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Large Air Compressor

Large Air Compressor

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Large Air Compressor
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When choosing a large air compressor, it’s essential that you purchase a compressor of the appropriate capacity to function within your system. At Large Air Compressor Systems, we understand that this selection process can be tricky, especially if you’re creating an all-new air compression system rather than merely replacing an existing compressor.

It’s for this reason that we not only offer you an enormous array of compressors, but we can also provide you with a solution as you make your selection.We have a professional sales team and excellent production workers. Committed to providing customers with the most intimate and professional services and high-quality products. The production concept focuses on energy-saving and is committed to perfecting and improving the technological process in order to get the core technologyof super frequency energy-saving,achieving the characteristics of mute, durability, power saving and safety.

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Large Air Compressor

We are able to provide great value to our customers at a competitive price point without sacrificing any of the key functions of the large air compressor. Our large air compressor system is simple to install, operate, and maintain. By eliminating many of the complexities from the operation of our compressors, we enable you to get the job done and move on.

If you are looking for large air compressor, you've come to the right place. Sollant large air compressor is the best choice for you. Sollant are here to help air compressor traders from the globe.

Why Choose Sollant
Large Air

Sollant has its own unique design concept and better quality assurance.

  • Significantly improve factory automation capabilities.
  • Competitive prices help you get more profits.
  • They are easier to maintain and repair.
  • Lower noise of large air compressor operation.
  • Provide technical support for every maintenance.
  • Provide sufficient compressed air for industrial production.

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Large air compressor buying guide

Large Air Compressor

Air compressors are used in various tasks and different industries and there are tons of brands and models in the market. Each comes with particular features duty cycle, CFM and HP. It is hard to settle for the best large air compressor unless you understand what is needed for different applications. Most big air compressors are used in industrial plants where compressed air is required in large amounts. Read on and be armed with useful information that will help you purchase the best large air compressor for sale.

Know the Different Types of Air Compressors Available

When looking forward to purchasing a big air compressor, you have two choices: rotary screw and reciprocating air compressors. The reciprocating compressor is also known as a piston air compressor. The piston moves back and forth to compress air while a rotary screw compressor, is designed to work non-stop. Rotary models are the best if you want a compressor to use with tools that run for some seconds or a few minutes at a time. The tools include jackhammers and wrenches and various industrial applications.

Large Capacity Air Compressor

A large industrial air compressor is used in industries to ensure safety and reduce overheating. They are made for heavy-duty applications. Most of them have a high amount of airflow and can produce in a minute. Every industry has its unique requirements, and you buy a large compressor depending on how you plan to use it.

Choosing the Right Large Air Compressor

Large Air Compressor

An air compressor is essential in every industrial facility. However, it cannot be beneficial unless you select the right one. Each comes with several capacities, and its applications and model determine the best one. Here are six things that you should explore before settling for a machine.

  • The grade of the air compressor

The grade of a compressor determines its applications and capacity. A large air consumer is referred to as a contractor grade compressor is perfect for applications that need a lot of power. This compressor is sometimes mounted on a cart to enable portability, or it may have wheels. A large air compressor motor is most suitable for commercial activities to ensure continuous and steady air supply. They can be used with tools that require high pressure continuously for different industrial activities.

  • Two-stage or single-stage?

When looking for a large air compressor, you will be faced with the option between two-stage and a single-stage compressor.  Single-stage compressors have low capacity ad their small versions are suitable for DIY projects as you can move them manually. They are mostly used at home or in small businesses and may have a storage tank depending on the model you choose to buy.

However, when looking for an industrial large air compressor, two-stage compressors are ideal for industrial activities. They are designed to compress the air twice and have ample storage tanks, but they are more expensive than the single-stage models.

  • The capacity of the air compressor

The PSI refers to the amount compressed a compressor can provide. The higher the PSI, the more air it gives. However, you must also check the CFM as it determines the delivery of the air, and a higher one means the machine can work with many tools. HP refers to the amount of power the large air compressor’s motor can produce. High HP means increased PSI. Besides, the large compressed air tank is also worth checking when choosing what to buy. The bigger the air storage tank, the better it is to handle high PSI.

  • Rotary or reciprocating compressor?
Large Air Compressor

A reciprocating compressor is mostly used in the automotive industry and provides a low output of compressed air. They are noisy and tend to have a high temperature when running. On the other hand, a rotary compressor consumes less energy and requires fewer maintenance services. But, the initial cost of a rotary screw air compressor is higher than that of a piston compressor.

  • Power source

A large air compressor for sale can be powered by electricity, petrol engine or a diesel engine. You choose what to use, depending on the application and location of your working site. So what does each of these three differently powered compressors have to offer?

  1. Electrically powered compressor
    Electrically powered compressors are the most common machine, but can only be used where electricity connection is available. But they are not as powerful as the fossil-driven models.  They also must be used in a well-ventilated facility. To run an industrial large air compressor, you need a 3-phase power supply connection. These types of compressors are not portable.
  2. Petrol-powered compressor
    A big red air compressor running on a petrol engine is quieter, lighter, and more affordable compared to a diesel-driven one.  But their power output is different, and the cost of maintaining a petrol compressor is much higher.
  3. Diesel compressor
    A diesel compressor is portable and can be used in remote areas where the weather is harsh. This type of compressor is heavy-duty. Its maintenance is affordable, consumes less fuel, and it’s robust. However, the initial price is quite high, though you end up saving more in the long run since it doesn’t cost much to maintain.
  • Choose the right brand and supplier
Large Air Compressor

In the market, you will find different brands and suppliers. Where you choose to buy must be reliable. You will require advice on several things from the suppliers. But if they are sales-oriented, you might end up with a large air compressor that is not suitable for you might up with the wrong choice. They must also offer services such as shipping and installation, and they lessen the worries of buying this significant business asset.

What Are The Different Uses Of Large Industrial Air Compressor?

Large Air Compressor

A large air compressor motor comes in handy for the following uses.

  • Farming

Large scale farming operations need compressed air for different tasks. It eases work and by carrying out the following functions:

  • It helps drive grain or feed to or from silos that have conveyors.
  • For ventilation systems in glasshouses
  • It is used for spraying hundreds of acres covered from crops.
  • To power dairy machines
  • To operate pneumatic material used in handling equipment.


  • Manufacturing industries

A large air compressor tank can be used in the production of plastics, oil refineries, and metal fabrications. Most manufacturing cannot produce their products unless they have consistent compressed air.  A large capacity air compressor helps in the following ways:

  • Operation of productive tools.
  • Welding and cutting equipment
  • Monitors production
  • Feed machinery or adjusting roller
  • Helps to drive screw and turn nuts quickly.
  • Used to finish and package with pneumatic equipment for carton stapling, liquid padding, and appliance sanding among others
  • Operates automated machinery


  • Dry Cleaning

A big red air compressor can be used in dry cleaning to supply reliable compressed air. In sizeable dry cleaning, businesses compressed air is used to deliver chemical applications and is done via cleaning guns and steaming and pressing the clean laundry.


In the pharmaceutical industry, clean and pure compressed air is required for various processes.  This industry is highly regulated, and precision is compulsory. You cannot use an oil-injected compressor to avoid polluting the end product. According to most large air compressor reviews, this equipment is used in the following ways in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Moves products through the conveyor systems
  • Create coatings in various pharmaceutical products.
  • Ensures the right pressure is maintained in mixing or holding tanks.
  • Packaging and bottling pharmaceuticals


  • Energy Exploration
Large Air Compressor

This industry is remote and depends on power to minimize the costs of maintenance and rears. Pneumatic equipment with a large compressed air tank helps in the following ways:


  • Powering pneumatic equipment and tools used in both onshore and offshore operations.
  • Compensates the motion, which occurs due turbulent seas.
  • Helps to insert or remove reactor rods.
  • Remote controlling of valves in the coolant and steam circuits.
  • Powers ventilation systems used in boiler houses.


The Food and Beverages Industry

A large air compressor comes in handy in food and beverages production. It eases various tasks by providing contamination-free compressed air. It used in the following operations:

  • Packaging and palleting products.
  • Checking and closing devices
  • Filling equipment used for drinks
  • Freezing and cooling various products.

The power that comes in form air offers the user a lot of control over its usage and quality of air because it’s produced on-site. More than 90% of manufacturers use compressed air to produce and process products. The above uses are just a few of the list on how a large industrial air compressor is used. Here are four features that make it handy in the industries above:

  • An air compressor does not interfere with how electrical monitoring equipment works. This is why it comes in handy in surgery rooms in hospitals.
  • Can be stored in various pressurized tanks.
  • They can be operated in extreme temperatures including industrial freezers and furnace maintenance.
  • Large air compressor tank allows easy storage of compressed air to be used in remote areas.

Advantages of Compressed Air for Industries

Most people do not know that compressed air is one of the man sources of power in most plants. A large industrial air compressor enables on-site production of air. But ts also has the following advantages:

  • Eases use of various tools

When using a large compressed air tank, you are assured of enough power to run different tools. You can handle all tools regardless of their weight because your air compressor eases the whole process.

  • Safer than electrical power

When using an air compressor in your industry, it eliminates the danger that comes with powering some operations with electricity. No chances of electrical power or electrocution. As long as the big air compressor parts are well-maintained in installed in an airy area, it is one of the safest equipment systems to use in a plant.

  • Usable in different environments

What you need is to find an air compressor that suits your working environment. If you work in damp, moist or close to combustive gases, buy an air compressor that withstands such environments. Some of them come with coatings that prevent corrosion, and there are also other protective measures that you can put into place. A compressor is made to suit a wide variety of conditions.

  • Quite Economical

Every business owner is looking for a way to lower the costs of running it. A big red air compressor for sale can be used to power many tools at the same time. This translates to less use of electricity, and you can save a few dollars on electricity bills.

  • Easily Transferrable

Compressed air can be stored in a large air tank, which makes it easy to transfer it. Besides, it is also possible to find a large industrial air compressor powered by gasoline and can avail compressed air in remote areas where there is no electricity.  With the help of hoses and pipelines, the compressed air can be moved to various working stations and ensure your business goes on smoothly.

Quick tips of buying a large industrial compressor

Large Air Compressor
  • Always choose an air compressor with a higher rating than precisely what your tools will need to work
  • Where an oil compressor can work, buy it because it is easier to maintain and also runs quietly.
  • The length of the hose is essential and depends on the distance between your equipment and the work area.
  • A pancake compressor comes with high pressure though it has low volume. But, it’s the best when looking for a portable compressor.

When buying a compressor, it is a good idea to compare different models and go for the best large air compressor price. But you shouldn’t just buy the machine because it sounds good. You should consider how useful it will be in your facility. An oil-free model is noisy and may not fit in an environment where noise is a nuisance to others. However, it is ideal in industries where air purity is essential. You can get hearing protection for your employees when the machine is running to fill your large compressed air tank. However, you may still have to install filters depending on the end-products need for pure compressed air.