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When choosing an air compressor, air quality is also important

Twin Screw air compressor


In the production process of many fields such as medicine, food and beverage industries, compressed air will come into direct contact with food and medicine. Generally, the oil-injected screw air compressors used in the market only perform simple post-processing on the compressed air. If such low-quality air comes into contact with food and medicine, it may cause harm to the human body. Therefore, when choosing an air compressor, the air quality Also very important.


1.Compressed air standards


my country’s current compressed air purity level follows the ISO8573-1 standard. At present, no matter what form of compression method is used, the final monitoring items are only three major indicators: particle size (cleanliness), moisture (dew point), and oil vapor (residual oil content).


Residual oil content regulations: compressed air grade level one (ENISO8573-1) requirements: ≤0.01mg/Nm³; medical applications (EAB407/1238): ≤0.1mg/Nm³; respiratory equipment (EN12021): ≤0.5mg/Nm³.


The significance of measuring dew point is in some plastic assistants and blow molding, high-voltage switchgear and transformers, painting processes, bottling, medical gases, and pipeline drying industries. If there is too much moisture in the gas or compressed air, it will affect the quality of the product. affect. This moisture causes corrosion of pipelines, shortens the life of pneumatic components, malfunctions of some pneumatic actuators, contaminates the entire compressed air life support system, and even causes the entire production line to shut down.


The significance of measuring the size of particles is that during the interference fit of mechanical products, the assembly process of pneumatic bearings, and the operation process, small particles will cause product scrapping and production line shutdown.


  1. Air compressor quality


During the design and installation process of a qualified air compression system, the impact of the quality and purity of compressed air on its own production line needs to be taken into consideration, and appropriate post-processing equipment must be installed, including cold dryers, suction dryers, and precision filtration. To improve the quality and purity of compressed air. And during acceptance, it can be measured and analyzed with certain instruments and meters, and compared with relevant standards and testing specifications to check whether it is qualified.


  1. Air compressor maintenance


However, after the compressed air has been operated for a period of time or after a long period of operation, the parts of the air compressor will be lost and the performance will be reduced. Therefore, in order to ensure that the air compressor always produces qualified clean gas, you need to pay attention during use. Carry out regular maintenance on the air compressor, and overhaul the main engine after running for a long time.


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