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Application of screw air compressor in cooling system of laser cutting machine.

integrated air compressor

The application of the screw air compressor in the cooling system of the laser cutting machine is mainly to provide cooling water for the laser. The laser will generate a lot of heat during the working process, if it is not cooled in time, the performance of the laser will be reduced or even damaged. Therefore, the laser needs a cooling system to maintain its stable operating temperature.

integrated air compressor

The compressed air provided by the screw air compressor can drive the cooling water circulation, so that the cooling water flows continuously, thereby effectively absorbing and diffusing the heat generated by the laser. In the cooling system of the laser cutting machine, the screw air compressor is generally used as the main driving force source of the cooling system to provide stable cooling water flow and pressure for the laser.

integrated air compressor

At the same time, the screw air compressor can also be used in conjunction with other equipment and systems, such as cooling towers, cooling water pumps, etc. Through the cooperation of these devices and systems, an efficient and stable laser cutting machine cooling system can be constructed to ensure that the laser maintains a stable temperature and performance during long-term work.


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