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Water Well Drilling Rig

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China Professional Well Drilling Rig
Manufacturer from Sollant Group.

Water well drilling rigs include components, equipment, tools and components used for upstream activities in civil and industrial use. Sollant’s water well drilling rig and equipment are designed to provide effective, faster and safer drilling operations with less harm to the environment.

The Mainly ranges of Sollant: Crawler type pneumatic water well drilling rig, multifunctional hydraulic water well drilling rig, vehicle mounted water well drilling rig. The choice of water well drilling rig varies with the location of the well site and geological conditions.

According to application fields, civil and industrial use, our machines can adapt to a variety of harsh rock environments. Sollant series water well drilling rig uses full hydraulic control and the top drive the rotation of drilling tools with very high drilling efficiency. Reasonable overall layout uses the tractor- mounted or all terrain chassis for transportation with good maneuverability. Our product design and R&D department not only focuses on new products and services, but also focuses on upcoming technologies with high growth potential.

It has become an inevitable trend to replace the piston type air compressor with many vulnerable parts and poor reliability by the screw type air compressor with high reliability. According to statistics: the proportion of screw compressors in Japan was only 27% in 1976, but 85% in 1985. The market share of screw air compressor in western developed countries is 80% and keeps rising. Screw air compressor has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, no wearing parts, reliable operation, long service life and simple maintenance. Rotary screw compressors are the workhorses behind a majority of manufacturers worldwide. If you see a big building, and they make stuff there, there’s a good chance there is a rotary screw air compressor powering their manufacturing process.

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Sollant Water Well
Drilling Rig

Water well drilling rigs usually need to be equipped with a
diesel mobile air compressor for use.

  • Develop high-quality water well drilling rigs
  • Provide high-performance Portable diesel air compressor
  • construction work such as mud pump drilling,air drilling and air foal drilling
  • Buying a water well drilling rig, one time investment, payback in 1-2 months
  • Almost 20-years experience of Sollant Group in the R&D
  • Highly prized for its drilling speed and good performance

Why Choose Sollant Water Well Drilling Rig?

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1. Operators should accept the training and guidance of the manufacturer, have a full understanding of the structure and performance of the drilling rig, and obtain certain operation and maintenance experience before operating the machine. The product operation and maintenance manual provided by the manufacturer is the necessary information for the operator to operate the equipment. Before operating the machine, be sure to read the operation and maintenance manual and operate and maintain according to the requirements of the manual.
2. Pay attention to the working load during the running-in period. Generally, the working load during the running-in period should not exceed 80% of the rated working load, and a suitable workload should be arranged to prevent the overheating caused by the continuous operation of the machine for a long time.
3. Pay attention to frequently observe the instructions of each instrument. If there is an abnormality, stop and remove it in time. If the cause is not found, the operation should be stopped before the fault is removed.
4. Pay attention to frequently check the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid and fuel oil (water) level and quality, and pay attention to check the seal of the whole machine. Excessive oil and water shortage is found during the inspection, and the reason should be analyzed. At the same time, the lubrication of each lubrication point should be strengthened. It is recommended to add grease to the lubrication point during the running-in period (except for special requirements).
5. Keep the machine clean, adjust and tighten loose parts in time to prevent the loose parts from aggravating the wear of the parts or causing the parts to be lost.
6. At the end of the running-in period, the machine should be subject to mandatory maintenance, check and adjust work, and pay attention to the replacement of oil.
In short, the maintenance requirements for water well drilling rigs during the running-in period can be summarized as: load reduction, attention to inspection, and enhanced lubrication. As long as you pay attention to and implement the maintenance and maintenance of the construction machinery during the running-in period as required, it will reduce the occurrence of early failures, prolong the service life, improve work efficiency, and bring you more economic benefits.

After the water well drilling rig leaves the factory, it is generally stipulated that there is a running-in period of about 60 hours (some called the running-in period), which is stipulated according to the technical characteristics of the water well drilling rig at the initial stage of use. But at present, some users ignore the special technical requirements of the new drilling rig due to lack of common sense or because of the tight schedule or want to obtain profits as soon as possible. During the running-in period, the drilling rig was overloaded for a long time, resulting in frequent early failures of the machine. This not only affected the normal use of the machine and shortened the service life of the machine, but also affected the progress of the project due to the damage of the machine, and the final gain was more than the loss. Therefore, full attention should be paid to the use and maintenance of the water well drilling rig during the running-in period.
The characteristics of the running-in period are as follows:
1. The wear rate is fast. Due to the influence of factors such as the processing, assembly and adjustment of new machine parts, the friction surface is rough, the contact area of the mating surface is small, and the surface pressure is uneven, which accelerates the wear of the mating surface of the parts.
2. Poor lubrication. As the fitting clearance of newly assembled parts is small, and due to assembly and other reasons, it is difficult to ensure the uniformity of the fitting clearance. It is difficult for lubricating oil (grease) to form a uniform oil film on the friction surface, thereby reducing the lubrication efficiency and causing damage to the parts. Early abnormal wear.
3. Loose occurred. The newly processed and assembled parts are affected by factors such as heat, deformation, and excessive wear and other reasons, which may easily loosen the originally fastened parts.
4. A leak has occurred. Due to the loosening of the machine, vibration and the influence of the machine's heat, leakage will occur in the sealing surface of the machine and the pipe joints.
5. Operation error. Mostly due to insufficient understanding of the structure and performance of the machine, it is easy to cause malfunctions or even accidents due to operating errors.

During transportation, assembly, disassembly, and maintenance of water well drilling rigs, safety regulations should be strictly followed to prevent malfunctions.
Precautions during transportation of water well drilling rig:
When the water well drilling rig is moving, the center of gravity should be balanced according to the road conditions and the site.
The construction site is forbidden to drill at will. The backfilling pit must be marked. The narrow road or dangerous section needs to be moved with the falling mast and the crawler. Tilt left and right, and turn on the vehicle to adjust the center of gravity of the drill; when there is water in the sidewalk or construction site, you can use the drill pipe bit to guide the machine away.
Matters needing attention during maintenance of water well drilling rig:
When repairing the water well drilling rig, it is necessary to cool down before doing so to avoid personal burns due to high temperature; the hydraulic system of the drilling rig needs to be repaired after depressurization to avoid danger caused by the built-in high pressure.
When the main winding brake system of the drilling rig is disassembled, the main winding maintenance is strictly prohibited ; When disassembling the right-twisted non-rotation-proof steel wire rope and the lifting device, pay attention to the mechanical rotation damage; when the drilling rig lifting device rotates inflexibly, which causes the live steel wire rope to twist the rope with rotation force, avoid personnel being pinched.

With the rise of large-scale projects, various drilling rigs are frequently used, and water well drilling rigs are used to deal with water wells. They are mainly used to drill water wells and complete operations such as downhole pipe and well washing. The operation is very simple. For safer operation, the following Introduce you the precautions when operating the drilling rig in the water well:
1. Only those who have received special training and have certain work experience can be employed;
2. The driller must master the operating essentials and comprehensive maintenance knowledge of the drill and drill, and have considerable experience in troubleshooting;
3. Before shipping the drilling rig, a full inspection must be carried out. The parts of the drilling rig must be complete, the cables must be free from leakage, and the drill pipes and drilling tools must be free from damage;
4. The drilling rig should be installed firmly, and the corners or ramps should be slowly fixed with steel wires;
5. When entering the construction site, the drilling rig should be fixed, the area of the drilling site should be larger than the rig base, and there should be enough safe space around;
6. When drilling, it is necessary to strictly follow the hole position, orientation, angle, hole depth, etc., and the driller cannot modify it without authorization;
7. When installing the drill pipe, check the drill to make sure that the drill pipe is not blocked, bent, and the wire hole is not worn. Unqualified drill pipes are strictly prohibited to use;
8. When loading and unloading the drill bit, strictly prevent the pipe clamp from damaging the cemented carbide sheet, and strictly prevent the flat drill bit and the core tube from being clamped;
9. When installing the drill pipe, you must install the second one after the first one is installed;
10. When drilling with clean water, no water supply is allowed before drilling, and pressure can only be drilled after the water returns, and sufficient flow must be ensured. Dry holes are not allowed to be drilled. When there is a lot of rock powder in the hole, increase the water volume and extend the pump Time, stop drilling only after the holes are actually punched;
11. Accurately measure the distance during drilling. Generally, it must be measured every 10 meters of drilling or when changing drilling tools.
Drill pipe to verify hole depth;
12. Whether the gearbox, shaft sleeve, horizontal and vertical shaft gears are over-temperature, whether there is any abnormal sound, if any problem is found, stop the machine immediately, find the cause, and deal with it in time.

For ordinary well diggers, the drilling of water well drilling rigs is nothing more than to quickly find a drilling location with a large amount of water. If there is insufficient experience, it is likely that the drilled water well cannot be produced.

So how to find water based on topographical characteristics?

1. In the skip field surrounded by mountains on three sides, the groundwater flows to the skip mouth. Therefore, wells are drilled near the skip mouth, and the water output is large.
2. There is a valley between the two mountains, and the water source is easy to find in the rock formations on both banks of the lower valley.
3. At the mouth of the mountain where the two ditch meet, there may be spring water flowing out. Wells are drilled here and the water source is relatively reliable.
4. The two mountain mouths are opposite and close in distance. The terrain under the two mountain mouths is flat. Drilling wells at the locks makes it easy to get water.
5. If the rock under Gushan becomes a water barrier due to local variation of lithology, it can block the flow of groundwater, and drilling a well upstream of Gushan can produce water.
6. The mountains on both sides are long and there is a short mountain in the middle. At the mouth of the middle mountain, if there is a permeable layer on the top and an impermeable layer on the bottom, good water can be produced by digging a well at a low slope.
7. The mountains are connected far away and sink towards one end. Groundwater can be found in the aquifer at the appropriate topography of the sinking end.
8. The low part of the mountain bay caused by the twisting of the mountain blocks the groundwater flowing down the mountain, which is enriched in the aquifer, and there is water in the well.
9. The shape of one mountain protrudes to the opposite side, and the shape of the other mountain is recessed inward. The convexity and the concave are directly opposite. The water source in the lower part of the concave mountain is very good, and the well water is large.
10. A short mountain protrudes from the middle of the Changshan Mountain. Drilling a well in the lower part of the slope of the mountain Tsui will generally produce water.
11. Two mountain bays face each other. Soaking or good-water plants are found in the middle of the bay. This is a manifestation of the backlog of water in the mountains. Wells are drilled here and there is good spring water.
12. Generally, there is a lack of perennial running water between mountains. Floods may be discharged at the joints in the rainy season, and groundwater may emerge as springs at the joints in the dry season.
13. Although the river has dried up in winter, there are diving flows under the floodplain, which can be intercepted and stored, and wells can be drilled for water.
14. Look for ancient river channels along the banks of the big river. Although the ancient river channel is now buried, the aquifer is sand and gravel, and there is still diving flow, which is a good place for drilling wells.

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