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Air compressors can work long and hard depending on your environment, so it’s important to keep the internal workings of your air supply system well maintained to benefit your business productivity and profits.

Every air compressor part has a specific function. If those parts aren’t maintained properly, it can affect air supply, energy consumption, and the frequency of service. The high-quality air compressor parts can extend the service life of the air compressor.Sollant uses the best quality compressor parts to produce the most efficient, energy-saving air compressor.

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Purchasing Original
Sollant air compressor parts

Sollant provides you with perfect business support. Any air compressor part of the main unit or accessories of the air compressor is damaged during transportation. Sollant will mail a new for free to customers within 2 days.

Using the original Sollant products, the warranty of the machine is extended to 18 months

Why Choose Sollant Air Compressor Air Parts?

Sollant has its own unique design concept and better quality assurance.

  • It adopts high-density filter material, and the surface is treated by nano-plating.
  • The filter element has a uniform aperture, small filter resistance.
  • The material has high cleanliness.
  • Chemical solvents such as acid and alkali resistance.
  • High strength, high-temperature resistance, and not easy to deform.

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Air Compressor Parts
Buying Guide

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An air compressor is not a single homogenous unit. Instead, it comprises of different parts. These perform different functions to ensure that the ultimate goal of an air compressor is met, which is to compress a stream of air.
Just like any other mechanical device, an air compressor has several moving parts. This means that the parts are subjected to different forces including wear and tear.

So, you will occasionally have to do parts replacement. That is if you want your air compressor to perform at an optimum level.
Usually, air compressor manufacturers also tend to supply the parts of the air compressor.

Know your Air
Compressor Type

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Image of Sollant rotary screw air compressor

What type of air compressor do you have?

This is the first question that you should ask before buying its parts.

It is you either have a reciprocating air compressor or a rotary screw air compressor.

Although these two types of air compressors may be used for the same function, they tend to have a different working mechanism.

This directly means that their components are also different.

Generally, rotary screw air compressors seem to dominate the market due to their high levels of efficiency.

They also tend to deliver a stellar performance.

Understanding How a Rotary
Screw Air Compressor Works

Rotary Screw Air Compressor

The rotary screw air compressor has proven to be a perfect answer for most modern applications where there is a consistent demand for pressurized air. They are viewed as vitality effective, calmer, and can withstand the most demanding conditions.

Of course, this happens when they are serviced and maintained appropriately.

And one key aspect of maintenance is buying the best rotary screw air compressor parts.

The main functional unit of this air compressor are rotating screw machines are intended to run continuously and produce a lot of compressed air.

The name of this air compressor originates from the two counter-pivoting screws that are the main sources of the pressure.

Here is an elaborate procedure of the working mechanism of the rotating screw air compressor system:

Outside air is attracted and goes through the channel air filter to get particles and garbage noticeable all around that would make harm the inner components of the compressor.

The air at that point enters through a valve and into the little spaces between the interlocking screws, which turn and move the air through the pressure chamber.

In oil-injected air compressors, oil is additionally infused into the rotors and moves alongside the air to the air/oil separator tank where the separation happens through a channel; the oil leaves the tank to be reused all the while.

The air goes out through a cooler to bring the temperature down to 12 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit over the surrounding temperature before leaving the compressor to be utilized to perform work.

This procedure creates a constant flow of compressed air and is helpful for some applications that require high volumes of the compressed air.

What Are the Parts of
Air Compressors

Air Compressor Parts

Parts of  air compressor Indiamart

When you have an air compressor, it is important to know the exact parts that you need to buy.

Just knowing the parts is not enough, you should go ahead t6o know the exact role that they play in the air compressor system.

To help you decide, here is a breakdown of the main parts and what they do;


High-grade bearings guarantee a long working life for the most demanding operations of an air compressor.

Quality industrial bearings will give you the ultimate peace of mind as your air compressor will perform at optimum levels without straining.

The effectiveness of the air compressor bearings is reliant on the best lubrication that you use.


The main function of the actuator is to create a rotary linear movement which is responsible for outputting the compressed air to their relevant areas of applications.

Any holes or different inadequacies noticeable all-around development coming into the actuator will bring about a reduction of the air pressure that you will get from the air compressor.

Little particles that have discovered their way into the air will cause blockages in the actuator and other different parts of your air compressor.


The belt in an air compressor connects the motor to the pump. Once the motor turn, the belt will also turn hence activating the pump to start pumping the compressed air.

Technically, it is advisable to check the belts after every 40 hours of operation.

Ensure that it is fitted properly.

The belt of an air compressor should always be of high quality.


The primary role of valves in an air compressor is to permit air in and out.

Apart from controlling the airflow, valves help to keep out water.

Valves are a fundamental part that requires regular inspection during your interim checks and customary adjusting.

You should buy quality air compressor valves that are built for versatility and long life. They should work with the highest levels of efficiency and productivity.


These are basically valve guards that surround the valves to provide added protection from coincidental contact. You should always replace this protective part when necessary so as to forestall the more costly replacement of valves.


Rotors consist of two interlocking helical rotors whose primary role is to compress the air stream that is flowing through the inlet valve

Choose quality rotors that are very durable.


Since an air compressor is a mechanical device, the function of the spring is to control several mechanical motions of the compressor.


The function of an electric motor in an air compressor is to run the activity of compacting air. Different compressors require various sizes of motors. The size of the motor is usually denoted by its horsepower(hp).

This means that in case you are planning to replace the motor of your air compressor, you should be sure of the size of the motor that you want to buy.


How can I tell that my air compressor has enough pressure for my application?

This is the function of the air compressor gauges. They give the approximate pressure numbers in terms of the PSI.

You should always check the gauges to ensure that the pressure is as required.

In case the gauge has stopped operating, as usual, you can always replace it with a new one.

-Air compressor dryers

The purpose of an air compressor dryer is to get rid of the moisture content from your air compressor.

There are different types of dryers. Some air compressors have chemical dryers while others depend on desiccant dryers.

All in all, you should always monitor the state of your air compressor dryer and replace it when needed.


The purpose of this air compressor part is to prevent leakage of compressed air from the system.

-Seals and Gaskets

How does an air compressor maintain its pressure throughout the system?

This is the function of gaskets and seals. They ensure that there is no drop of pressure throughout the air compressing unit.

Gaskets and seals are installed on various components of the air compressor unit.

You can bu crankcase gasket, intercooler gasket among others.

-Air/Oil Separator:

This is a filtering part that separates the compressed air from the oil.

It prevents the contamination of the air, especially for sensitive applications.

-Inlet Air Filter

This part is located right at the entrance of the air compressor system.

It prevents solid particles and debris from getting into the system as they can damage delicate air compressor components.

Oil Filter

Air Compressor Parts

Air compressor oil filter source Indiamart

The oil filter is used for retaining the quality of the oil. It ensures that there are no impurities such as solid particles that get into the oil.

The three filters of the air compressor are very sensitive.

You should replace them on a regular basis.

Are Air Compressor Parts Universal?

Air Compressor Parts

There is a popular notion that tends to depict its parts as universal.

By this, we mean that a component of a particular air compressor can easily fit into another compressor.

This is not true. Its parts are not universal.

Instead, the parts are specific to the requirements of a particular air compressor.

Its part can perfectly fit into a particular air compressor and fail to fit onto another.

So, you should be extra vigilant with the specifications of the parts that you are planning to buy.

If you want to get accurate information, contact the air compressor parts manufacturer and seek clarification regarding the specifications of your air compressor component.

When Should I Buy New
Air Compressor Parts?

Probably you know that it is important to buy new air compressor parts to replace the old and faulty ones.

But the question is, when should I buy?

There is no specific time-frame for buying air. Instead, you only need to monitor the state and performance of your air compressor.

Is there a drastic decline in the volume of air that the compressor is delivering?

This is an indicator that the compressor is not pumping enough air. So, one or two components may not be functioning well.

Is there any presence of oil in the compressed air?

This could be an indication of a faulty filter if you are using oil-injected screw compressor.

You need to replace the filter as soon as possible.

This is the same case about the presence of solid particles and debris. The air filter could be having some issues and need to be replaced.

A drop in the level of pressure is also an indication of a faulty parts. You can easily check the gauge to know if the air pressure is lower than usual.

My rotary screw is noisier than before! Is this the case for your air compressor?

Generally, rotary screw air compressors are expected to operate silently. In case your compressor becomes noisy all of a sudden, then this is a clear sign of a problem.

Maybe you need to check some parts and replace them as soon as possible.

It is advisable to replace faulty air compressor parts early enough before the issue escalates into a bigger problem.

For instance, when debris start accumulating due to a faulty filter, solid particles will get into delicate parts of the air compressor.

They will cause more damage and you may be forced to do major replacements.

Buy Air Compressor Parts Online


Aior compressor parts Indiamart

Where to buy the best air compressor parts online?

If you are planning to buy the best parts for your air compressor, you should look for the best brand.

By this, we mean the best air compressor parts manufacturers and suppliers.

They are the only ones who can guarantee you durable air compressor parts that will serve you well.

The good news is you can easily buy the best air compressor parts online. Simply go to the internet and select the manufacturer of the parts.

But before you do that, spare some moment to find out about the manufacturer.

Check out the air compressor parts reviews online. You will find out what other people are thinking about the components.

Choose the air compressor components that have many positive reviews

What about the price of
air compressor parts?

There is no universal price of air compressor parts.

Instead, the price depends on several factors. Among them is the type of air compressor parts that you are buying.

Some parts are expensive than others.

Another factor that determines the price of air compressor parts is the manufacturer and suppliers.

Generally, the price tends to vary among different suppliers.


When in need of air compressor parts, you now know what to do.

I hope that with this guide, you won’t make mistakes with regards to buying air compressor replacement parts.

In case you are not very sure with anything, consult with air compressor experts for advice.