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CE Series Precision Filter 2

CE Series Precision Filter

Effective, cost-effective precision filter, the filter adopts a unique appearance design, internal and external chemical anti-corrosion process, high-temperature plastic injection table processing, and select high precision imported filter material, simple and convenient parallel installation way, suitable for working pressure of 1.0Mpa, all kinds of compressed air filtration, efficient removal of oil, water, and dust, to ensure the compressed air quality.

* Represents the filter level
Level C filtration accuracy: 3 microns, oil content: 3 ppm
Level T filtration accuracy: 1 micron, oil content: 1 ppm
Level A filtration accuracy: 0.01 micron, oil content: 0.01 ppm
Level X filtration accuracy: 0.01 micron, oil content: 0.003 ppm
Level H (activated carbon) filtration accuracy: 0.01 micron,
Oil content: 0.001ppm
Level F high-efficiency dust removal: filtration accuracy0.1micron
Level FF super efficient dust removal: filtration accuracy 0.01 micron