the hood or on the decks of a truck and be transported from one place to the other.

In most cases, the under-hood models come in 70 cfm and 150 cfm with a psi rating of 175. The engine of the truck is usually used to power these types of air compressors.

On the other hand, the deck-mounted air compressors can be powered independently or hydraulically through the engine of the truck and have between 25 cfm and 185 cfm.

Truck-mounted air compressors capable of running the same tools as towable air compressors as long as the cfm ratings are equal. In other words, you can use a truck-mounted air compressor or a tow-behind air compressor in the same applications.

Why you should have a towable air compressor

Towable Air Compressor

Towable air compressors are very popular in various industries. This is an equipment that makes it easy for contractors and operators to take their air compressors to different job sites.

In the current market, owners, operators, and various users have different options for portable compressed air than just towable air compressors.

Many manufacturers of towable air compressors are becoming innovative in terms of options they build, such as hydraulic, gas, and diesel-powered deck-mounted air compressors.

Other alternatives that are common in the market include under-hood air compressors and an underdeck PTO-driven air compressor.

But even with these innovative options, people still find it challenging to let go of their towable air compressors. Below are some reasons why you need a pull behind air compressor.

  • You get to enjoy the challenge of driving and parking with a trailer.

If you can tow your bulky air compressor around with a lot of ease, then you can consider yourself a precision driver.

With a towable air compressor, you can learn more about merging into busy freeways, reversing without jack-knifing, and managing to park in the most crowded job sites. With time, you will hone your driving skills, thanks to a tow-behind air compressor.

  • Easy traveling to job sites.

Well, trailers are not the best means of traveling to job sites, especially if you are working in remote areas. However, the possibility of moving your equipment with you makes it easier to get to your job site ready for the task. Additionally, you can take time navigating the way.


  • Monopolize your hitch

Trucks come with a tow hitch for a reason. You can always use the tow hitch for your air compressor. For instance, if your task requires more equipment, you can have another vehicle to ferry them to the job site.

This gives the second truck a chance to use its hitch too. And if you are to do it all by yourself, you can make multiple trips and enjoy the fun of driving around.

  • Only carry the air compressor when it is needed.

Some tasks and projects will keep you guessing whether you need the air compressor or not. Having a towable air compressor makes it easier for you to bring along what you need.

Additionally, you can turn around and get the pull-behind air compressor if you left it behind, and it is required.

  • Easy to take safety precautions and measures

Everyone is often passionate about workplace safety, and having a tow-behind air compressor keeps you on your toes in this ensuring safety.

Towable air compressors have many parts and components that require frequent checking. You need to ensure the hitch, taillights, and tires are all in optimal working conditions all the time.

If any of these parts is not working well, you may end up wasting time getting them fixed instead of getting down to work.

You can learn to observe safety rules and measures by using your tow-behind air compressor between your workshop and job site. Additionally, you get time to adjust your driving when using towable air compressors.

Additionally, you get the opportunity to come up with more safety measures to ensure the safety of your tow-behind air compressor.

It is easier to steal a tow-behind air compressor as opposed to stealing a deck-mounted air compressor, and this ensures that you take extra precautions.


  • Lots of engine maintenance to do

Towable air compressors come with their engines, in addition to the towing truck engine. This means that you have two engines to take care of, and you have to spend time to ensure they are all in tip-top shape all the time.

If you are determined to see your projects completed effectively, then a towable air compressor will keep you not only busy but also engaged in what matters for the job. And part of it is maintaining your engines in optimal working conditions.

  • Spend time working on different tasks.

It will take you time to position and set up a towable air compressor properly on the site of work. Additionally, it requires more prep time and work compared to a truck-mounted air compressor.

If you are a fan of focusing on setting up your equipment before starting to work, then a tow-behind air compressor will give you the best option.

  • Increase the weight of your towing truck

Towable air compressors are literal beasts. Apart from guzzling more fuel, you will also add more weight to your truck. To some extent, this may be a drawback, but to some people, it is always fun moving big machines around.

So, if you don’t mind dragging a heavy load behind you, then you can opt for a tow-behind air compressor.

  • Get the vintage look.

We can all agree that a towable air compressor gives the most pleasing traditional look than any other type of air compressor. If you are among the few that enjoy the nostalgia of using old-school design machines, then you will like a tow-behind air compressor.

Final thoughts

diesel screw air compressor

Towable air compressors are the most effective air compressors for people who move from one job site to another.

The portability that it brings adds more convenience in task completion that requires you to reach various work stations with your air compressor.

If you ever think of a portable air compressor to power your air tools, the first option that should hit your mind ought to be a tow-behind air compressor.

What makes them even great is the fact that they can be towed using trailers and trucks of any kind and do not require space on the truck as they have wheels to move on free space.

Do you have second thoughts about towable air compressors? Other similar options will guarantee the same results.

Vehicle-mounted air compressors also offer excellent portability and can be the best alternative for your tow-behind air compressors.