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The relationship between sewage treatment and air compressor

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Sewage treatment: the process of purifying sewage to meet the water quality requirements for discharge into a certain water body or reuse. Sewage treatment is widely used in construction, agriculture, transportation, energy, petrochemical, urban landscape, medicine, catering and other fields.


  1. According to its function, sewage treatment can be divided into three types: physical method, biological method and chemical method.

industrial oil free air compressorindustrial oil free air compressor①Physical method: Use physical characteristics to separate insoluble substances in sewage without changing their chemical properties. Such as: gravity separation, centrifugal separation, reverse osmosis, air flotation, etc. The physical method of water treatment is simple and economical, and is generally used in areas with large water volume, strong self-purification ability, and low requirements for sewage treatment.


②Biological method: Utilize the metabolic function of microorganisms to decompose and oxidize organic matter in dissolved or colloidal state in sewage into stable inorganic substances, so as to purify sewage. Such as: activated sludge method, biofilm method.


③Chemical method: It is a method of using chemical reaction to treat or recover dissolved substances or colloidal substances in sewage, and it is mostly used in industrial wastewater. Such as coagulation method, neutralization method, redox method, ion exchange method, etc. The chemical treatment method has good treatment effect and high cost, and is mostly used as effluent after biochemical treatment for further treatment to improve water quality.


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