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What are the disadvantages of refrigerated dryers?

1.Sollant Plate-fin Refrigeration Air Dryer


The refrigeration dryer is one of the common post-processing equipment for air compressors and is also a machine often used in many production processes. But did you know that there are actually many shortcomings in cold dryers? This article will take you through the shortcomings of cold dryers to help you choose a better cold dryer.

1.Sollant Plate-fin Refrigeration Air Dryer

  1. Strict requirements on ambient temperature


The refrigeration dryer has strict requirements on the ambient temperature during operation. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will not be able to operate at full efficiency. This is because the drying principle of the refrigerated dryer is to condense the moisture in the compressed air through refrigeration, so the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant is not allowed to be lower than 2°C, otherwise it will freeze and block the pipeline, making the compressed air unable to pass. As the ambient temperature increases, the dew point of the air supply to the dryer will increase significantly.

1.Sollant Plate-fin Refrigeration Air Dryer 1.Sollant Plate-fin Refrigeration Air Dryer

  1. Insufficient energy efficiency


The important function of the refrigerated dryer is to reduce the compressed air pressure dew point. Although the air supply volume of the refrigerated dryer can theoretically reach 100%, due to the restriction of the working principle, the air supply dew point of the refrigerated dryer is the lowest. It can only reach about 3℃ (pressure dew point). If you want to get a lower dew point, you need to increase the power of the refrigerant compressor, which also greatly increases the production cost.

1.Sollant Plate-fin Refrigeration Air Dryer

  1. Quality varies from good to bad

In the current market, although the popularity of freeze dryers is high, most brands are processed and manufactured by small “processing workshops” without a established high-end brand to guide them. This is the result of irregular market requirements.


  1. Large pollution to the environment


The main refrigerant of the refrigeration dryer is Freon, and the gas produced will destroy the atmosphere and cause great pollution to the environment.

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