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The advantages of Sollant's 2.6-3.8m³capacity rotary screw air compressor

We hope to let you know our advantages and win-win cooperation in the least time.

  • Safe and Convenient
  • Functions at extreme weather conditions
  • They are designed to run tools that generate more power than
    typical equipment
  • They are easier to maintain
  • They are good energy conservers
  • They consume less oil than other oil-flooded air compressors

2.6-3.8m³capacity industrial screw air compressor

Sollant 2.6-3.8m³capacity industrial screw air compressor’s pressure is adjustable, We can set the pressure according to your requirements(7-12bar), It’s motor safety grade reached IP23/55 and. It weighs only 335 kg with 1050mm length * 700mm width * 1200mm height. If you use it in the factory, we can also add air compressor frequency converter for your air compressor. We can help you save 30-40% of your electricity costs.

If you want to be more competitive in your air compressor market, it is a very good opportunity with sollant 2.6-3.8m³capacity rotary screw air compressor.

We have insisted on high-quality screw rotary compressors for more than 20 years and have been working hard on the road ahead, just to get more customer support, recognition and follow. This is the biggest motivation for us to move forward. High-quality screw rotary compressors are worthy of being treated tenderly and worthy of being used by more companies.

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Sollant in Action

In February 2017, India's regular customers come to visit Sollant screw air compressor company, we provide him with a complete agency plan.

Sollant in Action

In September 2018, we got the screw air compressor project of a local government in Turkey. We sent 4 Sollant engineers to help the Turkish government install the air compressor unit.

Sollant in Action

In September 2019, a large air compressor distributor from India came to Sollant screw air company and signed a 2-year supply and marketing contract.

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Stationary Air Compressors: The Ultimate Buying Guide

So, you want to purchase a stationary air compressor for your workshop but have no idea what is the best air compressor to go for? Well, buying an air compressor for professional reasons is never an easy job. The market is full of portable and light machines, after all. Although, due to the massive demand that professional garages and workshops have, only the best air compressors can suit your need. After reading this review about stationary air compressors, you will probably discover what makes them better machines for a professional like you.

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As powerful as the stationary air compressor is, the main reason for buying the best out of them is to match the unit to allow all your job demands. After that, you can evaluate the ideal machine based on its safety, use, and convenience it offers as you do your job. All the same, after reading this guide, you’ll get some ideas that can help you feel confident in choosing a great stationary air compressor that matches your needs.

Here are some of the best stationary air compressors:

Industrial Air ILA3606056 Stationary Air Compressor

The industrial air compressor model is an excellent stationary air compressor with durable and robust construction. The machine is built to reach maximum performance with its 155PSI and synthetic oil for regular lubrication. This one is also the top-rated stationary air compressor in most customer reviews. Below are some of its features:

• Easy maintenance

This machine is easy to maintain despite how complex it looks, thanks to features like an oil refill that can be easily located. Its big gas cylinder also helps lower the cost of maintaining this machine, making it convenient for users like you.

• Strong construction

The compressor’s 60-gallon cylinder is made from a sturdy cast iron crankcase for maximum protection. Moreover, the body is thermally stable. In general, the air compressor also takes high-quality features, including an aluminum head, automotive-style ball bearings, and durable valve plate. All these powerful features which survive even the worst weather conditions also contribute in many ways the machine’s high reliability.

• High 13.4 CFM

With the potential to deliver 13.4CFM at 40PSI, or 11.4CFM at 90PSI, there is almost no amount of air compressor related tasks you can’t perform with this machine. And given the fact that it also reaches a maximum of 155PSI pressure-wise, you could inflate dozens of tires, work with heavy-duty wrenches, and do leads of other jobs with a lot of ease.

• Convenient

This stationary air compressor comes with a pressure gauge, an on/off switch, and does not require regular wiring changes as it supports both 240 & 208 volts of power.

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Quincy QT-54 Stationary Air Compressor

The Quincy QT-54 is one of the best stationary air compressors from Quincy. It is also one of the best performing machines at a professional level. To start with, it is capable of achieving up to 15.2 CFM, and 175PSI, thus making it able to perform almost all compressor related jobs in an industrial grade. Moreover, as powerful as it is, the Quincy QT is also built to reduce operating costs. Below are some of its performance details.

• High performance

The QT-54 is powerful enough to handle all brands of finish brad or framing nailers. QT–54 also works efficiently with air impact wrenches, air sprayers, and air senders. This is due to its impressive 15.2 CFM capability. With such power, you could also multitask but not when dealing with heavy-duty air sanders.

• Low Operating Costs

Just like other top-rated Quincy air compressors, this particular model doesn’t ask for any money when it comes to operations. It has a 60-gallon tank to start with, which helps you work for longer hours before you can refill. It also has a more natural oil refill and features a drain system.

• Heavy oil Duty

Quincy 54 operates at 3450rpm continuously for as long as you need, thus making it one of the most reliable machines in the market at the moment. It is also a machine that can run for up to 30,000 hours with a little operation cost

• Convenient

Since it has fewer moving parts and fewer control details, you only need to switch the machine on and off to start/stop working. However, the Quincy QT-54 also features an internal temperature cooler, which makes it work smoothly for many hours.

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Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 Stationary Air Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 Stationary Air Compressor is one of the biggest machines in the market today, measuring 31*41*78 inches and weighing 417 pounds. It is also one of the best performing air compressors for commercial and industrial use. Below are some of its main features.

• High Performance

The Hausfeld model operates up to 20 high demand air tools with its ability to reach 14CFM at 90PSI. And while it does the automotive spray painting, cutting sheet metal, grinding, or handling framing nailers for you, it demands little maintenance.

The Hausfeld model could archive up to 14 CFM at 90 PSI, which is enough power to handle the many job types you have at your workshop. The 14 CFM is also powerful enough to enable you to multitask and finish your jobs efficiently.

• Durable Construction

The Campbell Hausfeld model is also an air compressor built to last for many years. To start with, it takes a fully enclosed metal belt guard for safe operation, a full metal crankcase metal and reliable ball bearing to make it steady

• High Capacity Cylinder

The air compressor has an 80-gallon capacity cylinder, which in turn helps you handle all your commercial or industrial tasks efficiently for a longer time frame. The machine, in fact, can remain consistently efficient even when handling heavy-duty air sanders, thanks to its two-stage pump.

• Easy to Maintain

This stationary air compressor requires little maintenance due to its sturdy construction and relatively low operating cost.

Powermate VX PLA4708065

The Powermate VX is a heavy-duty stationary air compressor that could help you with all your air compressor related tasks. And to people who need an air compressor for industrial and commercial use, this could be the best machine for your choice. Below are some of its core performance details:

• High Performance

The Powermate VX model is credited for having one of the most effective high flow single-stage systems. It also reaches a top 14 CFM at 90 PSI. This can help you handle air sanders or inflating jobs with a lot of ease. The compressor also features a 4.7 HP motor, which, to a great extent, contributes to the machine’s high performance.

• Durable Construction

The Powermate VX takes a sturdy cast-iron body for maximum durability. The machine is also built to last for long as it uses synthetic oil, which helps run it smoothly and effectively than regular oil.

• High Capacity Tank

You could do a lot of jobs without refilling it thanks to its 80-gallon cylinder.

• Reliable machine

The Powermate VX model features a belt drive that makes it perform consistently well, even when handling more powerful tools. In fact, the belt drive, together with its powerful motor, enhances the compressor’s performance to achieve about 16.1 CFM at 90PSI when performing less powerful jobs.

• Low Operation Costs

The Powermate VX comes fitted with enough oil to run for some hours. On the other hand, it features stainless steel valves and an easy oil refill to ensure that you can service the machine regularly and have it perform for the better part of the year without spending a lot.

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Benefits of Stationary Air Compressors

Stationary air compressors are great investments for any workshop or garage that deals with compressed air tools. They also offer more benefits than the portable smaller versions, as seen below.

1. They hold more air

With some having tanks as big as 80 gallons, stationary air compressors can hold as much air as you could require for months. Moreover, refilling air once the cylinder is empty is easy and more cost-effective than dealing with small air compressors.

2. They are reliable and Efficient.

While they are also more expensive, stationary air compressors tend to have more reliable features. Most of them also feature motors, better CFMs, and better valves, which in turn make their overall performance as reliable as possible.

3. They can Perform Multiple tasks.

As opposed to small portable air compressors: the large stationary air compressors can help you do up to ten different tasks at the same time. When dealing with low power tools, especially, you inflate a tire, spray paint and handle nailers at your garage while the compressor remains efficient all the same.

4. They are Durable

This type of air compressor tends to last for many years since you don’t maneuver them around, and they are also made with robust cast iron bodies. They also come with long and even sometimes lifetime warranties for their construction. This is just to assure you of how strong they are.

5. They feature multiple Safety functions.

Naturally, an air compressor is safer compared to gas or electric machines. However, stationary air compressors are also protected with safe elements such as overlord protection against overheating. These safety functions, however, make the device perform more efficiently and live longer than the smaller types.

6. They are more convenient.

Since you don’t get to travel with stationary air compressors, they offer more convenience in that you don’t refill it often and by the fact that you can perform more jobs at the end of the day than you would with smaller versions.

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How to Choose the Best Stationary Air Compressor for your needs

Like with most machines, buying the right stationary air compressor requires that you understand your business needs the most, before selecting a suitable device afterward. If you are only after the best stationary air compressor, however, this guide will help you choose the machine that best suits your need.

• Settle for a High Airflow Compressor

An air compressor’s performance is mainly measured based on how much cubic feet per minute (CFM) airflow it can achieve. With this in mind, the ideal compressor would be that which offers more CFM than your tools at the workshop require. You can also calculate the amount of CFM the jobs you handle require, and then determine an air compressor that delivers slightly higher. If you often deal with continuous use tools such as spray painters, you may need a more powerful air compressor as opposed to a person who uses the air compressor for do it yourself jobs.

• Determine the Horsepower

The right stationary air compressor should have a maximum horsepower motor capable of delivering the CFM your tools need. If you settle for a high horsepower air compressor and fail to check the CFM, however, you may end up with an air compressor that gets hot too quickly.

Choose a Big Cylinder air compressor.

If you can manage to buy a 60 to an 80-gallon air compressor, don’t settle for less, unless you only need the machine for small tasks. Selecting an air compressor with a large air capacity allows you to work more efficiently, as you don’t have to pause and wait for pressure to build up. Buying an air compressor with a bigger capacity also helps you work for more hours before the need to refill.

Consider Convenience Features

Although performance is vital, don’t forget to check the benefits the air compressor provides when it comes to ease of use or convenience. Check for such features as the presence of an easy to spot oil refill, stainless-steel valves that will in turn help eliminate corrosion and also the presence of oil monitoring devices.

Buy from the right company

Buying the right stationary air compressor is an essential investment to your business, and that is the reason why you shouldn’t buy it from just any seller. Sometimes, you may need quick customer support services, and only a trustworthy company may come to your rescue. In essence, it is advisable to pay more for a reliable product from an experienced and reputable manufacturer.

Wrapping it up

Most stationary air compressor reviews stress on the need to buy a reliable air compressor, and you probably also share this viewpoint. With all this in mind, evaluate your needs as a professional, reread our guide above, and perhaps choose one machine you thought was the best stationary air compressor for your needs.