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5 Method to determine the normal exhaust temperature of screw air compressor

Twin Screw air compressor

1、 The normal range of exhaust temperature for screw air compressors varies depending on factors such as model, load, and ambient temperature. However, in general, the exhaust temperature for most screw air compressors should be between 70 ℃ and 120 ℃. This is just a rough reference range, specific values still need to refer to the equipment manual or consult the manufacturer.

2、 To accurately determine whether the exhaust temperature of the screw air compressor is normal when observing the trend of exhaust temperature changes, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the instantaneous temperature value, but also to observe its trend of change. Under normal circumstances, the exhaust temperature should remain relatively stable and should not experience significant fluctuations. If the exhaust temperature continues to rise or fall, it may indicate a problem with the equipment.

Twin Screw air compressor

3、 Consider factors that affect exhaust temperature

  1.  Head temperature: Head temperature refers to the temperature at the outlet of the compressor, which directly affects the exhaust temperature. Excessive head temperature may be caused by overheating of internal mechanical, electrical and other components, or excessive working environment temperature. At this point, it is necessary to check whether the equipment is operating properly and consider improving the working environment.
  2.  Intake temperature: The intake temperature refers to the temperature of the air before it enters the compressor, which directly affects the density and compression ratio of the air, thereby affecting the exhaust temperature. Excessive or insufficient intake temperature can lead to abnormal exhaust temperature. Therefore, when judging whether the exhaust temperature is normal, attention should be paid to the changes in the intake temperature.
  3. Load: When the screw air compressor has a high load, its exhaust temperature may increase. This is because the compressor requires more energy to compress the air, thereby generating more heat. Therefore, when determining whether the exhaust temperature is normal, the load situation of the equipment should be considered.
  4. Cooling system: The cooling system of the screw air compressor is responsible for dissipating the heat generated by the equipment to maintain normal operation. If the cooling system malfunctions or performs poorly, it may cause an increase in exhaust temperature. Therefore, when determining whether the exhaust temperature is normal, the cooling system should be checked for proper operation.

Twin Screw air compressor

4、 If the exhaust temperature of the screw air compressor is found to be abnormal, the following measures should be taken:

  1. Shutdown inspection: Immediate shutdown inspection should be carried out to avoid further equipment damage or accidents.
  2.  Search for the cause: Based on the specific situation of abnormal exhaust temperature, combined with the equipment manual and manufacturer’s suggestions, search for possible causes.
  3.  Problem solving: Take corresponding solutions based on the identified reasons, such as replacing damaged components, adjusting equipment parameters, improving the working environment, etc.
  4. Preventive measures: After solving the problem, lessons learned should be summarized and preventive measures should be taken to prevent similar problems from happening again. For example, regular maintenance and upkeep of equipment, strengthening equipment monitoring and early warning, etc.

Twin Screw air compressor

5、To ensure that the exhaust temperature of the screw air compressor remains within the normal range, daily monitoring and management should be strengthened. Specific measures include:

  1.  Regularly check the operation of the equipment, including parameters such as exhaust temperature, machine head temperature, and intake temperature.
  2. Regular maintenance and upkeep of equipment, such as changing oil, cleaning radiators, etc.
  3. Strengthen the construction of equipment monitoring and early warning systems, and promptly detect and handle abnormal equipment situations.

Twin Screw air compressor

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