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High CFM Air Compressor

High CFM Air Compressor

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High CFM Air Compressor
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CFM is a vital spec in sizing any air compressor or accompanying air tool. CFM stands for "cubic feet per minute" and essentially measures the amount of air the unit can expend within one minute. Depending on how many tools and which types you plan to use, knowing your compressor's CFM and sizing accessories accordingly will help you get the job done.

Compressors with higher cfm ratings provide more air, which makes them more practical for larger jobs. In many industrial sites, you need to choose a high cfm air compressor, such as metallurgy, steel, mining and other working environments

Sollant adopt high quality compressor parts, the production concept focuses on high efference and is committed to perfecting and improving the technological process in order to get the core technology of super frequency energy-saving, achieving the characteristics of mute, durability, power saving and safety.

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High CFM air compressor

We are able to provide great value to our customers at a competitive price point without sacrificing any of the key functions of the high-cfm air compressor. Our high cfm air compressor system is simple to install, operate, and maintain. By eliminating many of the complexities from the operation of our compressors, we enable you to get the job done and move on.

If you are looking for a high cfm air compressor, you've come to the right place. Sollant high cfm air compressor is the best choice for you. Sollant are here to help air compressor traders from the globe.

Why Choose Sollant
High Pressure Air

Sollant has its own unique design concept and better quality assurance.

  • Its system has the design advantage of high pressure.
  • Low cost but high quality with long service life.
  • They are easier to maintain and repair.
  • Lower noise of high pressure air compressor operation.
  • Few parts, easy assembly for clients.
  • Sollant’s high pressure air compressor does not leak oil.

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High CFM Air Compressor

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High CFM Air Compressor

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High CFM Air Compressor

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High Cfm Air Compressor

High CFM Air Compressor

An air compressor is one of the great inventions of all time. It eases your work because most of them do various tasks in an industry at work. They take a few minutes to complete work that would you hours or even days when done manually. This machine does work perfectly, but it has to match your application needs. In industrial settings, a lot of compressed air is needed, and only a high cfm air compressor can provide such.

What is CFM?

CFM refers to the speed of air that goes into the air compressor. It is an essential spec that you must consider when buying an air compressor. It means cubic feet per minute and measures the air amount expended within a minute. You select the perfect CFM depending on the number of pneumatic tools you need to get your work done.

A high cfm air compressor 120v or more is suitable for big jobs. Such systems are used in mining, metallurgy, and most industrial working environments. When shopping for one, it is easy to feel lost, with so many of them available in the market.

Importance of CFM in a Compressor

High CFM Air Compressor

CFM of a compressor is vital, and you should never overlook it. If you buy a machine with less CFm than what you need in your facility, it means your tasks will not be compressed. The best high cfm air compressor more air to run your tools. It comes in handy for large applications.

How to increase cfm on air compressor?

If you made a mistake when buying an air compressor and now you find the CFM is not efficient, you can increase its power by only buying another compressor. It will help boost the capacity and complete the work needed. What you should know is that once you make a mistake when choosing a high cfm air compressor for sale, it’s irreparable. The only solution you have is to buy another air compressor with the correct CFM level.

How to Buy a High Cfm Air Compressor

In the market, there are many high cfm portable air compressor brands with trailblazing features. It is a hard world to navigate, and if not careful, you might end falling for a system with nothing close to what you need. The salespersons’ fancy gimmicks will confuse you more.

If you want to make an excellent purchase, stick to your needs and make sure th machine can meet them. This is the only way you will find a product that suits your industry. This is a significant investment, and you should make a mistake when choosing what to buy. Start with the basics and look for more beyond the CFM. Some of the things you must consider when selecting a high cfm portable air compressor or even a stationary one include:


PSI means pounds per square inch and measures the air pressure amount that a compressor gives out. If you want to run more than one tool in your plant, the PSI has to be high. In most industrial tasks, apart from a high pressure high cfm air compressor, you also need to get a machine with high PSI.

• Understand Your Application Requirements

It is always a good idea to think practically as to why you need to buy a compressor. It will help you buy a system that will meet your needs. So, before you start hunting for the best high cfm air compressor. Here are three questions you must ask yourself:

  1. What do I want to power with the air compressor, are they heavy-duty machinery or pneumatic tools?
  2. How many hours will my compressor be running in a day?
  3. What air receiver capacity do I need?

These are the tip of the iceberg; of course, there is much more to consider. But, these questions will you a clear idea of what you need as an air compressor. But the most crucial point is to understand your industrial needs as it helps determine the air compressor high cfm to purchase.

• Choose the correct size

The size of your compressor is essential. In addition to providing high cfm, it also comes with other essential features. If the air compressor is too small for your application, it will take too much time to provide the required amount of compressed air. Besides, it can overheat and breakdown leading to expensive repairs or part replacements. A machine that is too big becomes a wastage of money and resources.

• Consider work environment

High CFM Air Compressor

Buying an air compressor that suits your work environment is essential. It helps you choose a high cfm air compressor with a drive system that will not fail you. You also choose what to purchase between a gasoline engine and an electric driven motor. Electric motors are advantageous because their maintenance is easy and cheap. However, they can only be used in facilities with electrical power connections. On the other hand, gasoline air compressors come in handy if your work environment requires a high cfm portable air compressor. Though they need extra servicing for proper maintenance, they will help you accomplish your tasks efficiently.

• Consider The Size Of The Air Receiver Tank

The size of your compressor depends on the amount of compressed air needed. If you require a tank that will meet short and quick demand for pressurized air, small size will come in handy. However, for extended use periods and high demand for compressed air, you will need a big tank. Make sure the storage tank matches the size of your compressor.

• Consider the tools used

Identifying all the tools needed for your work helps you know the right high pressure high cfm air compressor for you. It determines the cfm and psi required for your applications to run smoothly.

• HP needed for you work

The hp of an air compressor ensures it can provide enough pressurized air. If you want a high cfm unit, you must also get one with high hp to prevent overheating and short lifespan.

• Consider the control systems

If your work doesn’t require a continuous flow of compressed air, the stop and start control systems are important. If you need between six and eight starts every hour, constant speed control should be efficient. When you have to make a choice between the start and stop to increase Efficiency, a dual control will come in handy and offer constant speed.

• Ideal protection

Whether your unit is a 10 cfm air compressor or more, you should consider protection to extend its life span. It is essential for both outdoor and indoor compressor systems. However, portable high cfm air compressors need extra protection, especially when working outdoors. The best material for such machines is cast-iron and ensures durability and reliability. Harsh weather such as rain and snow can quickly make your air compressor breakdown.

• Other additional features

Depending on the intended application of a high cfm air compressor, you should find the air compressor with features that will increase Efficiency. They include an air storage tank, air dryer, and many others. You can also get protection features for the equipment for extended lifespan and energy efficiency.

• Think About the Future

Consider what you would like to achieve in the future and make an excellent choice. Right now, you may not need compressed air in large amounts. But, if you plan to expand your business, you can get a 185 cfm air compressor for sale. It will come in handy when you finally need large amounts of pressurized air and help you save money in the long run.

• The price

While the price of a compressor is important, you should consider overall features of the unit. Sometimes buying a cheap unit can end up disappointing you. However, you shouldn’t get ripped off for a standard air compressor. Shop wisely and buy from reputable high cfm air compressor manufacturers, and you will not have to worry about exploitation.

How to Increase Efficiency in an air compressor

High CFM Air Compressor

Buying a high cfm air compressor ensures you get the pressurized air required in your business. However, there are some causes of energy waste, including leaked and unused compressed air. Also, heat loss can cause energy wastage through various processes.

This is one of the reasons most investors have to deal with costly power bills, which reduces their profit margins annually. Here are ways you can increase energy efficiency when using a high-pressure, high cfm air compressor.

• Identify causes of energy inefficiencies

The main causes of energy inefficiencies are:

  • Pressure drops
  • Leaks
  • Poor compressor management
  • Over pressurization

• CFM Output Verification

Always verify the output of your air compressor. Some types of compressors, such as reciprocating units, may not offer as high cfm as indicated. This can lead to inaccurate valve adjustment. So, verify the output of cfm before you buy the machine.

• Pressure drops

An efficient high cfm air compressor must always maintain low-pressure drop throughout. However, it should not exceed 15 psi. if you notice pressure drops that go beyond 10%, you should have the unit evaluated and cause of the extreme pressure drop identified.

• Eliminate Leaks

A small leak may look harmless, but in the long run, it becomes costly. Have your air compressor unit checked regularly, and all leaks eliminated immediately. Protect your unit against water and dust as they cause corrosion and eventually lead to leakages. This is not something you can do, so hire an expert to offer professional maintenance. They can detect even the smallest leaks and eliminate them.

• Control airflow

A high pressure high cfm air compressor operates at high pressure to ensure sufficiency during peak demands. It helps compensate for pressure drops, flow fluctuations, and leaks. This is why you need to eliminate leakages and avoid turning up the pressure. Let the unit run within the required pressure without going beyond that. Using a flow controller will ensure the compressed air is stored until when the need arises.

• Use the right air filters

High CFM Air Compressor

The filters of an air compressor will help to increase energy efficiency. With clean and correctly working filters, it means your air compressor will need less power to produce pressurized air. Make sure your 20 cfm air compressor has the right air filter with sufficient capacity.

• Operating temperature optimization

This is essential in a reciprocating cfm air compressor, and you should make sure the cooling water’s temperature is more than 5.5ºC higher than the temperature of the inlet air. It helps prevent condensation in the cooled cylinders. The outlet’s temperature must be less than 49°C.

• Use the right lubricants

Some 6 cfm air compressor owners use the wrong lubricants to save money. However, this is costly as it causes the internal parts to malfunctions. The process of oiling a compressor is sensitive. You should not exceed the amount recommended by the high cfm air compressor manufacturers.

A reciprocating air compressor cannot run without the right lubricant, and you risk destroying your equipment. The bearings and rotors require proper oiling. With the internal parts running smoothly, you will definitely save on energy costs and increase the lifespan of the unit.

• Check the V-Belts

The V-belts should be tight enough to allow proper performance. If the belts are old and frayed, they should be replaced to increase the efficiency of your unit.

• Add an air receiver

An air receiver for your 8 cfm air compressor ensures efficiency of your air compressor and especially with high-peak demands. It is advantageous and guarantees a continuous flow of compressed air regardless of changes in demand


High CFM Air Compressor

There are many things to consider when buying a high cfm air compressor. You should not overlook any of them. They all assist you in acquiring a wise purchase that will not need a replacement for years. However, remember to maintain your unit as recommended by the manufacturer and add any other features that will increase efficiency. Avoid going for cheap and less known high cfm portable air compressor brands. Instead, shop from reputable ones for guaranteed quality.