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Cost saving case of screw air compressor in laser cutting machine industry

laser cutter air compressor

One example where screw air compressors can save costs in the laser cutting machine industry is by replacing traditional piston compressors with efficient screw air compressors.


In the laser cutting machine industry, compressed air is needed to drive the cutting head and cooling system of the laser cutting machine. Traditional piston compressors in this application tend to generate high energy consumption and noise, and require frequent maintenance and replacement parts. In contrast, screw air compressors can operate at higher efficiency, reduce energy consumption and noise, and have a longer service life and less maintenance requirements.


For example, a manufacturer of laser cutting machines would spend about $10,000 per year on maintenance and replacement parts when using traditional piston compressors. However, when they use screw air compressors, the cost of maintenance and replacement parts drops to almost zero, saving nearly $9,000 in annual costs.


In addition, screw air compressors can also reduce energy consumption by achieving higher energy efficiency. For example, a manufacturer of laser cutting machines used a traditional piston compressor with an annual energy consumption of around US$40,000, but when they switched to a screw air compressor, the energy consumption was reduced to around US$30,000, saving about US$10,000 per year Energy costs in dollars.


Therefore, the application of screw air compressors in the laser cutting machine industry can significantly reduce costs and energy consumption, and improve production efficiency and reliability.


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