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Analysis of the reasons for installing a fine filter in a screw air compressor

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The air compressor relies on compressed air to provide power for the production of the enterprise. Since the compressed air contains a large amount of water, oil, dust and other pollutants, it will cause damage to the equipment and affect the reliability of the equipment. Therefore, when using an air compressor, it is often equipped with a precision filter. The main function of the precision filter is to filter the pollutants in the compressed air so that the compressed gas can meet the production requirements of the enterprise.


Places that are easily overlooked when installing precision filters:


  1. If there are multiple precision filters in the compressed air system, the coarser filter should be installed near the air source side, and the higher precision filter should be installed on the air side, that is, “coarse first and then fine”;


  1. Pay attention to the direction when installing, and determine the air inlet and outlet positions according to the direction indicated by the arrow on the shell, so as to ensure that the inlet and outlet directions of the installed filter are determined;


  1. The installation of the filter should be kept at a high level to facilitate the replacement of the filter element in the future;


  1. The pipeline filter should be installed vertically on the ground, and the bottom should have sufficient drainage height;


  1. There should be no high-temperature heat sources and toxic and corrosive gases near the environment where the filter is used;


  1. The filter housing is a pressurized container. Avoid knocking and collision during installation, and the sealing connection must be reliable to prevent gas leakage;


  1. There should be a cut-off valve and a bypass valve in the air inlet and outlet pipes of the filter to facilitate maintenance and filter replacement;


In cold weather, drain the fluid in the housing before using the filter.


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