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Analysis of common causes of air compressor overload shutdown?


Reasons for overload shutdown:


  1. Loose wiring: Check the input air compressor power cord for heat and burn marks. Mainly check the three-phase incoming line and the motor incoming line. If it is loose or short circuited, connect it from the beginning.


  1. The voltage is too low: the rated operating voltage of the air compressor is generally 380V, which is allowed to fluctuate by about 5%. The voltage of the machine during normal operation is 400V when the equipment is not opened due to the relatively small transformer in some construction sites, but the voltage drops to 350V when the equipment is opened, and the voltage is only 360V during normal operation, so short-term use is not a big problem. If it is used for a long time, it will cause great damage to the electrical system.


  1. Blockage of the oil-fine separator: the oil core is blocked, the internal pressure is high, the load is impacted, the current is large, and it will be overloaded. The new ones will be blocked soon, the site environment is dirty, and the impurities in the oil and gas barrels are easy to block the oil, and the oil quality is also very important.


  1. The pressure of the unit exceeds the rated pressure: for example, if the actual pressure reaches 0.75mpa for a 0.7MPa machine, it will be easily overloaded. The pressure cannot be overloaded, the safety cannot be guaranteed, the equipment’s pressure resistance is not enough, and the service life will be shortened. How much do we need to buy? We should pursue high cost performance, not price.


  1. Contactor failure: The internal contacts of the contactor are aging, the suction is poor, the contact surface is small, and the current is large.


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