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Application of air compressor in steel industry

Twin Screw air compressor


Air compressors are machines suitable for a variety of industrial machinery industries. Air compressors are found wherever high-pressure gas is needed, and the steel industry is no exception. So, what are the applications of air compressors in the steel industry? How do steel industry practitioners know what kind of air compressor they should choose?

Twin Screw air compressor

  1. Application of air compressor in steel industry


Air compressors are widely used in iron and steel production equipment, pneumatic equipment and tools, such as cylinders that control the opening and closing of silo gates, pneumatic quick-cut valves and regulating valves for oxygen lance oxygen and cooling water. Others include pneumatic motors, hydraulic systems, and oxygen lance converters. Steel plates indicate that air compressor supply is required for purging, bundling, etc.

Twin Screw air compressor Twin Screw air compressor

  1. How to choose a suitable air compressor in the steel industry


Since the steel industry is a heavy industry, the demand for gas consumption will be high, and if the industrial line is shut down due to problems with the compressed air supply, it will cause heavy losses to the company. Therefore, when choosing an air compressor in the steel industry, the gas demand of the company should be determined. volume and exhaust pressure, and choose a reliable air compressor manufacturer to develop a complete air compressor system and equip it with post-processing equipment to ensure stable air supply and timely and effective after-sales maintenance if problems occur.


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Twin Screw air compressor

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