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Advantages of two-stage compression screw air compressor

Two-stage compression air compressor Sollant

What is two-stage compression? The compression process is that natural air enters the first stage of compression through the air filter, and is mixed with a small amount of lubricating oil in the compression chamber, and the mixed gas is compressed to the interstage pressure at the same time. The compressed gas enters the cooling channel and contacts with a large amount of oil mist, thereby greatly reducing the temperature. The cooled compressed gas enters the second-stage rotor, undergoes two-stage compression, and is compressed to the final exhaust pressure. Finally, the compressor is discharged through the discharge flange to complete the entire compression process.

Two-stage compression air compressor Sollant Under the same power, the two-stage compression energy-saving oil-injected screw air compressor can have 10%-20% more air volume than the single-stage oil-injected screw air compressor. In other words, when compressing the same amount of air, two-stage compression can save an average of 15% power than single-stage compression.

Two-stage compression air compressor Sollant The high-end energy-saving two-stage compression oil-injected screw air compressor is not only energy-saving than the single-stage oil-injected screw air compressor. Moreover, due to the low compression ratio of each stage, the small force on the rotor and bearing, the large diameter of the rotor and the low speed, the operation is more reliable.

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Two-stage compression air compressor Sollant
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