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The advantages of Sollant's 7.5kw rotary screw air compressor

We hope to let you know our advantages and win-win cooperation in the least time.

  • Safe and Convenient
  • Functions at extreme weather conditions
  • They are designed to run tools that generate more power than
    typical equipment
  • They are easier to maintain
  • They are good energy conservers
  • They consume less oil than other oil-flooded air compressors

7.5kw rotary screw air compressor

Sollant 7.5kw rotary screw air compressor’s pressure is adjustable, We can set the pressure according to your requirements(7-12bar), It’s motor safety grade reached IP23/55 and. It weighs only 215 kg with 780mm length * 600mm width * 1020mm height. If you use it in the factory, we can also add air compressor frequency converter for your air compressor. We can help you save 30-40% of your electricity costs.

best rotary screw air compressor
11kw rotary air compressor

If you want to be more competitive in your air compressor market, it is a very good opportunity with sollant 7.5kw rotary screw air compressor.

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Sollant Team With Customers

Sollant in Action

In February 2017, India's regular customers come to visit Sollant screw air compressor company, we provide him with a complete agency plan.

Sollant in Action

In September 2018, we got the screw air compressor project of a local government in Turkey. We sent 4 Sollant engineers to help the Turkish government install the air compressor unit.

Sollant in Action

In September 2019, a large air compressor distributor from India came to Sollant screw air company and signed a 2-year supply and marketing contract.

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The Complete Guide Rotary Screw
Air Compressor

Air compressors come in many types, rotary screw, piston, scroll, reciprocating, some are oil-free and other air compressors require oil lubrication. Like many businesses, an efficient air compressor is at the heart of its operations.

Rotary screw compressors are the workhorses behind a majority of manufacturers worldwide. If you see a big building, and they make stuff there, there’s a good chance there is a rotary screw air compressor powering their manufacturing process.

Rotary Screw Air Compressor

The twin-screw air compressor is very popular in the world. The twin-screw air compressor overcomes the disadvantages of unbalanced single screw air compressor and vulnerable bearing, and has the advantages of long service life, low noise and more energy saving. After the technology matured in the 1980s, its application scope is expanding.

It has become an inevitable trend to replace the piston type air compressor with many vulnerable parts and poor reliability by the screw type air compressor with high reliability. According to statistics: the proportion of screw compressors in Japan was only 27% in 1976, but 85% in 1985. The market share of screw air compressor in western developed countries is 80% and keeps rising. Screw air compressor has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, no wearing parts, reliable operation, long service life and simple maintenance.