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The advantages of Sollant's 30 hp rotary screw air compressor

We hope to let you know our advantages and win-win cooperation in the least time.

  • Safe and Convenient
  • Functions at extreme weather conditions
  • They are designed to run tools that generate more power than
    typical equipment
  • They are easier to maintain
  • 30 hp rotary screw air compressors are good energy conservers
  • They consume less oil than other oil-flooded air compressors

Sollant 30 hp rotary screw air compressor’s pressure is adjustable, We can set the pressure according to your requirements(7-12bar), It’s motor safety grade reached IP23/55 and. It weighs only 465 kg with 1300mm length * 850mm width * 1100mm height. If you use it in the factory, we can also add air compressor frequency converter for your air compressor. We can help you save 30-40% of your electricity costs.

30 hp rotary screw air compressor

Sollant 30 hp rotary screw air compressor’s pressure is adjustable, We can set the pressure according to your requirements(7-12bar), It’s motor safety grade reached IP23/55 and. It weighs only 465 kg with 1300mm length * 850mm width * 1100mm height. If you use it in the factory, we can also add air compressor frequency converter for your air compressor. We can help you save 30-40% of your electricity costs.

If you want to be more competitive in your air compressor market, it is a very good opportunity with 30 hp rotary screw air compressor.

We are committed to using the best accessories to produce the best quality air compressors.
This is the advantage of air compressor parts:

1.The air-end adopts the international top-level third-generation asymmetric wire twin-screw air end, adheres to the exquisite manufacturing process adopts the peak high efficiency low-pressure, high-efficiency tooth shape, and the axial air inlet design.

2.The fan uses a large fan design to effectively enhance the fan’s heat dissipation effect. The motor adopts a special internal design to adapt to harsh working conditions.

3.The heat exchanger uses high-quality raw materials and a unique internal channel design, which increases the heat exchange area and can effectively dissipate heat for the air compressor.

4.Adopting the world-famous brand air intake valve, it can automatically adjust its volume by 0-100% according to the requirement of the system air quantity. It promises small pressure loss, stable action, and long life consequently reduced operating costs.

screw air compressor
air compressor parts
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In February 2017, India's regular customers come to visit Sollant screw air compressor company, we provide him with a complete agency plan.

Sollant in Action

In September 2018, we got the screw air compressor project of a local government in Turkey. We sent 4 Sollant engineers to help the Turkish government install the air compressor unit.

Sollant in Action

In September 2019, a large air compressor distributor from India came to Sollant screw air company and signed a 2-year supply and marketing contract.

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30 Hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor
Buying Guide


Overview of 30 Hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor Buying Guide

Almost every company needs an air compressor, especially those in the manufacturing industry. While most investors are aware of the need to buy one, they just do not know which one to settle for. A 30 hp rotary screw air compressor is one of the best choices you will find in the market. However, you may wonder, why buy a rotary screw and not a reciprocating air compressor.

These two types of compressors have several things in common, but they also have diverse differences. About 40% of the stationary air compressors in use are rotary screw units.

Reciprocating makes up to 21% of the market share. But, while the screw air compressor 30 hp is gaining popularity, the reciprocating units with between 100 and 150 PSIG are losing appeal.

• Over 30 hp

A rotary screw air compressor meets almost all the needs of application that require over 30 hp. They are efficient and require minimal maintenance. While you may have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for the 30 hp screw air compressor price, it helps you make more money with its durability and low-cost maintenance.

• Below 30 hp

A rotary screw air compressor below 30 hp is becoming popular because they also provide reasonably quality compressed air. Most people buy between 10 and 30 hp because they come as complete packages. This means they have a dryer, cooler, and sometimes a receiver tank.

You can also buy small rotary screw compressors as low as 5 hp. The best thing is that they operate at lower temperatures compared to reciprocating units. The screw machines are made to offer a 100% duty cycle regardless of their size.

 Rotary Screw vs. Reciprocating Air Compressors

Air compressors have evolved over the years for both domestic and commercial tools. If you want to buy an air compressor today, you will be spoilt for choice. There are two main categories of compressors, namely the rotary screw and reciprocating compressors. For you to make an informed decision, you should understand the features of both machines.

• The Difference
The main difference is the features that enable these compressors to create air pressure. The reciprocating type uses pistons while the rotary screw use rollers. Here are a few more differences between these two types of compressors.

• Pistons
The reciprocating compressors have a piston in the gas chambers. The piston moves to the cylinder’s base to create space for air to get into the gas cylinder, then the piston moves upwards and creates gas pressure that opens the gas cylinder. The piston creates air pressure by moving away from the vent then back again.

• Rollers
The 30 hp screw air compressor uses rollers. These rollers are in the middle of the cylinder in a shaft and revolve very fast, creating air pressure. One end of the shaft allows air in, and after going through the whirling rollers, the air supplied out is at high pressure.

30 hp screw compressor
Images Source: Sollant 30 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor

• Power Efficiency

Rotary screw compressors are widely taken up with a larger market share of about 40%, and the 30 hp rotary screw electric compressor takes up 20%. The rest of the users go for electronic gadgets. Rotary screw compressors are robust and inexpensive to maintain.

Many industrial investors go for the rotary screw because it can supply the high demand for the air needed for busy factories. The technology used in a 30 hp rotary screw air compressor has developed over time, making these compressors more efficient and reliable.

Plants owners go for energy-efficient options, which has made rotary screw compressors very popular. Reciprocating compressors are expensive to buy and take time to give back substantial returns on investments. Rotary screw compressor lasts for a long time with little spare part replacement.


Industrial machines require mechanical servicing from time to time. Air compressors have to be serviced and checked for any faulty parts and have them replaced on time. A 30 hp rotary screw electric compressor is less expensive in maintenance compared to the reciprocating compressors.

The latter requires frequent servicing and demands more regular part replacement, which is costly in addition to a high risk for sudden downtime. A rotary compressor needs new spare parts after more than a decade, which gives you time to recover initial costs, and you can save up for any mechanical needs for the machine.

Oil Compressors vs. Oil-Free

dry oil free air compressor

Reciprocating compressors are either oil-free or oil models. The oil compressors have to be lubricated regularly to prevent mechanical problems. The oil-free screw air compressor 30 hp comes with the rings already lubricated and this type is more durable as well as low maintenance.

The non-lubricated ones are ideal because the gas does not have traces of oil, which is not suitable for specific processes. However, lubricated compressors are expensive, initially but they last for a longer time and rarely have a mechanical problem.

Air-Cooled Units

Air-cooled units have been accessible for many years because they can be used in any environment, especially where other sources of power are unavailable or can cause substantial risk. They are quite powerful and provide pressure exceeding 175 psig. Both reciprocating and rotary screws have models that you can use if your tools require low horsepower.

How do you choose between a rotary screw and reciprocating compressors?

This is the most critical decision in our buying process. You must have enough reasons to choose one type over the other. Your application needs for a compressor must also be fully provided. Reciprocating compressors are highly recommended for tools that do not require high pressure.

They are most useful in domestic settings for simple projects, construction activities, or even a small workshop. A reciprocating compressor is a right option if you are purchasing a tool that is rarely used.

These compressors can be unused for long periods, but when you pick them for a task, they will function well. On the other hand, rotary compressors must be used continuously because long periods of downtime make the malfunction.

If you are running a busy plant that requires a constant air supply, then a rotary screw air compressor 30 hp with dryers is the ideal one to buy. These compressors are made for high performance and can operate for many hours without breaking down. They also last for a long time, do need spare parts frequently, and are energy efficient.

When compared to rotary screw compressors, the reciprocating compressors are expensive to install in your plant because they have to be placed on a strong foundation.

You also need space in your plant to accommodate the reciprocating compressor. But the rotary screw compressors are easy expensive to buy, though quite powerful, and are an excellent choice for industrial processes.

Key Reasons To Use A Rotary Screw Air Compressor

30 hp screw compressor

Air compressors are needed in factories to run or carry out simple tasks such as drilling. One of the common units is the screw air compressor, which is versatile and can be used in any environment, and does not have to be powered by electricity. You can use air compressed machines for any task.

Here are key reasons that will convince you that a 30 hp rotary screw air compressor is than other options.

• Fast And Completes Task Quickly

Screw air compressors are light, easily portable, and less complicated because they come with minimal internal components. They get your work done quickly thanks to their 100% duty cycle that runs for hours without overheating. This ensures your business runs smoothly with a lot of mental stress for you while saving your money and time.

• Cost-Effective

Most commercial investors buy screw air compressor 30 hp because they are looking for durability. The upfront cost of these units is high compared to reciprocating air compressors. However, you get increased capabilities, the ability to work for long, and reliable technology design.

• Runs quietly

If you want to buy an air compressor that will not subject employees and customers to uncomfortable loud noise, a 30 hp rotary screw air compressor will come in handy. These machines have lower noise compared to other types. You can buy one and use it in workspaces without incurring any extra costs of purchasing hearing protection.

30 hp screw compressor
Image source: Wikipedia Rotary-Screw Compressor Definition.

• Durable And Will Last For Years

A 30 hp rotary screw air compressor provides clean air and works more efficiently. This means you do not have to spend much to replace filters. They can run up to 2,000 hours, but with proper maintenance. If you want your screw air compressor to last for years, ensure regular servicing.

How to Buy the Right Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Buying an air compressor is quite a significant investment, and you, therefore, need to get the best and most suitable for your application. You have to be to consider your needs before you decide what to settle for. You can ask for referrals from your friends, or do your research on the best 30 hp screw air compressor for sale.

Information is readily available online today. The market is full of various air compressor brands that have hundreds of models. The selection is too broad. However, do not shop blindly. Here are some tips that will come in handy when buying a screw air compressor 30 hp.

What Need are you fulfilling?
sollant screw air compressor

Rotary screw tools are used for various tasks from drilling, painting cutting grass, and many more. When buying one, the actual use will be the critical determinant of what you pick. Here are more points to help evaluate the use of the machine before selecting the best 30 hp screw air compressor to buy.

• Portability

It would help if you considered the user routine of the machine. If you are using it alone or moving with it from one place to another, you go for a tool that can be operated by a single person.

Most construction jobs require you to move from one place to another. A portable screw air compressor 30 hp is ideal it will not offer you the power needed, but can also be moved using a truck. Here are various categories of compressors classified according to portability or immobility.

i. Immobile Compressors – Single-stage

It would be best if you considered the requirements of your plant. The single-stage compressors are the best option for small factories tight with space but are easy to maintain. In most cases, commercial air compressors have to be stationary so that they are well set up for the mechanical process.

ii. Industrial Needs – Two-stage

The two-stage compressors are mostly used in industries and motor shops. They are quite powerful but permanent set up.

• Air requirement

The air requirement is determined by the types of tools that you will be using. The air provided by the compressor is measured using cubic feet minute (cfm). To calculate the air pressure volume of a rotary screw air compressor 30 hp with a dryer, you get the tool with the highest cfm and multiply it by 1.5. The product of these two numbers will guide you to pick a compressor that can power more top cfm tools.

• How frequent the tool is used

Some tools are rarely used, while others are used daily. For industrial machines that have to be used for many hours, you should go for high-performance compressors such as single-stage and two-stage. The best 30 hp screw air compressor is an excellent option for commercial activities as it can run for hours without overheating.

• Expansion plan
As you buy a compressor, you should think about the growth and future needs of the factory. Projection of power needs in a few years can save you money if you buy a higher capacity compressor instead of purchasing one later. Research and get to know the best 30 hp screw air compressor manufacturer. Buy a trusted brand for excellent results.

In conclusion
If your planning to purchase a 30 hp rotary screw air compressor, never forget to do your due diligence. Remember, your decision must be backed up by the reason why you need such a machine. If the output ability of the machine meets your workload, then it’s a green light; that’s the air compressor to buy.