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You can trust your Sollant air compressor manufacturer to give you many years of premium performance and reliable service. We have professional R & D and design departments, each year will develop new products to help you take the lead in occupying the industry market.

OEM and ODM products are our main export products, we are committed to meeting the various customized needs of dealers. Sollant has many distributors all over the world. We hope to establish long-term and effective cooperation with you.

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If you don't know clearly about your local air compressor market? Worried that manufacturers cannot provide complete technical and service support? Hope to get suppliers with competitive prices and high quality.

Sollant has developed various air compressors for different countries and regions. We will provide a solution(Including sales and end customers) for your market. over 20 after-sales air compressor service personnel keep in touch with you. Ensure reliability for the life of your compressed air equipment with our air compressor service. We have one goal – to earn the right to be your trusted partner.

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Air compressor service guide

When buying an air compressor, you will compare and ask questions because you want one that can last for years. It must be reliable and offer premium performance.  It is possible to find such compressors in the market and take your business to the next level. However, regardless of how high-quality your equipment is, it requires air compressor service to keep it working smoothly and prevent unnecessary break downs.

What Does Air Compressor Servicing Entail?

Like any other machine, an air compressor needs proper care. If you do not get professional servicing for your equipment, you shouldn’t expect quality performance. Some of the compressor’s components have a short lifespan and are usually the main cause problems in your machine if they are not replaced on time.

You not only increase the lifespan of the air compressor but also ensure safety by having some simple repairs done on time. You can look up for an “air compressor service near me” to find someone who can help you out.

Here Are Simple Ways to Understand Air Compressor Service

  • Read the Manual

After buying your air compressor, read the manual to understand how to operate and maintain the machine. If there is something you do not understand,  consult an air compressor service company and repair expert. Some of the mistakes that lead to costly repairs are addressed in the manual. Keep the manual even after assembling your equipment, and do not hesitate to check it anytime you want to know something about your air compressor.

  • Storage

Where you store your compressor can cause damage to some of its parts. An excellent storage area should be dry and clean to increase the lifespan of your air compressor. Make sure the space is airy to prevent overheating, which can cause internal complications leading to expensive air compressor service parts replacement.

  • The Filter

The filter is a crucial part of an air compressor. It ensures the compressed air given by the equipment is clean and free of debris, dust or any other dirt. The filter has to be cleaned regularly, and if not, it gets clogged leading to damage of the machine. It is part of your air compressor servicing as only a technician can tell when to replace one and do it correctly.

  • Preliminary checks

Before you start using the air compressor, you should make sure it’s properly aligned. The service air compressor can help you install the air compressor to ensure the little details are observed.  For example, if your equipment is belt driven, you must make sure the belts in good condition to work. Besides, a technician can tell if the vibration of the machine is fine or requires some attention. This ensures you compressor don’t suffer any damages due to poor alignment and keeps the users safe.

  • Tightening some components

Through air compressor service, components such as bolts and nuts are tightened. If not checked regularly they can shake loose and fall off. Have all bolts and nuts routinely checked and tightened to keep them safe.

  • Top Up

If your compressor has a water cooler, it is essential to make sure water levels are sufficient at all times to maintain steady of compressed air. It also helps save power, but do not put too cold water. It can harm your equipment leading to internal problems. On the other hand, hot water hinders the cooling process. Check in the manual to know the right water temperature to use.

  • Lubrication

All compressors need some lubrication at some point to run smoothly. Lack of proper lubrication leads to accelerated wear leading to damage in the compressor. You should have the oil levels checked regularly by an expert in air compressor parts supply and service. The oil should not be thick or sludge; this is clearly stated in the user’s manual. Besides, it tells you the intervals it takes to have the oil changed and replaced new to enable your equipment to work efficiently and increase its durability.

  • Drainage system

The drainage system of a compressor plays a massive role in processing compressed air. While in some air compressors you have to drain the pressure manually, others have automatic drainage systems. However, they must be checked daily, and if you suspect it’s not functioning, you call a professional industrial air compressor service to correct it. Accumulated pressure can be dangerous and hence the reason to ensure the drain is functional at all times.

  • Cleanliness

The heat exchangers need to be cleaned regularly. It helps to lower air temperature in the air compressor.  An air compressor service company can help you do this and ensure your machine is safe to use. The heat occurs when heat exchangers scale up from the aftercooler. This requires descaling the system to keep the temperature safe and protect the machine.

Things That Influence Air Compressor Maintenance

There several factors that can affect how often you need air compressor parts and service. You should, therefore, consider each of them to plan your budget. Here are factors that will determine how regular your air compressor service should be done.

  • Type or the Number of Air Compressors

The number of compressors you have in your facility determines how many times you need to seek service for air compressors. This is mostly determined by the size of your business and how busy the machines are in a day. Some of the typical compressors you may be used include:

  1. Rotary screw

A rotary air compressor requires regular lubrication, but some models are oil-free but will need occasional servicing. Every rotary compressor will need the valves inspection, V-belt checking and replacement or cleaning of filters.

  1. Reciprocating or piston

The reciprocating compressors are similar to rotary screw machines, but they use one-way multiple valves. They are compressed by pistons continuously, and therefore a lot of lubrication is needed. Besides, they also require other general maintenance services.

  • Oil-Free Compressor

Oil-free compressors are easier to maintain since they work without oil. They are the cheapest models to keep and are perfect for industries that need pure compressed air. Some of these facilities include pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

  1. Centrifugal

A centrifugal compressor has simple internal design and oil-free. It is easy to maintain, but the coolers and rotors components need to be checked regularly by an air compressor service company. They are perfect for processes that are oil-free.

  • Installation Conditions

The installation condition can determine how your compressor remains in good condition.  This is most important if you plan to install your compressor outdoors. The machine is exposed to the harsh climate and is likely to erode a compressor. However, even the compressors used indoors can be exposed to humidity and heat. Also, dust affects some compressor components and can lead to wear and tear. So, as a business owner, you have to get air compressor servicing depending on where your compressor is installed.

  • Usage Frequency

How often a compressor is used influences how regular it should be serviced. Some compressors are used throughout, while others are switched off after a few hours of use. For a compressor that is not used frequently, servicing is not needed often. But if left for too long without being used, it will need servicing to prevent some internal components from getting damaged. Other parts that need to be checked regularly include the filter and lubrication. Frequent check-up is vital for all compressors regardless of their size or model.

For a compressor that is used continuously, it requires service air compressor regularly. If possible, get another compressor and alternate them in a day; it not only saves you maintenance costs but also ensure your work runs throughout without interruptions.

  • Safety Levels

The safety level for your compressor determines how frequent you will need air compressor service parts. As a business, you should have policies of keeping machines safe and in the best environment to avoid spending too much on servicing and buying parts. This includes checking to inspect your equipment daily. You should also hire a professional technician for preventive maintenance.

Your employees must also be trained on how to use the machines safely. The manual of every compressor explains how to operate it safely. Here are some of the safety tips to help you stay safe with your compressor.

  • Prevent rusting of your compressor by all costs. It can cause combustion if not replaced once it starts rusting.
  • Use an air dryer if you are working in a humid environment.
  • Use lubricant designed for your compressor. Some are flammable and can be dangerous.
  • Wait until the compressor cools down before adding fuel into the compressor.
  • If your hoses are stained by oil clean them as soon as possible.


  • Cooling system

Some air compressors have in-built cooling systems, but a separate cooling system is highly recommended. The cooling systems come in various types including:

  1. Liquid cooling– This is mostly used with large compressors. A liquid coolant runs through the compressor to keep temperatures down. It is easy to maintain but will require servicing regularly.
  2. Air-to-liquid – This is used for rotary screw machines, but only those that use oil. They have various parts that must be serviced regularly, including the fans driven by the motor and the belt drive.
  3. Liquid-liquid-This is a common way of cooling a compressor in rotary screw models. While these types of compressors are low in maintenance, it is advisable to check for any leaks daily.
  4. Natural air– Use of natural air convection is made possible by fans. While this compressor is easy to maintain, it can warm the room where it’s kept and make your employers uncomfortable.

Remember that air compressor cooling systems are either open or closed. It is easy for open systems to have debris enter into the system, and they, therefore, need frequent air compressor servicing. Talk to an expert when choosing a cooling system to help you select the best equipment for your environment and let you know how much you will need for maintenance.

  • Auxiliary Equipment

You need various auxiliary equipment systems to keep your compressor running smoothly.  They include:

  • Air filters
  • Dryers
  • Piping
  • Air storage tanks
  • Oil filters
  • Drains and separators
  • Fittings

Most of these auxiliary require regular servicing. They have to be replaced after a certain period. But some are not consumable though they wear and tear and therefore you need air compressor parts and service to address their issues. You must inspect them frequently and address any signs of trouble before they become a big issue.

Be sure to know and understand the auxiliary equipment in your compressor. Read the manual or ask an expert to explain to your the ones that need a lot of attention. This will help you maintain your compressor correctly.

Advantages of Air Compressor Servicing

Why do you need to put so much effort into air compressor servicing? This is one of the things that keep your business running smoothly. Maintaining your compressor properly ensures no downtime, no accident as and you can concentrate on producing high-quality products throughout the year.

After buying an air compressor, you should have a budget for maintaining the equipment. A maintenance program ensures your work is done correctly, but servicing is not skipped. You do not have to wait until the compressor has issues. Waiting for the compressor to develop problems ends up costing more than a regular service air compressor. Here are advantages of sticking to a maintenance program:

  • Your compressor operates throughout without experiencing hitches.
  • The air compressor lasts for years without any issues.
  • Your work never comes to a hat to breakdowns or unexpected repairs.
  • You can have a budget for air compressor service and repair instead of waiting to be surprised by unexpected repair expenses.
  • You are assured of a safe environment for your staff.


Air compressor parts supply and service can help you improve business operations and save money. It is essential to invest in a professional maintenance plan and stick to it. You will enjoy considerable benefits in the long run,