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How stable is the operation of an oil-free scroll air compressor?

sollant oilless scroll air compressor


Compared with traditional oil-lubricated compressors, oil-free scroll air compressors provide higher operating reliability and stability. Oil-free scroll air compressor uses advanced scroll technology to realize the compression process. Its working principle is relatively simple and its structure is compact. In an oil-free scroll air compressor, there is no lubricating oil, so maintenance and operation of the lubrication system are not required. This feature allows the oil-free scroll air compressor to maintain stable operation for a longer period of time, reducing the risk of failure and repair.

sollant oil free scroll air compressor

In addition, since there is no use of lubricating oil, the oil-free scroll air compressor can avoid component wear and failure caused by lubricating oil contamination. During the use of traditional oil-lubricated compressors, due to the aging and contamination of the lubricating oil, it is easy to cause problems such as increased friction of components and reduced sealing performance, thus reducing operational stability. The oil-free scroll air compressor gets rid of this problem and can maintain stable performance during long-term operation.

sollant oil free scroll compressor sollant oil free compressor

In addition, oil-free scroll air compressors also feature low noise, low vibration and high efficiency. These properties make them widely used in industrial production environments. By reducing the vibration and noise of the machine itself, oil-free scroll air compressors create a quieter and more comfortable working environment for workers, while also reducing the load on surrounding equipment and structures, helping to improve overall production efficiency and quality.

sollant oilless scroll compressor

However, although the operating stability of oil-free scroll air compressors is relatively high, it also has some limitations. For certain process and application needs, oil lubricated compressors may be required. Therefore, when selecting a compressor, comprehensive considerations should be made based on specific needs and application scenarios.

sollant oil free air compressor

To sum up, the oil-free scroll air compressor has high operating stability due to its unique design and working principle. By getting rid of the use and maintenance of lubricants, the risk of breakdown and repair is reduced, and it provides low noise, low vibration and high efficiency. However, when selecting a compressor, a comprehensive evaluation should be conducted based on specific needs to ensure the most suitable compressor type is selected.


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