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Causes of downtime caused by low exhaust pressure of air compressor

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The main reasons for the low exhaust pressure of the air compressor are:


  1. The gas consumption is greater than the supply volume. Check the gas supply pipeline for air leakage and reduce the gas consumption.


  1. The air filter is clogged. The function of the air filter is to filter the inhaled air to ensure that the air entering the air compressor is clean. If the air filter element is severely clogged, it will affect the air intake of the unit. So replace the filter in time. The air filter replacement time of air compressor manufacturers is generally 2000 hours.


  1. The pressure regulator fails or is damaged. The function of the pressure regulating system is to automatically adjust the compressor according to the gas consumption of the customer so as to achieve a balance between supply and demand. Therefore, the damaged pressure regulator should be replaced in time, and the failed pressure regulator should be adjusted in time. At the same time, check whether the settings of the pressure reducing valve and the regulating valve are at reasonable values.


  1. The intake valve cannot be opened. The function of the intake valve is to control the amount of intake air. When the unit is running at full load, the intake valve is fully open. When the air volume required by the user decreases, the air volume adjustment device will input compressed air to the intake valve to reduce the opening of the intake valve, thereby reducing the intake air volume of the compressor. The failure of the intake valve will affect the load of the unit. How many. Check whether the intake valve operates.


  1. The pressure switch SP2 is faulty. Check the action pressure point of SP2. If the action pressure point is incorrect or the contacts are damaged, replace the pressure switch.


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