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125hp Screw Air Compressora

We hope to let you know our advantages and win-win cooperation in the least time.

  • Safe and Convenient
  • Functions at extreme weather conditions
  • They are designed to run tools that generate more power than
    typical equipment
  • They are easier to maintain
  • They are good energy conservers
  • They consume less oil than other oil-flooded air compressors

125kw twin-screw rotary air compressor

Sollant industrial 125kw twin-screw rotary air compressor’s pressure is adjustable, We can set the pressure according to your requirements(7-12bar), It’s motor safety grade reached IP23/55 and. It weighs 1325kg with 11250mm length * 1250mm width * 1600mm height. If you use it in the factory, we can also add air compressor frequency converter for your air compressor. We can help you save 30-40% of your electricity costs.

If you want to be more competitive in your air compressor market, it is a very good opportunity with 125kw twin-screw rotary air compressor.

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Sollant Team With Customers

Sollant in Action

In February 2017, India's regular customers come to visit Sollant screw air compressor company, we provide him with a complete agency plan.

Sollant in Action

In September 2018, we got the screw air compressor project of a local government in Turkey. We sent 4 Sollant engineers to help the Turkish government install the air compressor unit.

Sollant in Action

In September 2019, a large air compressor distributor from India came to Sollant screw air company and signed a 2-year supply and marketing contract.

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Unveiling the Power of Efficiency: The Advantages of Screw Air Compressors

In the dynamic landscape of industrial operations, screw air compressors emerge as champions of efficiency, revolutionizing the way compressed air is generated and utilized. Let’s explore the concrete advantages that make screw air compressors indispensable in various industrial applications.

125hp Screw Air Compressor
125hp Screw Air Compressor

1. Continuous Efficiency in Operation:

At the core of screw air compressors is their rotary screw mechanism, enabling a continuous and seamless airflow. This design minimizes pulsations, providing a steady output of compressed air. The result is exceptional efficiency, translating to significant energy savings over time.

2. Robust Construction for Longevity:

Screw air compressors are engineered for durability, featuring robust construction with fewer moving parts compared to traditional reciprocating compressors. This design minimizes wear and tear, significantly reducing maintenance requirements. The result is a reliable and resilient compressor that can withstand the rigors of industrial usage.

3. Turndown Capability for Adaptive Performance:

One of the standout features of screw compressors is their impressive turndown capability. These compressors can efficiently adjust their output to match varying air demand levels. This adaptability ensures optimal energy usage, especially in industries with fluctuating operational needs.

4. Space-Efficient Design for Versatility:

The inherently compact design of screw air compressors makes them ideal for installations where space is at a premium. Whether integrated into existing industrial setups or new facilities, the space efficiency of screw compressors offers flexibility in deployment.

5. Low Noise Operation for Workplace Comfort:

In contrast to some other compressor types, screw air compressors operate with notably lower noise levels. This feature contributes to a quieter work environment, addressing concerns related to employee comfort and safety, particularly in settings where noise reduction is a priority.

6. Oil-Free Options for Sensitive Applications:

Screw air compressors are available in oil-free configurations, making them suitable for applications with stringent air quality requirements. Industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and food processing benefit from the assurance of air free from oil contaminants.

7. Advanced Control Systems for User-Friendly Operation:

Modern screw air compressors are equipped with sophisticated control systems, allowing for seamless monitoring and adjustment. Operators can easily manage and optimize compressor performance, contributing to overall system efficiency and ease of use.


In practical terms, the advantages of screw air compressors translate into tangible benefits for industries. From continuous efficiency and robust construction to adaptability and space efficiency, these compressors redefine the standards for compressed air generation. As industries evolve, the concrete advantages of screw air compressors position them as pivotal players in the pursuit of enhanced productivity, energy conservation, and operational excellence.