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7 reasons are reducing the service life of your air compressor

7 reasons are reducing the service life of your air compressor

Lubricating oil is the “blood” flowing in the air compressor. It is very important to the normal operation of air compressor. And here, 50% of air compressor faults are caused by air compressor lubricating oil.

If the coking of the air compressor lubricating oil is not handled in time, it will cause serious carbon deposition, main engine jams, and explosion, etc.

What are reducing the service life of your air compressor?

× In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use cheap and inferior fake lubricants.
× Use old and new oils together without changing the lubricant for a long time.
× Professional lubricating oil of screw air compressor is not used.
×Long time (18-24 hours) high temperature operation, poor working environment, air-cooler blocked.
× Poor quality air filter, which can’t effectively prevent oil polluted by dust.
× Poor quality oil filter, which can’t effectively prevented sundries entering the oil.
× Poor quality oil separation core, which cause oil consumption fast and high working temperature.

√Using lubricating oil according to the air compressor regulations
√Purchasing high quality air compressor parts
√ Emptying the old oil before changing the lubricating oil.

Must note: If coking occurs, thoroughly clean the oil-way inside the air compressor.

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