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Sustainable development: choose oil-free and water-lubricated air compressors to protect the environment together–Shared by Sollant

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In the context of today’s increasingly severe global environmental problems, all walks of life are looking for sustainable solutions to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Air compressors are widely used in industrial production, and their energy consumption and environmental impact have attracted much attention. However, by choosing an oil-free water-lubricated air compressor, we can jointly protect the environment and promote sustainable development.

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The oil-free water-lubricated air compressor uses water as the lubricating medium, abandoning the traditional lubricating oil, which brings significant environmental advantages.

First of all, the oil-free water-lubricated air compressor does not produce the pollution problem of lubricating oil. Traditional lubricating oil will release harmful substances during use, pollute the air and soil, and cause damage to the ecological environment. The oil-free water-lubricated air compressor avoids this pollution problem by using water as the lubricating medium, and realizes zero emission.

Secondly, oil-free water-lubricated air compressors have lower energy consumption, thereby reducing the pressure on the environment.

Water has good thermal conductivity, which can effectively cool the compressor and reduce energy consumption. In contrast, conventional lubricating oils require additional energy to maintain their lubricating properties in high-temperature environments, resulting in wasted energy. The oil-free water-lubricated air compressor reduces energy consumption and improves energy utilization efficiency through efficient water film lubrication technology.

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In addition, the maintenance cost of the oil-free water-lubricated air compressor is relatively low, and it is friendly to the environment.

Traditional lubricating oil requires regular replacement and disposal of waste lubricating oil, which not only increases production costs, but also places an additional burden on the environment. The oil-free water-lubricated air compressor does not need to replace the lubricating oil regularly, which reduces maintenance costs and the trouble of lubricating oil disposal, and reduces the impact on the environment.

In addition, oil-free water-lubricated air compressors also play an important role in improving industrial production efficiency.

Water film lubrication technology can reduce the wear of mechanical parts, prolong the service life and improve the efficiency of air compressors. This means less frequent maintenance and replacement of production equipment, less resource consumption and less waste.

Sustainable development:rotary air compressor

Choosing an oil-free water-lubricated air compressor is one of our joint actions to protect the environment.

By reducing the use and emissions of lubricants, reducing energy consumption, and reducing waste generation, we can reduce the pressure on the environment and promote sustainable development. Oil-free water-lubricated air compressors not only play an important role in industrial production, but also become one of the key technologies for environmental protection and sustainable development.


In the future development, we should actively advocate and promote the application of oil-free water-lubricated air compressors, and encourage enterprises and individuals to choose

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