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What is the function of precision filter?

2 Stage Screw Air Compressor with Axial Fan


Precision filter, the shell is generally made of stainless steel. Different filter elements are selected according to different filter media and design processes to meet the effluent quality requirements. It is used in solid-liquid separation of various suspensions and filtration of medicinal liquids with high environmental requirements and high filtration accuracy. In the air compressor, it plays the role of further filtering the compressed air to remove moisture, oil and other impurities. Precision filters have a wide range of applications and are suitable for industrial fields such as food, chemicals, water treatment, medicine, and environmental protection.

2 Stage Screw Air Compressor with Axial Fan

  1. Principle of precision filter


The precision filter housing is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the filter element uses formed filter material PP melt-blown filter element, polypropylene filter element, wire-wound filter element, etc. Under the action of pressure, the raw liquid passes through the filter material, the filter residue remains on the filter material, and the filtrate flows out through the filter material, which can effectively remove impurities, sediments, suspended solids, and bacteria in the water, thereby achieving the purpose of filtration.

2 Stage Screw Air Compressor with Axial Fan

  1. Installation of precision filter


Before installing a precision filter, clean the filter housing thoroughly. Pay attention to the direction when the inlet and outlet of the housing are connected to the filtration system pipeline, and confirm that the filter element is in the state of water inlet from the outside and water removed from the inside. After connection, open the plastic bag at the open end of the filter element, check whether the O-ring is intact and in place, then wet the O-ring and the filter element socket hole with a suitable wetting agent, hold the filter element close to one end of the O-ring, and vertically insert the filter element completely Insert into the filter element holder socket. After inserting all the filter elements, remove the filter element packaging bag, fasten the pressure plate to fix it, install the metal cover, then open the bleed valve on the top of the housing and slightly open the inlet valve. Let the liquid enter the housing until the liquid overflows from the bleed valve on the top of the casing. At this time, close the bleed valve. Then slowly adjust the outlet valve and inlet valve until the pressure between the upstream and downstream of the filter drops to the specified value.

2 Stage Screw Air Compressor with Axial Fan

  1. Maintenance of precision filters


The core component of a precision filter is the filter element. The filter element is a vulnerable component and requires special protection. When the precision filter works for a long time, it will intercept a certain amount of impurities and reduce the working speed, so it must be cleaned frequently and the filter element must be cleaned at the same time. During the cleaning process, special attention should be paid to cleaning the filter element to avoid deformation or damage, otherwise the filtering accuracy will be reduced and the production requirements will not be met. If the filter element is found to be deformed or damaged, it must be replaced immediately.


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