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Cj Precision Filter -- Efficient Removal Of Pollutants In Compressed Air

CJ series ultra-clean precision filters provide users with high-quality compressed air filtration, and are specially used in laser cutting, bottle blowing, advanced spraying, food, electronics, petrochemical and other industries. By installing CJ series ultra-precision filters, the air of the compressor can be polluted substances (such as: oil, water, dust, etc.) are effectively removed.

» Main features

  • With leak detection equipment: filter leakage is the loss of energy, and it is not easy to find a lot of minor leakage; CJ series super-clean precision filters are 100% involved in strict leak detection tests, to ensure that each product has no minor leakage.
  • The company has a special laboratory and has introduced advanced German testing equipment and the product testing is in line with ISO8573-1:2010 (E) international standard.
  • The uniquely designed ball valve is fitted with a seal ring, simple and convenient, with no need for a sealing strip for installation.


» Serial combinations

In order to meet more application requirements, we have designed a series of fast combinations, suitable for various laboratories or laser cutting, advanced spraying, bottle blowing, and other industries. They can be used directly in series without adding thread






» Detection Data Trend Chart




External flange

* Represents the filter level
Level C filtration accuracy: 3 microns, oil content: 3 ppm
Level T filtration accuracy: 1 micron, oil content: 1 ppm
Level A filtration accuracy: 0.01 micron, oil content: 0.01 ppm
Level X filtration accuracy: 0.01 micron, oil content: 0.003 ppm
Level H (activated carbon) filtration accuracy: 0.01 micron,
Oil content: 0.001ppm
Level F high-efficiency dust removal: filtration accuracy0.1micron
Level FF super efficient dust removal: filtration accuracy 0.01 micron