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Booster Air Compressor

for PET Blow Moulding Machines

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Sollant is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise integrating design, R&D, manufacturing and sales. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing all kinds of PET bottle blowing oil-free air compressors and medium and high pressure air compressors. Relying on strong scientific research technology, professional research, development and manufacture of air compressors, various production air supply solutions are provided for enterprises, which saves production costs and has gained a good reputation in the PET industry.

The company's products have the advantages of beautiful appearance, compact structure, low noise, small vibration, no need for installation foundation, etc., and the quality is stable and reliable. Widely used in: hydropower, PET bottle blowing, leak detection, laser cutting, military industry and other fields.

High and Low-Pressure Air Source Purification System





Description of Features and Advantages

  • The air valve is the heart of the air compressor. The air valve adopts SOLLANT patent combined air valve. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and long life, and the warranty is 2 years.
  • The shock-resistant pressure gauge and safety valve device are equipped between the unit stages, which can be automatically discharged in case of overpressure to ensure safety.
  • The control method of the unit to ensure no-load zero-pressure start: the suction port is equipped with a diaphragm valve, the suction port is closed within a few seconds when starting, and the sewage discharge and exhaust valves are all opened when starting/stopping to ensure that the internal pressure is zero and the motor Will not start under load.
  • The big and small ends of the connecting rod of the main engine adopt special bearings, which have super strong load capacity, low friction power consumption, and long service life.
  • The unit adopts an air-cooled cooling system, equipped with high-efficiency intermediate and after coolers. The whole machine has a compact structure, low speed, and stable performance.
  • The oil level of the main engine is equipped with a low oil level switch protection system, which detects the oil level in time, and stops immediately for protection in case of an oil shortage.
  • Automatic control of unit pressure: when the air supply pressure is lower than the set value, the unit starts automatically; when the air supply pressure reaches the set value, the unit automatically stops. When ensuring the user’s gas supply, energy consumption is reduced.
  • The unit adopts a modular design, which is convenient to form multiple units, which doubles the gas production and is convenient for users to choose from.

Permanent Magnet Inverter Screw Turbocharger 12 m3.min/4.0 Mpa System

1. Permanent-magnet variable-frequency screw air compressor

2. Skid-mounted low-pressure purification system

3. Supercharged air compressor

4. Skid-mounted medium-pressure purification system

Permanent magnet inverter screw turbocharger

Configure purification equipment according to the quality requirements of low-pressure and medium-pressure finished compressed air

System configuration chart of natural suction compressor (12m3.min/4.0Mpa)

system configuration chart of natural suction compressor

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Oil Free Booster Compressor for PET Bottle Blowing

In our life, bottled water, various beverages, cooking oil, condiments, etc. can be seen everywhere. Many of these products are packaged in PET plastic bottles. How do these bottles come from? The answer is the PET bottle blowing system.

In the PET bottle production process, in addition to the blow molding machine, it is also necessary to use PET medium and high pressure oil-free air compressors for blow molding. Now, SOLLANT, a professional PET air compressor manufacturer, will tell you how to choose a PET air compressor that suits you.

In the bottle blowing industry, it is mainly used as the main body of the air source device of the bottle blowing machine. It is a device that converts mechanical energy into air pressure energy. The PET compressor is the core and main auxiliary equipment of the bottle blowing machine. So how to choose the air compressor is the most suitable?

First, the gas consumption and pressure must be determined according to the output of the blow molding machine and the process of the bottle, and a certain margin should be properly reserved. The power of the supporting air compressor is different, and the gas production and pressure will also be different. Usually, the greater the exhaust pressure of the air compressor, the greater its energy consumption. When the user is purchasing, the sum of the operating pressure of the machine, the pipeline resistance and the pressure drop of the supporting equipment should be taken as the minimum value of the purchase. pressure standard.

When choosing an air compressor, try to choose one that matches the pressure of your own equipment. When the demand for the exhaust volume of the air compressor equipment is too large during operation, it will cause energy waste and increase the energy consumption of the machine. Of course, SOLLANT has perfectly solved the problem of power waste caused by excessive flow through frequency conversion technology.

Second, the selection of the supporting air compressor for the bottle blowing machine should meet the different requirements for the compressed air pressure of each process equipment in the bottle blowing production. At the same time, compressed air quality is also very important. Compressed air quality directly affects product quality.

When choosing a special supporting air compressor for a bottle blowing machine, you should choose a brand suitable for the company’s production according to the characteristics and requirements of the air compressor. The water-cooled reciprocating piston oil-free air compressor complies with the ISO8573-1 oil-free standard, so currently the world’s major PET bottle blowing factories use this type of compressor as the main machine for their own bottle blowing machines.

The blow molding machine is equipped with a water-cooled reciprocating piston oil-free air compressor with large gas output, high efficiency, oil-free compressed gas output, high gas stability, and low failure rate. The parts are made of high-temperature wear-resistant materials, with long service life and continuous 24-hour high-speed operation. The main engine of the motor adopts an air-cooling system to reduce energy loss, less wear and tear, and easy maintenance.