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Causes of air compressor oil clogging—Shared by Sollant

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“Oil fraction” has many names, such as oil/gas separator, oil fine separator, olein separator, olein separator, oil separator core, and people in the industry generally refer to it as oil fraction for short. Common causes of air compressor oil clogging faults: Air compressor oil clogging faults.

Causes of air compressor oil clogging

The first cause of air compressor oil clogging:

The environment around the air compressor The environment around the air compressor contains corrosive gases. For example, in some occasions, sulfide, thinner, cleaning chemicals, etc. will volatilize in the air. The high temperature of the machine itself accelerates the oxidation of the engine oil.

Once the gas enters the air compressor system and reacts with the engine oil to produce carbon deposits and sludge, some impurities enter the oil circulation system and are blocked by the oil filter, while other impurities follow The oil-gas mixture rises to the oil, and when the gas passes through the oil.

these impurities stay on the oil filter paper, blocking the filter holes, and the resistance of the oil gradually increases, so that the oil needs to be replaced in a relatively short period of time. Air compressor oil clogging fault.


The second reason for the blockage of air compressor oil:

Qualified air filter, oil filter, engine oil are not used, one or more conditions exist

  1. The air filter with poor filtration accuracy will prevent some dust particles in the air from being blocked and directly enter the air compressor system. The load on the oil filter and oil component will increase, resulting in premature blockage of the oil filter and oil component.
  2. Impurities, oil oxides, worn metal particles, etc. entering the air compressor system are blocked on the filter layer of the oil filter due to the poor filtration accuracy of the oil filter, and the other part of the impurities has been circulating in the machine until it reaches the oil level. After separation Stuck in the filter layer of the oil, causing the oil to be blocked prematurely. There are also defective oil filters that have been used for dozens of hours, the bypass valve is opened, and the oil is not filtered in the circulation system.
  3. Engine oil with poor oxidation resistance should not be used. Even if the working time is short, carbon deposits and cavities will be generated to block the oil.

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The third reason for the blockage of air compressor oil:

There is a leak on the pipeline between the air filter and the air inlet of the main engine:

  1. There is a problem with the sealing of the contact surface between the air filter and the air filter assembly. There are several reasons:

  1. The air filter is not installed properly (the size is wrong).
  2.  The contact surface of the air filter assembly is uneven (the air filter assembly is deformed).
  3.  Dirt adheres to the contact surface between the air filter and the assembly, causing leakage. (4) The elastic contact pad on the surface of the air filter is placed crookedly. (5) The air filter or air filter assembly is broken.

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  1. There is leakage in the middle of the intake hose: (1) The intake hose is aged and broken. (2) The intake hose is not installed properly.

  2. Leakage at the joint seal between the intake valve and the engine head may be due to damage to the gasket or misalignment. Causes of air compressor oil clogging failure Four: Too much water on the oil filter material causes the filter material to swell and shrink, reducing the effective separation area of the oil, resulting in an increase in the resistance of the oil and early clogging of the oil.

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  1. The minimum pressure valve leaks. When the machine is shut down, the external airflow returns to the oil along with the leak of the minimum pressure valve. Because the air pressure and temperature drop at the same time, the gas condenses into water droplets, and the water droplets enter the oil to cause the filter material to absorb water and swell.
  2.  The air consumption of the user is small, the load time of the air compressor is short, and most of the time is in the no-load state. When the air compressor is no-load, the water cannot be discharged in time, and the water stays in the oil filter material.
  3. The machine operates at a temperature lower than 75°C for a long time, so that the moisture in the inhaled air cannot be discharged and stays in the oil filter material for a long time. Above we have listed four common causes of air compressor oil clogging failures, hoping to help the majority of air compressor users.

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