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Under what circumstances should the air compressor be shut down in an emergency? —Shared by Sollant

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What is the function of the emergency stop switch next to the control panel of the screw air compressor? As the name suggests, the emergency stop switch is mainly used to deal with some emergency events.

When the air compressor is in a dangerous state, or a sudden failure occurs during the production process, in order to avoid greater damage, it must be shut down in time for inspection. We can cut off the power supply and stop the operation of the equipment by pressing the emergency stop switch to protect people and equipment safety.

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Under what circumstances can an emergency stop be made?

If the following situations occur, the air compressor should press the emergency shutdown button for emergency shutdown, find out the cause, and then start the machine after troubleshooting.

  1. The current and exhaust pressure gauge suddenly exceed the specified value;
  2. The cooling water of the water-cooled air compressor suddenly stops, and the supply of cooling is interrupted;
  3. When the water temperature and oil temperature of a certain part of the air compressor exceed the allowable value, when the automatic control system fails, it should be shut down urgently;
  4. The air compressor makes abnormal sounds, such as metal collision sound and loose connections, cylinders, cylinder heads, screws and other parts are damaged;
  5. When the lubricating oil pressure drops, or the supply suddenly stops;
  6. There are serious leaks and leaks in the air compressor gas delivery process;
  7. When the motor vibrates strongly or has a burning smell;
  8. When the weather is suddenly abnormal, the air compressor station is flooded, or there is an emergency around.

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How to stop emergency?

In case of emergency stop, you can directly press the “emergency stop” button without unloading first.

After shutting down, the residual air in the system should be discharged after the air compressor is finished, and the pressure should be returned to zero: after a period of shutdown, the condensed water in the oil and gas barrel, oil cooler, and aftercooler should be discharged. If it is cold in winter, it should be avoided Frost crack damage and rust in low temperature environment.

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Emergency Shutdown Record Check

After an emergency shutdown, it is recommended that you record the reason for the shutdown in writing for maintenance and inspection. The records include:

  1. Downtime, downtime type;
  2. Preliminary assessment of emergency shutdown losses;
  3. Preliminary judgment of emergency shutdown accident:
  4. Matters that require the assistance of relevant departments for rescue and emergency rescue;
  5. Restoration or emergency repair time;

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How to reset the air compressor after emergency stop?

  1. The emergency stop switch is pressed. Turn the emergency stop switch clockwise to see if it pops out. If not, replace the emergency stop switch.
  2. After the air compressor has been idle for a long time, please reset it when it is turned on, but the reset does not work. In this case, it can be preliminarily judged that the emergency stop switch is disconnected or the emergency stop control circuit is in poor contact, and the emergency stop switch should be replaced or repaired.


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