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As an important form of energy generation, screw air compressor is widely used in all aspects of life and production manufacturers. Sollant screw air compressor is durable and its appearance is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate cover. It adopts a spray molding process and high-temperature baking at 250 ° C. It is corrosion-resistant and durable for a long time.

The components of the electrical appliance are the components of the world famous brand Schneider Electric, with silver contacts, the service life is more than 3 million times, and the safe use is guaranteed for a long time. The bearings are imported from Switzerland, which better improves the use efficiency of the host machine, reduces wear and helps increase the smoothness of the meshing. Choose the right rotary air compressor manufacturers to make more profit for your business.

screw air compressor manufacturers

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Screw Air Compressor Manufacturers

They are good energy conservers – Screw air compressor are generally energy-efficient, and they generate less heat than normal air compressors. They consume less oil than other oil-flooded air compressors. In addition, they have minimum oil carryovers.

Sollant rotary air compressor manufacturers offers 5.5kw - 210kw screw air compressor, for meeting your various industrial needs. 415V Voltage, 8 bar/10 bar/12 bar adjustable pressure, fixed speed/PM VSD type support.

Why Choose Sollant
Screw Air
Compressor Manufacturer?

Sollant has its own unique design concept and better quality assurance.

  • Its system has the design advantage of small size.
  • Low cost but high quality with long service life.
  • They are easier to maintain and repair.
  • Lower noise of air compressor operation.
  • Few parts, easy assembly for clients.
  • Sollant’s screw air compressor does not leak oil.

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Screw air Air Compressor
Ultimate Buying Guide

What is a screw air Compressor?

screw air compressor source Sollant

A screw air compressor is a type of rotary compressor which packs air because of screw air activity. The main advantage of this air compressor is that it can supply jets air continuously with the minimum variance in conveyance pressure. It is typically applied for low weight applications up to 8 bars.

screw air compressor manufacturers

How Does screw air Air Compressor Work?

Sollant screw air air compressor

The working principle of a screw air air compressor is pretty simple.

This type of air compressor depends on male and female rotors to compress the air.

The function of the male rotor is to drive the female rotors.

The screw air air compressor technology is usually used in an oil-injected screw air air compressor.

For a dry screw air air compressor, a timing gear drive is used to drive both the male and the female rotors.

Otherwise, the basic working principle of a screw air compressor is the male and female rotors rotate in opposite directions.

In a screw air compressor, one of the poles is driving shaft, and the other is driven shaft. The driving shaft is directly linked to the driven shaft utilizing timing gears which help to coordinate paces of both the shafts. The driving shaft is fueled by an electric motor generally. The two shafts are encased in an impenetrable casing.

To start the operation off, the suction valve is opened to permit air suction. At that point, the motor is turned on to the shaft.

The secondary shaft, in this way, additionally begins rotating opposite to the driving shaft due to timing gears.

The air enters the hole between the two screw airs cut over the poles. As the two screw airs turn the opposite way, the air gets caught ready between the two screw airs.

The hole between the two screw airs diminishes bit by bit from suction end to conveyance end, which prompts an increase in the pressure of air.

Likewise, due to screw air activity, the air moves from the suction end to the conveyance end. At the point when the compacted air arrives at the conveyance end, it goes through the conveyance valve to the capacity tank.

Additionally, during the compression process, cold water is consistently poured around the packaging, which trades heat with the hot compacted air.

The purpose of this is the productivity of any pressure procedure will be most elevated on the off chance that it is done isothermally in contrast with adiabatically or polytropically.

The speed at which the rotors are rotating is optimized. This minimizes the mechanical loss of the compressor due to heat and friction.

Since screw air compressors don’t have valves, they are capable of working at very high speeds hence displacing large volumes of air.

Even with large volumes, the rate of flow can still be controlled at the exit points.

screw air Air Compressor Types-Oil Free vs. Oil Flooded

dry vs oil flooded screw air compressor source Sciencedirect

There are two main types of screw air compressors. These are dry screw air compressors and wet/flooded screw air compressors.

What is the difference between these two types of compressors, and which one should I buy?

Basing on their structural design, both the screw air compressors have rotors that are closely mated.

The main difference between the two is the presence of oil. One has oil while the other type does not have.

Oil-free is used to refer to the compressors that DOES NOT have oil in the compression space, which is between the screw air.

Instead, they have a clean medium that performs the role of lubrication while at the same time acts as a cleaning medium.

Sometimes pressurized water is used for cleaning.

Structurally, a dry compressor consists of two rotors that are installed into a tight clearance bore.

Sometimes dry screw air compressors are equipped with timing gears whose role is to keep the screw  synchronized.

A separating fluid is usually used in applications where there are no timing gears.

Dry fluid or oil-free screw air compressors are used in applications that cannot tolerate any level of oil contamination in the compressed gas.

On the other hand, oil-flooded or wet screw air compressors have oil in between the screw .

Just like the dry screw air compressors, wet compressors also have a pair of closely mating rotors that are in a cylinder bore.

The unique feature about these compressors is they don’t have a clearance to be tight. The reverse is true for the oil-free compressors.

In terms of performance, wet screw air compressors tend to have a higher efficiency than the dry compressors.

They also attract a lower maintenance cost.

However, they are quite limited in terms of application areas. You cannot use them for the applications that are oil-sensitive.

What are the Benefits of Screw Air Compressors?

There are many questions that you may be having about screw air compressors.

Among them is, what are the main benefits that I will gain fro the screw air compressor?

Here are some of the advantages of screw air compressors:

-High efficiency: The efficiency of a screw air compressor is based on the fact that it uses less to achieve more.

In this case, the efficiency of a screw air is because they use less electrical energy to compress high volumes of air.

This reason makes them a viable investment option.

-Quiet operation: screw air compressors are silent operators. They are designed to execute their tasks without making loud noises, a common problem with most air compressors.

-Versatile: screw air compressors can be used for wide range operations. They are capable of both small and large tools.

This is possible because they are capable of compressing large volumes of air while at the same time you can control them to allow low amounts of air.

-Occupies less space: Sollant screw air compressors have a compact design which makes them hold small space.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why they are versatile as they can easily fit into different machines.

-Easy to use: Since the screw air compressors don’t have many intricate parts, you can easily handle them in their respective areas of application.

You don’t have to bring in highly experienced and expensive experts to use the tool.

-Durable: Sollant screw air compressors are made of high-grade materials. Each component of the compressor is manufactured from internationally-approved material.

This means that the compressor will serve you for long without breaking down.

In addition to that, they attract a low maintenance cost.

-Energy-saving: These air compressors consume less energy as compared to most air compressors that are in the market.

As a business, you will be able to cut down on the cost of operation.

-Consume less oil: For the oil-flooded screw air compressors, they tend to consume less amount of oil than the typical compressors.

Dry screw air compressors, on the other hand, minimize any contamination of the compressed air.

screw air Air Compressor vs. Reciprocating Air Compressor: Which is More Efficient?

screw air air compressor

The most viable alternative to a screw air air compressor is the reciprocating air compressor.

Which type of compressor should you choose between these two?

To find the answer, let’s compare the two in terms of their efficiency:

Reciprocating compressors use pistons to compress the air to the line pressure you want.

They are basic units, frequently mounted on a small recipient tank, and they ordinarily run in start/stop mode on a mechanical weight switch.

You can easily tell when they are running because they tend to be noisy due to the fact that the pistons make a great deal of noise.

The cooling systems of these units usually are just fins balances across which a pulley mounted fan blows a flood of cooling air.

The air delivered by these units is typically extremely hot and slick—hard to clean. This compressed air can also be dry except if a helper cooling and sifting technique are utilized.

On the off chance that one looks into the efficiency of these units, you may find that at full load, they use more force per unit yield than a screw air compressor (normally appraised in kilowatts per 100 cfm, called explicit force).

Be that as it may, these units are not intended to run continuously at full load.

Doing so can lead to overheating and damage the internal parts, mostly because of the poor cooling strategy.

screw air compressors, then again, are increasingly sophisticated and seem to be quite costly.

The units and can frequently be easily mounted on the equivalent estimated storage tank.

These screw air compressors frequently run in an alternate mode, load/empty, which implies they run continuously.

screw air compressors are a lot calmer than reciprocating compressors. They also have a generally excellent cooling system. screw air compressors are designed to run at full load and will deliver a lot cooler and cleaner compressed air, which can be sent straightforwardly to an air dryer to get rid of the water vapor.

As you would expect, a screw air compressor as a rule of thumb consumes less power per unit yield at full load than reciprocating units.

This makes them progressively efficient hence productive for your business.

low pressure air compressor

screw air Compressor Installation and Maintenance

The striking element of screw air compressor bundles is the simplicity of installation.

The compressor has a simple design and is lightweight hence easy to install.

Most screw air compressor manufacturers demonstrate that they can be installed on any conventional floor that will support its weight.

Furthermore, with no unique platform since there are no unequal forces.

You can put screw air compressor in a room where you and other individuals are working given the sound-constricted fenced-in areas meet the set requirements.

Numerous screw air compressor manufacturers list their sound levels at 85 dB.

This level of noise is very minimal to interfere with the normal operations in the office.

An air-cooled screw air compressor can’t be in a limited space,

The upkeep part of the screw air compressor maintenance is easier and cheaper than the reciprocating compressors.

For the reciprocating, you need to be filling with oil to the lubricator daily.

You also need to change the valves when they are broken.

On the other hand, a screw air compressor has very few moving parts.

This means that the wear and tear rate is quite slower.

For the dry screw air compressor, you will not have to do the regular oil change.

Th best screw air compressors have self-monitoring systems that can detect the operations and alert you in case you need to make any changes.

screw air compressor manufacturers

Choosing the Best Screw Air Compressor Manufacturers

Which is the best screw air compressor is the one that will serve its purpose flawlessly.

It should be able to supply the compressed air efficiently for the purpose of meeting your production goal.

On the same note, the compressor should be in line with your business goals.

So, how do I choose the best screw air compressor manufacturer in China?

First, get a list of the best screw air compressor manufacturers in China.

Go through it carefully and see what each manufacturer has to offer.

From the list, you will be able to come up with one or two screw air compressor manufacturers and suppliers with whom you can work with.

Reading the screw air compressor reviews on the internet will also equip you with a great deal of information.

If you have the resources, you can spare your time and travel to China so that you can inspect the manufacturer’s facility.

From your visit, you will learn about their production capacity and see whether they are capable of delivering.

You can even request for custom screw air compressor.


Well, now that you have all the vital information about screw air compressor, what next?

You can now proceed and buy a screw air compressor for sale. It will be a useful tool for whichever area of application.

Although used screw air compressors are cheap, they can fail the reliability test.

This is why it is always advisable to buy directly from the best screw air compressor manufacturers in China.


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