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Maintenance methods for screw air compressors

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Regularly replace the air filter and oil filter. The air compressor generates a large amount of air during operation, which carries some impurities and oil stains. If not filtered and cleaned in a timely manner, it will affect the normal operation of the screw air compressor. Therefore, regularly replacing the air filter and oil filter, keeping the air and oil clean, can extend the service life of the screw air compressor.

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Regularly inspect and maintain compressor components. The compressor components of the screw air compressor are the core components that require regular inspection and maintenance. This includes checking the working pressure of the compressor, adjusting and replacing the pressure switch, inspecting and replacing seals, etc. Only by ensuring the normal operation of the compressor components can the normal operation of the screw air compressor be ensured.

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Regularly clean and replace the oil separator. During the operation of the screw air compressor, a certain amount of lubricating oil is produced. In order to ensure the purity and dryness of the compressed air, it is necessary to regularly clean and replace the oil separator. This can extend the lifespan of the oil filter and compressor, and reduce the occurrence of operational failures.

Regularly check for air leaks and drainage systems. Leakage is a common problem during the use of air compressors, which can result in energy waste and increased compressor load. Therefore, regularly check whether the exhaust pipes and joints are loose or leaking, and handle them in a timely manner.

In addition, regularly draining water is also an important task to maintain the smoothness of the drainage system and reduce the impact on the screw air compressor.

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