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The difference between air-cooled and water-cooled air compressors

Water Cooled Screw Air Compressor



1. There is no obvious difference in the operating parameters of the air-cooled and water-cooled machines, and both can adapt to long-term continuous operation.


2.In the traditional concept, it is said that the cooling effect of water cooling is better than that of air cooling. There are two reasons for this statement:

(1) Can be used in large displacement air compressors


(2) A long-term requirement of the water cooling method on the circulating water quality is ignored.


3.Adopt air-cooled air compressor


(1) The equipment of the waterless cooling circulation system needs investment, maintenance and a long-term dependence on the circulation system and water quality in the early stage;


(2) There is no need to regularly maintain the air compressor;


(3) Reduce the initial investment and the cost of equipment in operation.


4. Things to pay attention to when using air-cooled screw air compressors: Air-cooling is dependent on air. The preliminary work is to make an air guide cover to guide the air intake and exhaust air from the air compressor to the outside of the machine room, so as to avoid high temperature. Over-temperature shutdowns caused by cooling air circulating in the computer room. Cleaning and maintaining the water cooler reduces the risk of production shutdown due to maintenance.


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