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A Review of The Best Air Compressor Brands in the UK

A Review of The Best Air Compressor Brands in the UK

Air compressors are increasingly becoming essential tools in any home or professional workshop. These machines are used for various domestic and industrial applications, including powering air tools and inflating inflatables.

As with all popular power tools, air compressors come in a wide range of sizes and types, making it hard to choose the right one for your projects. In this article, we focus on five air compressor brands in the UK. The post also looks at things you should know about air compressors, which serves as a small air compressor buying guide.

First, we look at the features of the best air compressors in the UK market and then help you determine how to get the best air compressor when you are out to buy one.

the best air compressor brands

What do you need to know about Air Compressors?

As much as air compressors tend to work in the same way, the best models may exhibit some differences with air compressor manufacturers enhancing their brands to make them unique. This article is updated for 2020 for consistency with the very best the air compressor industry in the UK has to offer.

In writing this article, we first want to help someone looking to buy an air compressor in the UK to get the best brands in the market. Additionally, the article is intended to provide information you need to make the right decision when buying an air compressor.

Stationary vs. portable air compressor

The type of air compressor you need depends on how you intend to use it. In other words, you need to determine the use of the air compressor before settling for one type of air compressor.

Portable air compressors in the UK are mostly used to inflate inflatables, both at home and in factories. UK portable air compressors come in a variety of 12v electric powered and battery-powered models. Additionally, some portable air compressor comes with digital gauges that show pressure levels, allowing you to set your desired PSI when using the air compressor.

On the other hand, most industrial air compressors in the UK are stationary. These air compressors are used to power air tools, paint, and clean. You need to consider many factors when choosing between a stationary air compressor and a portable air compressor.

the best air compressor brands

Things to consider when choosing between stationary and portable air compressors

Are you planning to use your air compressor for spray painting? If that is the case, then you need a model that supports a low amount of pressure. On the other hand, if you intend to use the air compressor to power industrial air tools, you should consider a larger model.

Do you want to use the air compressor in one confined place, such as a garage, or intend to move it around in various work sites? Either way, you should know which air compressor is suitable for your applications.

Lastly, what is your budget? The type of compressor you will buy depends on the limits of your budget.

If any of these factors trigger a consideration that you did not have in mind, then you need to find a relevant section in this guide to find out more before buying any air compressor.

Top 5 air compressor brands in the UK

1.ABAC Air Compressors

the best air compressor brands

ABAC air compressors was founded in 1981. The company has since been recognized as an air compressor manufacturer in the UK with an eye for technological excellence, resulting in high-quality air compressors and air compressor parts.

As a leading compressed air solutions company in the UK, ABAC provides the best air compressors, tools, and air distributions systems that fulfill the industry’s most demanding needs.

ABAC machines are well-known for reliability, which comes from improved engineering technology and practices. The company’s mathematical adoption is reflected in its products, which resonate with performance efficiency.

ABAC is committed to quality, reliability, and simplicity to offer easy solutions that their customers can trust and rely on. Their air compressor models range from oil-injected air compressors to portable piston air compressors in the UK. ABAC air compressors are designed to boost your business in many ways.

2.Avelair Compressed Air Solutions

the best air compressor brands

Over the past 25 years, this company has built its reputation as a reliable premium manufacturer of rotary screw air compressor in the UK. The company designs and manufactures a range of air compressors in the British air compressor market, and it is based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. The company has a technical, design, and service team that offers unrivaled aftermarket customer support in the air compressor industry.

Avelair Compressed Air Solutions is passionate about developing new air compressors and air compressor parts as it launches the revolutionary Avelair EVO range of air compressors to offer more air output and energy efficiency to reduce operating costs in factories.

3.Howden Compressors

the best air compressor brands

The company was initially founded by James Howden in Scotland as an engineering firm focused on Marine products in 1854. Howden Compressors has evolved over the years into a global leader in manufacturing air compressors and compressed air systems.

With the power of Howden engineering expertise and technology, the company manufactures air compressors that play an integral part in various domestic and commercial processes. Howden also provides safe and reliable compressed air solutions that are sustainable and efficient.

Howden Compressor supports various sectors in the UK, including infrastructure, power generation, oil and gas, mining, transportation, metal refining, wastewater treatment, chemical, brewing, pharmaceutical, and glass.

The company designs and manufactures air compressors in the UK in both centrifugal and rotary positive displacement types.

Howden Compressors also deliver customized compressed air solutions to clients in the UK and more than 100 countries globally.

4.Motivair compressor limited

the best air compressor brands

Motivair Compressor Ltd. has more than 60 years of experience in the compressed air industry in the UK. The company provides various air compressor models and compressed air solutions ranging from bespoke system specifications to design, installation, maintenance, and breakdown support.

Motivair Compressor Ltd. ensures that its compressed air products offer a continuous compressed air supply to all sectors and applications. The company is an independent air compressor manufacturer and service provider in the UK. Additionally, the company maintains, repairs, and installs all brands and models of air compressors and vacuum pumps.

Motivair Compressor Ltd. focuses mostly on nuclear, oil and gas, factory management, industrial systems, marine, power production and transmission, and defense sectors in the UK and other parts of the world.

5.Sauer Compressors UK Ltd

the best air compressor brands

Sauer Compressors UK Ltd. is based in Colchester, North Essex. The company specializes in the sales, spare parts, servicing, packaging, and customized air compressor solution. This company has a massive investment in the UK air compressor industry to show its commitment to support businesses and individuals with compressed air solutions and compressed air systems.

The primary focus industries include marine, commercial shipping, Petro-industry, and general industrial applications.

Sauer Compressors UK is part of a group that as twelve subsidiaries. The company was founded more than 130 years ago and has been in the air compressor business for more than 80 years. At the moment, Sauer focuses on the development, manufacture, and sales of high-pressure air compressors in the UK. The company’s product lines include SAUER, HAUG, Girodin, and EK.

SAUER air compressors include oil-lubricated high-pressure air compressors used for various industrial applications.

What to look for in an air compressor

Commercial air compressors in the UK come in a wide variety of models and brands. Therefore, choosing one for you may be an overwhelming task. With that in mind, you need to know certain things you should look out for when buying an industrial air compressor in the UK. Majorly, you can consider noise, weight, and size. Other factors that matter a lot are psi, cfm, tanks size, and extra features and specifications.

The following factors should help you choose the right air compressors for home applications:

  • Noise level

Looking at the DBA rating will show you roughly how loud the air compressor is. Most home applications do not require too much noise, and you should consider silent air compressors.

  • Weight

Weight is something you consider when looking for an air compressor to use at home. But if it is something that you are going to set up in your garage and use it from one location, then you should not get too hung up on the weight of the air compressor. However, if you intend to use the air compressor in various locations in the house, then the weight is a huge consideration that you should not ignore.

Alternatively, you can overlook the air compressor’s weight, especially if you want a portable air compressor with wheels. Even bigger air compressors are easy to move around between locations if they have wheels.

  • Size

Like weight, the air compressor’s size should also come into play, considering the place you want to store the air compressor. If you have plenty of room in your home garage, you can buy a bigger air compressor.

Factors to consider when buying a portable air compressor

When we say portable air compressor, we mean machines that can allow you to move from one location to another with a lot of ease. The UK air compressor market is full of portable air compressors, and it requires some considerations to get the model that suits your needs. Some models available in the air compressor market in the UK are diesel-powered, while others run on electricity.

The types that run on electricity are not suitable if you want to use it between sites because you will need a power source that you can plug in all the time. On the other hand, diesel-powered air compressors are perfect for applications that require you to move around.

When it comes to choosing the best portable, you should look at your budget, pressure and capacity requirement, cfm rating, power requirement, and tank size. All these factors will help you determine the right air compressor for you, but only if you know the type of air tools you have. For instance, your air tools’ pressure requirement should guide your selection for air compressor pressure and capacity.

It would help if you also chose an air compressor based on the manufacturers’ ability to offer the best deal. For instance, look out for air compressor manufacturers in the UK that provide warranty and guarantees.

If you want UK air compressors for industrial applications, you should consider models with larger tanks, high flow rates, and pressure ratings.

Additional considerations with an air compressor

One area that we feel you should look at in an air compressor is power and heat. Air compressors generate a lot of heat in the motor area. Therefore, you should ensure that your model is within the required standard and that your manufacturer meets all regulatory requirements for safety.

Power requirement is also essential when buying air compressors for industrial applications. Some air compressor runs on single-phase while others use two-stage. You should ensure that you know the exact voltage required to power your air compressor. Do not use extensions leads, and if you have additional electric sockets, you should ensure they comply with set standards.

The best way to go about this is by checking your user manual for instructions. You can also get an expert to help you out.

The bottom line

The UK air compressor market is among the fast-growing air compressor markets in the world. The growing number of industries has increased the demand for compressed air in the UK. Accordingly, many manufacturers of air compressors in the UK design their products based on technological advancement and other demanding applications to meet the needs in the market.

The existence of many air compressor brands in the UK makes it hard to choose the right one for your projects. Therefore, it is essential to have the necessary information on how to choose the best air compressor. This guide has offered the perfect opportunity for you to know air compressor basics and also provided a list of some of the best air compressor manufacturers and distributors in the UK.

If you want to buy an air compressor outside the UK, you can consider Sollant air compressors. Our range of rotary air compressors and matching air compressor parts are high quality, economical and energy-efficient.

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