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Oil Free Screw Compressors for Bulk Trucks

DS90 is an oil-free screw compressor designed for powder and granular material transport vehicles. It is suitable for conveying various powders and granular materials, and motor drive solutions are also available for fixed locations. All of our screw compressors are oil-free and non-contact designs, which means that your valuable payload will not face any risk of contamination during the discharge process.

Our screw compressors are suitable for transporting a wide range of products, including flour, sugar, salt, soda, cement, sand, plastic pellets, powdered chemicals, pharmaceutical materials, animal feed, wood pellets, lime, gypsum, and more.

truck mounted air compressor

Advantages At A Glance

➢ Small size – overall dimensions 604*281*432
➢ Lightweight – net weight 128KG, overall supporting weight less than 220KG
➢ Low speed – 800-1000RPM, no need to match a dedicated power take-off
➢ Small angle – small input angle of the drive shaft
➢ High ground clearance – reduce failure rate
➢ Easy to install – suitable for all domestic vehicle chassis

Oil free screw compressors for Bulk Trucks

Technical Data

1.0 Airflow,m3/min 8.0 9.5 11.0 12.0 13.6
Shaft power, Kw 23.1 25.2 27.6 30.0 32.4
Discharge Temp,°C 117 115 113 111 109
1.5 Airflow,m3/min 7.5 9.0 10.5 11.7 13.2
Shaft power, Kw 25.8 28.0 30.7 33.4 36.0
Discharge Temp,°C 147 145 143 141 139
2.0 Airflow,m3/min 7.3 8.7 10.1 11.4 12.8
Shaft power, Kw 29.2 31.9 34.9 38.0 41.0
Discharge Temp,°C 172 170 168 166  164
2.5 Airflow,m3/min 7.1 8.5 9.8 11.1
Shaft power, Kw 32.5 35.4 38.8 42.3
Discharge Temp,°C 190 188 186 184

Truck Mounted Compressor Applications


Transport and unload construction materials such as cement, fly ash, sand and gravel.


Transportation and unloading of grain, feed and fertilizer.


Transport of plastic granules, chemical powders and other chemical raw materials


Transportation of powdered sugar, flour and other dry powdered food ingredients.


Conveys pharmaceutical powders, granules and other raw materials. Meets the strict standards of the pharmaceutical industry


Conveying plastic granules, powder and other raw materials.


Transport and unload raw materials such as cement and gypsum powder to reduce dust pollution

Oil-Free Screw Compressors – The Cleaner, Safer Choice for Bulk Transport

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Advantages of Oil-Free Screw Compressors in Dry Bulk Transportation by Road Tankers

rotary screw truck mounted air compressor

The basic principle of oil-free screw compressor

Oil-free screw compressor is a type of compressor that does not require lubricating oil for lubrication and cooling. Its operating mechanism is slightly different from that of traditional oiled screw compressors. Oil-free screw compressors compress air through two intermeshing screws. The specific operation process is as follows:

Air intake: When the screw starts to rotate, air is sucked into the compression chamber of the compressor through the air inlet.
Compression process: As the screw rotates, the air is sandwiched in the space between the two screws. As the screw rotates, the volume of the compression chamber gradually decreases, the air is compressed, and the pressure increases.
Exhaust process: When the air is compressed to a certain extent, the compressed air is released through the exhaust port and enters the air storage tank or delivery system.

The design of oil-free screw compressors eliminates the need for lubricating oil, which is mainly achieved by using high-performance materials and sophisticated mechanical design. The screw in the compression chamber is usually made of wear-resistant materials and can run for a long time without oil.

The application of oil-free screw compressors in dry bulk transportation by road tank trucks not only improves transportation efficiency and equipment reliability, but also has important environmental and economic significance. Through oil-free design, this type of compressor not only complies with environmental regulations and reduces operating costs, but also provides pure compressed air, ensuring the quality of materials and the cleanliness of the transportation process.

Demand analysis of dry bulk cargo transportation by road tanker

Road tanker dry bulk transportation is an efficient and economical logistics method, mainly used to transport powdered and granular dry bulk materials such as cement, fly ash, grain, plastic granules, etc. This mode of transportation has the following special requirements:

1. Efficient loading and unloading: Dry bulk materials need to be loaded and unloaded quickly and efficiently to reduce loading and unloading time and improve logistics efficiency.
2. Pollution-free transportation: Dry bulk materials cannot be contaminated during transportation to ensure their quality and purity
3. Reliability and sustainability: Long-distance transportation requires equipment with high reliability and continuous working ability to avoid failure during transportation.
4. Strong adaptability: It can adapt to various types of dry bulk materials and maintain good performance under different transportation conditions
5. Environmental protection requirements: It is necessary to reduce pollution to the environment during transportation and comply with environmental protection regulations.

Although traditional oil-filled screw compressors are widely used in dry bulk transportation, they face many challenges and problems in actual operation, mainly including the following aspects:

1. Oil pollution problem:

  • Problem description: Traditional oil compressors need to use lubricating oil for lubrication and cooling. Lubricating oil may be mixed into the compressed air, causing contamination of downstream equipment and materials.
  • Impact: Contaminated compressed air may affect the quality of materials, especially in industries such as food processing and pharmaceuticals that have strict requirements on air quality, which will lead to a decline in product quality or even scrapping.

2. High maintenance cost:

  • Problem description: Traditional oil compressors need to regularly replace lubricating oil and clean up oil pollution, which is labor-intensive and costly.
  • Impact: Frequent maintenance work not only increases the operating cost of the equipment, but may also increase equipment downtime and affect transportation efficiency.

3. Low efficiency:

  • Problem description: Some traditional compressors are of outdated design, with low energy efficiency and low energy utilization.
  • Impact: Inefficient compressors consume a lot of energy during long-term operation, increase operating costs, and cannot meet the needs of efficient transportation.

4. Insufficient reliability:

  • Problem description: Traditional compressors are prone to failure during long-term high-intensity operation and have low reliability.
  • Impact: Equipment failure will cause transportation interruption, increase transportation time, and even affect the execution of transportation plans.

5. Environmental pollution:

  • Problem description: Improper use and handling of lubricants will pollute the environment, and exhaust emissions from traditional compressors will also have a negative impact on air quality.
  • Impact: Environmental pollution not only affects the surrounding ecosystem, but may also cause companies to face environmental penalties and increase operational risks.

Dry bulk transportation by road tankers requires compressors that are efficient, pollution-free, reliable, adaptable and environmentally friendly. However, traditional oil-based compressors have many problems in these aspects. Through its unique oil-free design and high-efficiency operating mechanism, oil-free screw compressors can effectively meet these special needs, overcome the shortcomings of traditional compressors, and provide more reliable and environmentally friendly solutions. Therefore, the application of oil-free screw compressors in dry bulk transportation by road tankers not only improves transportation efficiency and material quality, but also has significant economic and environmental benefits.

bulk truck compressor

Screw Truck Mounted Compressors in Dry Bulk Transportation by Road Tankers

Clean and environmentally friendly

Oil-free design avoids oil pollution and ensures the purity of materials:
One of the best features of an oil-free screw compressor is its oil-free design. This design completely eliminates the use of lubricating oil, thus avoiding oil contamination problems. In dry bulk transportation, the purity of the material is crucial. For example, when transporting food, pharmaceutical ingredients or high-quality plastic pellets, any form of contamination directly affects the quality of the final product. The pure compressed air provided by the oil-free screw compressor ensures that the material is pollution-free during transportation and maintains its original purity and quality.

Comply with environmental regulations and reduce environmental pollution:
Oil-free screw compressors not only avoid pollution during material transportation, but also have significant advantages in environmental protection. Traditional oil-filled compressors require the use of lubricating oil, which may cause environmental pollution during use and disposal. The oil-free designed compressor completely eliminates this hidden danger and complies with increasingly stringent environmental regulations and standards. Reducing the use of lubricants and waste oil disposal reduces the pressure on enterprises in environmental protection and promotes a greener and more sustainable operating model.

High efficiency

Provide stable high-voltage output and improve unloading efficiency:
Oil-free screw compressors are known for their high efficiency and stable high-pressure output. In dry bulk transportation by road tankers, efficient air compression is the key to rapid unloading. Oil-free screw compressors can provide stable and continuous high-pressure output, allowing dry bulk materials to be quickly and evenly discharged from tank trucks, greatly improving unloading efficiency, reducing loading and unloading time, and improving overall logistics efficiency.

Well designed, reliable operation and reduced downtime:
The oil-free screw compressor is well designed and uses advanced technology and high-quality materials to ensure the reliability and stability of its operation. This reliability means that the compressor can still maintain stable performance during long-term high-intensity operation, greatly reducing equipment downtime and failure rates. For road transport, reduced downtime means improved transport continuity and accuracy of plan execution.

Low maintenance cost

No need to frequently change lubricating oil, reducing maintenance costs:
The oil-free design of the oil-free screw compressor not only avoids oil pollution, but also greatly reduces maintenance costs. Traditional oil compressors require regular replacement of lubricating oil and cleaning and maintenance of the oil system, which are not only cumbersome but also increase operating costs. Oil-free screw compressors do not require lubricating oil at all, eliminating the cost of frequent replacement and disposal of lubricating oil, and reducing the daily maintenance cost of the equipment.

Simple structure, easy maintenance and overhaul:
The structural design of the oil-free screw compressor is simple and clear, and maintenance and overhaul are very convenient. Since there is no lubricating oil system, the overall structure of the compressor is simpler, which makes it easier for maintenance personnel to perform routine inspections and maintenance work, quickly troubleshoot, and ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment. This simple and easy-to-use design not only reduces maintenance time, but also reduces maintenance difficulty and cost.

Long service life

Wear-resistant materials and high-quality components extend equipment life:
The oil-free screw compressor uses wear-resistant materials and high-quality components, which greatly extends the service life of the equipment. Key components such as the screw rotor and sealing system use high-strength and wear-resistant materials, which can operate stably for a long time under high load conditions. High-quality manufacturing standards and strict quality control further ensure the durability and reliability of the equipment.

Reduce operational disruption due to equipment failure:
The high durability and reliability of oil-free screw compressors means they have extremely low failure rates during operation, which greatly reduces operational disruptions due to equipment failure. For road tanker dry bulk transportation, the stable operation of equipment is the key to ensuring transportation efficiency and safety. Reducing breakdowns and downtime can significantly improve the continuity and reliability of operations.

Strong adaptability

Applicable to various dry bulk materials, such as fly ash, cement, grain, etc.:
Oil-free screw compressors have wide adaptability and can handle many types of dry bulk materials. Whether it is fly ash, cement, grain or plastic particles, this compressor can provide stable and efficient compressed air to ensure the smooth loading and unloading and transportation of materials. Its wide adaptability makes it an indispensable equipment in dry bulk transportation.

Able to cope with different working conditions and transportation conditions:
The design of oil-free screw compressors takes into account the needs of different working conditions and transportation conditions, and can operate stably in various environments such as high temperature, low temperature, and high humidity. This adaptability enables the compressor to cope with various complex transportation conditions, ensuring that it can still maintain high efficiency and reliability under different transportation environments, and meet the needs of different customers and industries.

The advantages of oil-free screw compressors in dry bulk transportation by road tanker trucks are obvious. Through the oil-free design, this compressor not only avoids oil pollution and ensures the purity and quality of the materials, but also complies with environmental regulations and reduces environmental pollution. At the same time, its high efficiency, low maintenance cost, long service life and wide adaptability make it an indispensable equipment in dry bulk transportation. The application of oil-free screw compressors not only improves transportation efficiency and reduces operating costs, but also promotes a green and sustainable logistics model, which has important economic and environmental significance.

Practical application cases

Case 1: The effect of a large construction company using oil-free screw compressors
In the construction industry, transportation and storage of dry bulk materials such as cement and fly ash are common requirements. A large construction company uses oil-free screw compressors for the transportation and unloading of cement and fly ash in several of its construction projects.

The company needs to frequently transport large amounts of cement and fly ash at multiple construction sites, and it is crucial to ensure fast, efficient, and pollution-free transportation of these materials.

The company purchased a batch of high-performance oil-free screw compressors and installed them in its transportation fleet. Each compressor is carefully debugged to ensure stable operation in high-intensity working environments.


  1. Efficient loading and unloading: The oil-free screw compressor provides stable high-pressure output, significantly improves the loading and unloading speed of cement and fly ash, and reduces the loading and unloading time.
  2. Pollution-free: The oil-free design ensures the purity of the compressed air, avoids pollution of cement and fly ash, and improves the quality of building materials.
  3. Low maintenance costs: Since no lubricating oil is required, equipment maintenance costs are significantly reduced, equipment downtime is reduced, and construction efficiency is improved.
  4. Environmental compliance: Complying with environmental regulations, reducing the use of lubricants and waste oil disposal, and reducing the risk of environmental pollution.

Case 2: Successful application examples in the agricultural field
The demand for dry bulk materials in the agricultural field is also extensive, especially in grain transportation and storage. A large agricultural cooperative introduced oil-free screw compressors in its grain transportation and storage system and achieved remarkable results.

The cooperative needs to transport large amounts of grain from farmland to warehouses for long-term storage. It is crucial to ensure that the grain is not contaminated during transportation and storage, and to maintain its quality and safety.

The cooperative installed several oil-free screw compressors in its transportation and storage system, which are specially used for loading and unloading and pneumatic conveying of grain.

Use effect:

  1. Efficient transportation: The high-pressure output of the oil-free screw compressor ensures the rapid transportation of grain and reduces the loss and waste of grain during transportation.
  2. Pure air: The oil-free design provides pure compressed air, avoids oil contamination of grain, and ensures the quality and safety of grain.
  3. Reduced maintenance: Since there is no need to replace lubricating oil, the maintenance cost of the compressor is reduced, the equipment operation is more stable, and the operation interruption caused by equipment failure is reduced.
  4. Environmentally friendly: The oil-free design reduces environmental pollution and meets the green environmental protection requirements of agricultural production.

Case 3: Application of Oil-free Screw Compressors in the Chemical Industry
The chemical industry has extremely high requirements for the purity and stability of compressed air, because many chemical products are very sensitive to pollutants in the air. A chemical company uses oil-free screw compressors in its production process to meet its high-standard production needs.

The company needs a large amount of compressed air for material transportation and production operations during the production process. The oil contamination risk of traditional oil compressors poses challenges to the company in terms of product quality and production safety.

The company introduced a batch of oil-free screw compressors for material transportation and air power support during the production process.

Use effect:

  1. High purity: The compressed air provided by the oil-free screw compressor is oil-free, ensuring the purity of chemical products during the production process and improving product quality.
  2. Stable performance: High efficiency and stable output improve production efficiency and reduce fluctuations and downtime during the production process.
  3. Low maintenance: The oil-free design reduces the maintenance requirements of the equipment, reduces maintenance costs and downtime, and ensures the continuous operation of the production line.
  4. Environmental protection and safety: The oil-free design reduces environmental pollution, meets the strict environmental protection and safety standards of the chemical industry, and enhances the company’s environmental image and market competitiveness.

The above cases demonstrate the practical application effects of oil-free screw compressors in different fields. From the construction industry, agriculture to the chemical industry, oil-free screw compressors provide reliable compressed air solutions for various industries with their clean and environmentally friendly, high efficiency, low maintenance cost, long service life and strong adaptability. Through these practical application cases, we can see the great potential and broad application prospects of oil-free screw compressors in improving production efficiency, reducing operating costs and reducing environmental pollution.

Screw Truck Mounted Compressors

Future trends

By optimizing the rotor design and gas circuit system of the screw compressor, the compression efficiency is improved and energy consumption is reduced. The application of new materials and coating technologies minimizes the friction loss of the rotor and further improves energy efficiency.

These high-efficiency and energy-saving designs can significantly reduce energy consumption and operating costs, and at the same time meet the requirements of modern enterprises for energy conservation and emission reduction.

The latest oil-free screw compressors are equipped with advanced intelligent control systems that can monitor the operating status of the compressor in real time, perform data analysis and fault prediction. Through Internet of Things (IoT) technology, compressors can be remotely monitored and operated, improving management convenience and efficiency.

Intelligent control systems not only improve the reliability and safety of equipment, but also reduce the workload of maintenance and management, allowing enterprises to operate more efficiently.

The application of high-performance new materials, such as high-temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, and the introduction of advanced manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing, make the components of oil-free screw compressors more durable and precise, extending the service life of the equipment.

The design of oil-free screw compressors continues to advance in terms of environmental protection, adopting a low-noise, low-vibration structural design while reducing emissions and pollution. Some new compressors also incorporate renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, further reducing reliance on traditional energy sources.

In the field of road transportation, with the increase in logistics demand, strict environmental regulations, technological progress and the expansion of multi-industry applications, the market prospects of oil-free screw compressors are very broad. In the future, oil-free screw compressors will play an increasingly important role in improving transportation efficiency, ensuring material purity, reducing operating costs and reducing environmental pollution, and become key equipment for various industries to achieve efficient and green development.


Oil-free screw compressors have shown unique advantages in dry bulk transportation by road tanker trucks due to their clean and environmentally friendly, high efficiency, low maintenance cost, long service life and strong adaptability. With the increase in logistics and transportation demand, the enhancement of environmental awareness and the continuous advancement of technology, oil-free screw compressors will have a broader development prospect in the future.

Through technological advances such as efficient and energy-saving design, intelligent control systems and new material applications, oil-free screw compressors will continue to improve their performance and reliability to meet the needs of various industries for efficient and environmentally friendly equipment. In the field of road transportation, oil-free screw compressors will become key equipment to improve transportation efficiency, ensure material purity, reduce operating costs and reduce environmental pollution, and promote green and sustainable development in various industries.